Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Worldview Weekend Rallies for 2010

Here’s a ‘head’s up’.

Yes, I know that you are surely snowed under (some of you literally) in the busyness of Christmas and New Year’s holidays and there are also all those football bowl games to watch. So, you think you surely do not have time to even think about anything else.

But you DO need to think about this!!!! And, if necessary, make your plans now to attend. That is why I am sending you this ‘head’s up’ right in the middle of the Holiday rush and ‘madness.’

What is it this time?, you ask.

Well, you will recall that in the fall of 2009, I recommended these events to you, having attended one and being most impressed.

And now, the early 2010 Schedule has been released (for the months of Jan through May).

So, I thought I would post these dates for you. If you are anywhere near one of these outstanding events, BE SURE to attend!

To read the list of the dates and locations for the first half of 2010, HERE’S THE LINK