Thursday, March 31, 2011

70 Lead Codices have been found

Hmmm.  This will definitely bear watching to see if this find is real or if it is another carefully crafted hoax.

What is it this time?

Well, some lead codices have been found which seem to be about 2,000 years old.

These are reported to contain references to the Messiah, the crucifixion, the resurrection, and more.

Are these real? Or are they a hoax?

Time will tell as cautious skeptical researchers continue to evaluate these little lead plates.

In the meantime you can be aware of this possible new find.  HERE'S THE LINK

And to see more pictures of this find, HERE'S ANOTHER LINK

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Genomes data suggests young human race

The 'old earthers' are not going to be happy with this result.

But it was their research that uncovered this information.

What is it this time?

Well, it seems that a project to sequence human genomes has "uncovered a result that points to a youthful age for the human race."

Wow!  You mean the Bible might be right after all?  

Well, read this brief article and see for yourself.  HERE'S THE LINK

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Texting for seniors

The new 'in' thing seems to be texting.

In fact it is so 'in' that one even can see folks sitting in the same room or side by side actually texting each other instead of talking.


Originally most of the 'texters' and 'textees' were only the young folk.

But lately a lot of the grey headed wonders have gotten into texting.

The codes / abbreviations used by the young texters you probably know.

But have you seen some of the codes the older generation uses?

If not and if you would like to see the humorous list that is going around the net via email so you can text appropriately with your older friends, parents, grandparents, whatever, then HERE'S THE LINK

Monday, March 28, 2011

Weird Traffic Laws

Heads up

Here is a collection of laws that will make your head spin.

And, if you disobey them, they will empty your pockets big time



Sunday, March 27, 2011

Why Shouldn’t Christians accept Millions of years?

On Monday Feb 21, 11, we read a chapter in The New Answers Book - Book 2.

In it we discovered when and why the current belief in millions of years (and evolution) developed.

Before the widespread acceptance of ‘millions of years’, most folks (with a few exceptions) believed the Biblical account of when and how the world was created.

And, some minorities (Greeks, etc.) in the more ancient past (by ancient, I mean 3000 or 4000 years ago) proposed various ideas about the origins of the world, some of which are similar to the current evolutionary ideas.

After standing firm in defending the Biblical Teaching of a ‘young earth’ for centuries, alas, many Christian ‘Leaders’ accepted the Evolutionary ideas proposed in the Eighteenth, and Nineteenth Centuries.

They did this because they thought science trumped the Bible.

So, rather than questioning science, they questioned the Bible.

So, what difference does it make if Christians believe in Millions of Years?

Well, this Chapter from The New Answers Book - Book 1 will help you understand why this is soooooo important.  HERE’S THE LINK.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Popcorn at the movies. Why?

Popcorn!   I love popcorn!

And it does not have to be a 'movie thing'.

Popcorn while watching tv, sports, videos, whatever, is also great.

In fact many years ago when Mother and  I were 'nephew and niece' sitting while their parents were out of town for a week or so ---

And not being noted for my cooking abilities, several evenings for supper I popped a big pan of popcorn (this was before the bags and you actually popped popcorn on the stove in a pan) and would put it in a big casserole dish for all to eat.

Merrily placing it on the table I would announce "Popcorn Casserole tonight", because everyone knows that 'casserole dishes' are the 'thing' for meals.

After several evenings of this, the oldest nephew said, "Do we have to have popcorn casserole again?"


So we had hotdogs.

Anyway.  Popcorn is fun, nutritious, easy to fix, and to some, such as my nephew, is not their idea of 'supper'.

But, I love popcorn.

So, when this article turned up on Yahoo recently about why it is such a fixture at the movies, I just knew you would want to read it,too.

Then, again, perhaps you are like my nephew and not enamored with popcorn.

But regardless, you will surely find this brief article interesting.

Indeed a friend on the other side of the world also saw this article, thought it interesting, and sent the link.

So, without further ado, HERE'S THE LINK

Friday, March 25, 2011

It is March Madness time again!

March Madness is in full swing and getting realllllly interesting.

For many of us, our teams are no longer 'in the hunt'.

But many still are playing and winning.

The brackets are filling in fast now.  And this week and next should have some exciting games.

For those of you who are 'into' such things, there are some pretty nifty online brackets which are keeping up with the winners, losers, and the scores.

So, if you are interested you might want to check these out.

NCAA Division 1 Men's Basketball Bracket, HERE'S THE LINK

NCAA Division 1 Women's Basketball Bracket, HERE'S THE LINK

Thursday, March 24, 2011

J. R. Church 1938 - 2011

A few minutes ago we got the news.

J.R. Church has gone to heaven.

We knew he had been fighting Cancer for some time but had no idea that he was this close to the end.

According to a phone call from a friend who had just visited his ministry's website, Prophecy in the News, J.R. passed away on March 22, 2011.

He will be missed.

He has been an amazing expositor of the Scriptures through the years with many Biblical insights.

His studies have provided invaluable Information relating to prophecy, current and past world events, and more through his many books, a Monthly Magazine, the Website, and weekly TV programs.

Now J.R. is gone.

Gary Stearman, Co-Host of the Ministry, says that the ministry, Prophecy in the News, will continue. And, indeed, that is good news.  But, it will not be quite the same with J.R. gone.

To learn more about J.R.'s homegoing and to view a 11 minute video, HERE'S THE LINK

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What is Apologetics

A video link was sent to the Worldview Weekend online seminar folks to use as a 'test' to see if everyone's computer would be able to receive the free online seminar transmission Sunday Feb 27, 2011.

Well, guess what.

Our computer worked and received the video so all was fine for Sunday.

But, this 'test' transmission was / is soooooo wonderful that we thought you would like to view it, too.

What is it? you ask.

Well, it is an excellent 19 minute video by Brannon Howse explaining what Apologetics is (and is not) and how it is used to answer such questions as "Is Jesus really God", "Did Jesus really die? or did He just 'swoon'", and more.  

You really will be glad you saw this. Soooooo, HERE'S THE LINK

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Could ancient people move a 2 million pound rock?

 The picture today is not of a 2 million pound rock but of a big staircase made of rocks and part of a Mayan temple in Central America. 

But the rocks in that picture do not hold a candle to rocks that were moved in building the Great Pyramid in Egypt or of a temple in Heliopolis.

Heliopolis? Yes.

In the ancient Greek City, Heliopolis, there is a temple for Jupiter which has 3 huge stones which are much much larger than any used in the pyramids or in the Mayan ruins pictured above.

We have been led to believe by those wearing the 'old earth evolutionary glasses' that folks long ago, such as when that temple was built, were not as smart or advanced as we are today.

So how did they build that temple and the pyramids?  And how did they move those  2 million pound stones?

Here is what Ian Taylor of Creation Moments has to say in a one minute audio clip. HERE'S THE LINK

Monday, March 21, 2011

The World's 10 most expensive Dog Breeds

Recently a friend sent an email about the world's most expensive dog.

No, it is not the dog pictured here. That is just a happy poodle and, yes, poodles used to be considered 'expensive' but wow, the price paid for a poodle does not hold a candle to this really expensive dog.

What is this really expensive dog?

Seems that it is a Red Tibetan Mastiff (bet you don't have one of those in your back yard).

And it cost (are you sitting down?) 945,000 British Pounds / aka 10 Million Chinese Yuan (which is a big clue as to who purchased it).

What is this in Dollars? you ask.

Well, according to my trusty calculator, that is about  $1,522,985.66

One and a half Million Dollars !!!!

For a DOG !!!!!?????!!!!!

Arg or ARF !!!!

But this dog, the Red Tibetan Mastiff named "Big Splash" is not the only pricey dog on the planet.

If you would like to see "Big Splash" and several more high priced canines, HERE'S THE LINK

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Today is the first day of Spring !!!!

Yay and Hooray.

Spring at last.

As you will recall, some of the groundhogs on groundhog day pooh poohed the gru about this day coming.  Others said, yes, look for it.

Well, at last, at least here, it is here.

Flowers are blooming. Trees are budding. Grass is Growing.

The sky is blue and the birds are back.

Yesterday the moon was in Perigee.  Did you see it?  It was beautiful here.

March basketball madness is in full swing.

No click though link today.  Instead just go outside and enjoy the arrival of Spring!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Moon is in Perigee Tonight


Well, Perigee is the fancy technical word for what the moon is doing tonight.

When the moon is in Perigee it is closer to earth than when it is in Apogee.

Thanks a lot, Herman.  Could you just speak in layman's terms.

Ok. This means the moon tonight will look like it is 14% bigger, though of course the size does not change.  It is just closer so it looks bigger.

This event happens about every 18 years.

And this is one of those '18 year' events.

So, if your sky is clear and the moon is out where you are tonight, you will want to go out and take a look.

Viewing hint: The moon will appear to  be especially large at moonrise and moonset, though, of course, all night long will be wonderful for viewing this event.

To read more about this, HERE'S THE LINK

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Darkest Day

 In the Bible in Matthew 27:45 we read of the darkness that descended upon the earth at the time of Christ's crucifixion:

"Matthew 27:45 Now from the sixth hour there was darkness over all the land unto the ninth hour."

What caused this darkness? And what did not cause it? 

Was it observed only in Jerusalem?  Or did other places far from Jerusalem also experience it?

Ian Taylor talks about these things in a brief 1 minute audio clip.  HERE'S THE LINK

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today is St. Patrick's Day

And to many folks this means a time of revelry and drunkenness.

In Chicago, as shown in the picture here from Wikipedia, to celebrate this day, they dye the river Green !!!

But what is the real story behind St. Patrick's day?

Was the original intention to get drunk or to die a river green?

Of course not.

To read the history of this day and of St. Patrick, HERE'S THE LINK

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Airplanes 2,200 years ago?

You may have seen this picture before.

If so,the thought probably passed through your mind of, as they say in the Superman movies, "… it's a bird, it's a plane, it's …."

Originally this object, which can be seen in the Cairo, Egypt museum, was thought to be a model of a bird.

Then it occurred to someone to look at it more closely and, hmmmm, the design seems to be compatible with an airplane!

But this is a model of something that was made about 2,200 years ago.

So how could this be an airplane?

To hear more about this mysterious object, check out this 1 minute audio clip by Ian Thomas that tells about its discovery and evaluation.  HERE'S THE LINK

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Name of The Messiah Revealed by Rabbi

You may have heard about Rabbi Kaduri.  

But, if not, you really need to.

He was very famous and had a very large following.

He died in 2006 at the age of 108.

At the time of his death he left a note which was to be opened one year after his passing.

Well, one year later, it was opened and in it he had revealed the Name of the Messiah!

This 4 minute 49 second video is a 'must watch'.  HERE'S THE LINK

Monday, March 14, 2011

Couch Potato Alert !!!

So you like to sit on the couch and watch football games, basketball games, soccer games, NASCAR, and more.

Well, this is a 'more' that you will definitely want to watch.

So pull up your computer (or hook it to your TV if you are really 'high tech') and watch this.

What is it? you ask.

Well, it is called the "VCA 2010 Race Run" and is a downhill bicycle course.  Yes, I know, 2010 is last year but I just happened upon it recently.

You are going to be amazed.

The Video is 4 minutes 36 seconds long but not all of it is the race.

The Race itself is about 3 minutes and 9 seconds.

The rest of the time, after it is over, the cyclist signs the race board, gets his picture taken, and talks with a spectator so you can stop when the race is over and you won't miss much.

But, WOW, do not miss the downhill run itself.  It is scary and fun -- well, fun if you are sitting at your computer or smart phone and not ON the bike.

OK, ready? Great! Now put on your virtual helmet and HERE'S THE LINK

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Great News: The Free OnLine Conference is still Online!

 What conference is that? you ask.

Well, as you will recall, several times we have posted info about the WorldView Weekend Conferences.

But, perhaps none have been in your town. So you have been unable to attend in person.

So, to let others attend the conference from their computer, on Sunday Feb. 27, 2011, they did the first of what they hope to be an annual online conference.

We viewed it here at DIT and thought it was great.  And, when it ended, lo and behold, a repeat was / is available.

So, if you missed that conference because of scheduling conflicts or other reasons but would still like to view it, HERE'S THE LINK

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday!

Yes, alas it is time to change the times on all our clocks and watches    a g a i n.

So scurry around and change the clocks --big clocks, little clocks, cuckoo clocks, clocks in cars, clocks in houses, clocks on your arm (aka wristwatches -- ha ha), clocks on the appliances (including your DVRs, unless yours just blinks all the time.  That is also supposed to be funny. )

Change them by putting them ahead one hour!  Alas, that means less sleep tonight.

Oh Well.

Anyway, be sure to change your watches, clocks, and whatever.

Why do we have to do this?  Well to read an article that explains ‘why’, HERE’S THE LINK.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Virtual tour of the AIG Creation Museum

The article we read yesterday about Radioactive Dating was from a book produced by the Answers In Genesis Ministry.
In addition to many excellent resources such as that and other books, many DVDs, and oodles of other helpful and interesting Scientific materials, they also have an amazing Museum.

If you can plan a trip to visit it sometime this year you really should and you will NOT be disappointed.

In the meantime, to whet your appetite and to see some online visuals of the Museum, AIG has posted a great Virtual Tour of the Museum.  HERE'S THE LINK.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

What do we really know about Radiometric Dating?

You have surely from time to time wondered about Radiometric Dating of things.

Almost daily we hear of 'finds' by Archaeologists in which they say something is 'so many years old'.

Just recently, for example, some fishing tackle was found off the California coast and are reported to be 12,000 years old.

If you didn't see that article, HERE'S THE LINK.

But, the big question is: How did they decide that those implements were 12,000 years old?

What if these artifacts are considerably younger and were left by adventurers looking for a new place to live after the Tower of Babel dispersion?

Are radiometric dating methods as accurate as we are led to believe?

Or are there problems with radiometric dating.

A very interesting chapter in the Book: Evolution Exposed explains, in an easy to understand way, about Radiometric Dating -- How it works, how it is done, and more.

You will really be glad to read this short article as It will help you develop, refine, or further affirm your Worldview. HERE'S THE LINK

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A letter to a Pastor about CCM Music

Recently a young man wrote a letter to his pastor.


Well, he was concerned about the 'music' that was creeping into his Church.  Having had personal experiences with CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) and what it can 'do' in individual's lives, including his own, he felt the need to address the situation with his pastor.

This letter was shared with us to see if it was 'ok' to send to his pastor.  We not only thought it was 'ok', we asked permission to post it so others could read of his concerns. 

Perhaps they are your concerns also or if not, in our opinion, they should be, and this young man, we believe took the correct approach in making his concerns known.

So with that by way of introduction, to read the letter HERE'S THE LINK

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Your 'tax dollars at work' have produced a wonderful website on which NASA posts a daily picture of the day. 

The post for March 7, 2011 was truly amazing and a 'must see'.

What is it?

Well, it is a brief but awesome 16 second video (which is actually a condensed time lapse video taken over a span of 90 minutes) of a solar eruption.

That in itself would be amazing but in 16 seconds (though you will want to replay this one several times), you will see a Truly Massive Solar Eruption.

It is so Massive that the entire earth would fit under the eruption.

The entire earth !!!

Wow, now that is BIG!

Be sure to not only view the video but also read the Explanation posted below the video box.  HERE'S THE LINK.

Monday, March 7, 2011

This is what happens when Evolution is your Worldview

You may have already seen this article but if not, you need to.

What is it this time?

Well, it seems that a Biochemist who won a Nobel Prize in 1974 (and is therefore an 'expert') has another 'take' on what the Bible means by 'Original Sin'.

Amazingly this Professor's first name is Christian.

But, if Christian de Duve believes what he is teaching, then he is Christian in name only because his 'idea' does not line up with what the Bible teaches though he thinks it does.

You need to read this article.  HERE'S THE LINK

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Safety Alert !!!

Do you have one of those fancy Smart Phones with a camera that takes pictures which you can then upload to various sites (Facebook, etc) or email to friends?

IF so, then you need to see this video.

Why? you ask.

Well, it seems that there is a big danger in that those pictures can provide  information that can lead someone to your location and ….

How does it do that?

And what can be done about it?

Well, this 3 minute 56 second video will tell you about the problem and what you can do about it.  The threat is real and the fix is simple.  HERE'S THE LINK

Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Back from Death Experiences

One of these you have already heard as we reported it here on Feb 16, 2011.

That experience, of Colton, and now this one by another child, Alex Malarky, have been combined into a single article on the internet.

Both have a book relating many of the events they experienced while in Heaven.

Hmmmm.  Interesting.

Is God trying to tell us something?

Anyway, to read the latest article and to view the videos, HERE'S THE LINK

Friday, March 4, 2011

Do you have cancer? Or know someone who does?

If so, then there is an important site for you to check out.

We have mentioned it before when this lady had her 4th bout with Cancer.

Well, guess what !

Now she is having another bout! 

Once again, for the 5th time (yes that is FIVE times) she has been diagnosed with Cancer.

How does she handle this?

Well, visit her site, read the story, and you will be encouraged.  HERE'S THE LINK

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today, we want to introduce you to Stephen Wiltshire, a Savant who lives in England.

Stephen's particular Savant ability has to do with his photographic memory and ….

Well, instead of spoiling the surprise of what he does, we will just suggest that you view this 5 minute 22 second video of this amazing young man, HERE'S THE LINK

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Heartwarming Story from Texas

True it is still Basketball time of the year and we are in the "March Madness" phase of College Basketball.

But for those of you who are 'into' Friday Night Football, here is a story that will touch your heart.

And, yes, even though it is the middle of winter and a long time before the start of High School Football Season, this story just could not wait.

Another email from another friend alerted us to this story.

To read the email and to see the 5 minute 29 second video (be sure to have some Kleenex handy), HERE'S THE LINK

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Most Unusual Quilt Maker

Upon graduation from college my roommate gave me a quilt that she had commissioned her mother to make for me. It has been and still is a cherished gift and memory.

A few years after that I received a quilt from a Grandmother (long story about that which we will not bore you with here) but it was another beautiful handmade quilt.

Those quilts are 'antiques' by today's standard.

And though there is a Quilt Museum of quite some fame in Paducah Ky, I suspected that hand made quilts had probably gone the way of the dodo bird.

But, not so fast!

They are still being made!

Recently a friend sent a link to an amazing video about an amazing woman, Diane Rose of Waco, Texas, who still makes quilts.

The most unusual thing about her quilt making, however, is that she is BLIND!

She says she wants to be an 'encourager'.

Well, watch this 5 minute 41 second video and I believe you will definitely be amazed, thrilled, inspired, and encouraged. HERE'S THE LINK