Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why did the Maya leave the area of Belize?

Just in case you did not click through to the other link in yesterday’s posting, there was another very interesting article about the Maya in Belize.

That link was near the top of the article and took you to another page and provides even more possible ‘clues’ about the Maya and their disappearance.

Why all this interest in the Mayan ruins? you ask.

Well, for several reasons, not the least of which includes having visited some of these ruins. 

Secondly, while on a recent vacation, I noticed a relative wearing a T-shirt with “Chichen Itza” printed on it.  Not to be outdone, I have one with “Tikal”.

Chichen Itza and Tikal are both very famous and beautiful Mayan ruins.

Another reason for this interest in Mayan Ruins is that a few folks who read these “Daily Interesting Things” are planning to go on a cruise soon to visit and / or revisit several Mayan ruins.

So we thought these articles would be of special interest to them.

One more thing while on the subject of Mayan ruins. Most archaeologists date them to begin at about 300 BC.  Personally, I have a hunch that they may be much older than that and may date closer to the time of the post-Babel dispersion.  Just a thought.

Anyway, all that to say, articles such as the one yesterday and today are very interesting.

And now, without further ado, for today’s article in case you missed it yesterday, HERE’S THE LINK

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Why did the Maya leave the Yucatan?

This question has been batted around for a lonnnnng time.

Several ‘reasons’ have been suggested including sickness, bad crops, etc.

Likely we will never really know the complete answer as to why the pyramids and cities of the Mayans were deserted.

But, recently an article was posted on the internet with another idea as to why the Maya left the Yucatan, Mexico area.

Thought you would be interested in the latest ‘idea’ plus the pictures and the general information is definitely worth a look, so HERE’S THE LINK.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top 10 fall foliage destinations in US

As you know, the Autumnal equinox (beginning of Fall) occurred last week. 

And that, of course, means it is that beautiful time of the year when the leaves begin to display their beautiful colors.

Recently another reader of DIT found a link to the Top 10 Fall Foliage Destinations in the US.

If you live in any of these areas you already know how wonderful these areas are and surely have made one or more of the viewing trips.

For the rest of you, or as a reminder to the ‘regulars’, a mini-vacation to one or more of these areas should be on your ‘do do’ list.  HERE’S THE LINK

Monday, September 27, 2010

Noah’s Ark

Recently a reader of DIT (Daily Interesting Things) sent us an email telling about a replica of Noah’s Ark.

No, it is not the one we mentioned several months ago that is in Hong Kong.

And it is not the partial replica of Noah’s Ark at the Answers In Genesis Museum. in Kentucky

Rather, believe it or not, this ark is in Schagen, Netherlands.

No, I don’t know where Schagen is either, but I will visit it if I am ever ‘in the area’ and so should you.

However, one site mentioned that the ark is not yet open for visitors. Hmmm. 

But, thanks to the internet, it doesn't really matter if it is open or not because there are pictures of it on the net. Yayyyy.

So, let's look at the pictures and save our travel Dollars (or Euros) for some other time.

This ark in the Netherlands was first mentioned, with, of course, some pictures, on the Fox News Site on April 30,2007.  HERE’S THE LINK

But an even better article with a 2 minute 18 second video was posted on another site on Oct 8, 2008.  HERE’S THE LINK

And, last but not least, another good article with even more pictures went online in 09. Hey that rhymes.  : )   Anyway,  HERE’S THAT LINK

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Peter Marshall

Recently we received an email telling of the death of Rev. Peter Marshall.

If that name sounds familiar to you, it should.

He was the son of Dr. Peter and Catherine Marshall.

Dr. Peter Marshall, was Senate Chaplain in Washington D.C.  from 1947 until his death at age 46.  He was also the inspiration for the movie, A Man Called Peter.
Catherine Marshall, is well known for writing several books including, Christy.

Rev. Marshall was quite a writer also, having written several books including “The Light and the Glory” and “From Sea to Shining Sea”.  Both of these are ‘must reads’ if you want to know more about the founding and the history of the United States.

Anyway, all that to say, the passing of Rev. Peter Marshall came as a surprise to me and to his family as it was unexpected according the comments on his Ministry’s  webpage. HERE’S THE LINK

Saturday, September 25, 2010

September is National Preparedness Month

Well, alas, September is almost over and I have just now learned that September is National Preparedness Month.

Oh well, ‘better late than never’.

So, whether one prepares on Sept 1 or Sept 30, it is still a good thing to prepare.

Prepare for what? you ask.

Well, much of a person’s preparation depends on where one lives.

Those living on the east coast and by the Gulf of Mexico prepare first for hurricanes.

In the center of the country, folks prepare for tornadoes.

On the west coast people worry about earthquakes.

And then there are the general things that lots of folks also experience such as power outages, realllly cold weather, bad thunderstorms, etc. etc. etc.

So, what to do?  How to prepare.  

Well, there are a lot of ‘preparedness’ books and many sites on the net that give good and helpful advice.   One of these is the FEMA site.  HERE’S THE LINK

Friday, September 24, 2010

Why do leaves change colors in the Fall?

We have entered Autumn / Fall.  We know that from the DIT (Daily Interesting Thing) of yesterday.

And this means days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer, and, best of all, leaves are beginning to change colors.

Well, if you live in places where there are deciduous trees, the leaves are changing colors.

Indeed, this is why many folks consider Autumn to be a favorite time of the year -- because of the beautiful fall colors displayed in the leaves.

But, what exactly is the ‘reason’ for these colors.

In other words, “Why do Leaves change color in the fall?”

Well, there is an interesting article on the internet which explains why and also has an experiment that you, or home-schoolers, or other students can do.  HERE’S THE LINK

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Fall Autumnal Equinox

Yesterday, Sept 22, 2010 was the Fall Equinox.

So what is the Fall Autumnal Equinox and why is it important?

Well, for one thing, the Fall Autumnal Equinox is that special day at the end of summer and the beginning of fall when the sun at the equator rises in the due East and sets in the  due West.

Thus, both the day and the night are about 12 hours long. The reason why they are not exactly 12 hours each is explained in the article below.

But, more significantly to most of us, the days start getting shorter and shorter and shorter as each day passes and the nights get longer and longer and longer ....

Until we come to the Winter Solstice when the shortest day of the year occurs.

But that is then and this is now.

And yesterday was the Fall Autumnal Equinox, if you were paying attention, you would have noticed that there we had about 12 hours of day and about 12 hours of night.

Well, I didn’t pay attention to that either. But it happened.

Anyway, to read more about the Equinoxes and see a really interesting 2 min 38 second video from National Geographic, which was posted for the 2009 equinox  but same thoughts apply every year including 2010, HERE’S THE LINK.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 Things

Today is the first day of Autumn.  And we were going to do a DIT (Daily Interesting Thing) about autumn and leaves and ...

But, 2 other things popped up for big competition to such a topic for today.

So if it is ok with you, let’s ‘do’ autumn news tomorrow or sometime soon.

So what are these other two things you ask?

Well first is a big time update to the Baby Christopher update of yesterday.

We thought that he was doing really well so posted that update.  But, just today, we learned that things are even better!

So, to find out how much better Baby Christopher is doing, HERE’S THE LINK

And the other thing is news about Planet Jupiter.

Jupiter?  Yes.

We got a call from a friend last night asking about the realllllly bright object in the sky that she and her husband had seen while walking the dog last night.

Alas, they hadn’t heard!

It is Jupiter!   And you can still see it.  It is not just a one night event.

Here’s the deal.  Seems that every so many years, Jupiter gets close enough to earth that it looks very bright in the sky.  This is one of those times.

So, if you are ‘into’ observing beautiful things in the sky, this is one of those times when you should take a look.

Jupiter will not be as close to the earth as it is now until 2022.

For more details, HERE’S THE LINK.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby Christopher Update

As you know for months (now in the 9th month) we have been following the progress of Baby Christopher, and his New Heart.

He has been transferred back to the Hospital in Oregon but, alas, he is still in the hospital.  

The picture you see above was taken a couple of days ago.

As you can see, he is improving!

His heart is working great !

But his kidneys are still in total renal shutdown so he is still on dialysis.

So, even though he is better, he is still in the hospital, still in Renal shutdown, still on Dialysis, and he and his family still need your prayers! 

A few days before his transfer from the Hospital in Arkansas where his heart transplant was done, the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette newspaper posted a series of 3 articles (Aug 8, 9, 10, 2010) which detailed the saga of his experience from birth until just before his transfer back to Oregon.  (See links below).

They also did a 2 minute video which you will really want to see.  HERE’S THE LINK

And now, with that video by way of background, here are the links to the three articles mentioned above and to a photo gallery with oodles of pictures taken by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

Day 1: As boy weakens, kin wait, hope

Day 2: Hope, fear fill anxious hours

Day 3: High, lows mark path of progress.

Photo Gallery covering the 8 months he was in the Arkansas Hospital.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Caboodle Ranch

Being a dog lover myself, cats have never been my ‘thing’ though they are cute especially when in the kitten stage.

But, recently a friend, who is a cat lover, clued me in to Caboodle Ranch. 

And shortly before learning about the ranch, I had visited friends, who are cat lovers and owners.

One of these folks had a ‘very special’ cat, a bengal cat, which looked like a miniature bengal tiger.  Perhaps it really is a tiny tiger. 

It even wore a harness and didn’t mind wearing it!

A cat wearing a harness. Surely you jest, you say.

No, I kid you not. It really did.  I should have taken its picture. Maybe next time.

But, unlike my friends with one cat each, there is a serious, big-time cat lover in Florida who has given a bunch of homeless cats a very unique home, Caboodle Ranch.

According to an article on peoplepets . com

“... Caboodle Ranch is a 30-acre property and home to nearly 500 unwanted felines. Grant has financed care for his cats completely out of pocket, from buying the land they use to spaying and neutering all of the Ranch's residents. The land features its own little network of buildings, including a city hall, police department, chapel, elementary school and Wal-Mart (complete with shopping carts!). There's even a "Cat Nap Inn," where kittens can rest in lakeside cottages. Though expenses can run high – sometimes $6,000 per month for care – Grant is confident in his abilities to keep his sanctuary going.” 

 You are not going to believe the cats and the homes (yes homes) he has provided for them at Caboodle Ranch.  HERE’S THE LINK.

And if you want to see a zillion more pictures of this most unusual home for homeless cats, HERE’S ANOTHER LINK.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

How do you think the universe was created?

Recently a website associated with a well known all night talk radio show did a poll.

The question was “How do you think the universe was created?”

The results might surprise you.  They did me.

Why be surprised? you ask.

Well, because many, in not most, of the folks who call in to the show and many of the topics that are discussed would lead one to believe that the result to this poll would have been the direct opposite.

Also this is surprising because for the past several decades (and more) evolution has been taught (without rebuttal) in schools, colleges, on TV, in movies, etc. 

So, countless numbers of folks have been ‘indoctrinated’ to believe in evolution.

Yet, in spite of all of that, it appears that not everyone has ‘bought’ the teaching of evolution.

Here is the very interesting result of the poll.

Poll Question: “How do you think the universe was created?”

Poll Answers:

It was brought into existence by God.      59.3%    (5,543 votes)

The universe was created by a process like the Big Bang-- no deity necessary.      18.5%    (1,729 votes)

Don't know/uncertain.      22.2%    (2,075 votes)

Total Votes: 9,347

Of course 9,347 votes is not a huge number.  But, it is large enough to give a general idea of what people are thinking these days.

How about you?  What would you have said?

To read why the correct answer (which determines one’s worldview) is important, HERE’S THE LINK

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Today is Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur is a very important Jewish holiday.

You have surely heard about Yom Kippur but you might not know why it is important or what happens on this day.

There are two perspectives from which to view this holiday.

As you probably know, the Jewish Holidays / Feast Days, of which Yom Kippur is one, are viewed by the Jews as simply very important religious days.

But, as understood by Christians, the 7 major Holidays / Feast days of the Jews were established by God to serve as ‘types’ or ‘pictures’ of future events.

Some of these events have now been fulfilled (the Spring Feasts) but the Fall Feasts are still unfulfilled.

Bible Study Net has several Lessons, in the Leviticus series, which go into detail about the 7 feasts, what they ‘picture’, which ones have been fulfilled and how and why, and those which have not yet been fulfilled. 

These lessons (Leviticus lessons 15, 16, 17, 18) can be found AT THIS LINK. Check it out. You will find them very interesting.

In the meantime for a brief (by comparison to the lessons) explanation of Yom Kippur as seen from the Christian perspective, HERE’S A LINK

And for an explanation as seen from the Wikipedia perspective, HERE’S THE LINK.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Did God create EVIL?

In addition to this DIT (Daily Interesting Things) site, we have a list of realllly interesting questions with short (for us) answers on our main website, Bible Studies Net

One of the questions in that list of questions is, Did God Create the Devil and Evil?

A Pastor recently visited the site, read that particular question and its answer, and then emailed us a follow up question asking about the verse in Isaiah 45:7 which reads:

“I (God) form the light, and create darkness: I make peace and CREATE EVIL: I the LORD do all these things”

His question, understandably, is “Did God create evil?”

To read our reply, HERE’S THE LINK.

To read the answer to the first question that started this whole discussion: Did God create the Devil and Evil?”, HERE’S THE LINK.

And to see the long list of other questions, HERE’S THE LINK.

Happy reading and thinking. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Old Cell phones are still useful !

You ‘young-ens’ have always had cell phones.

Whereas ‘grey headed wonders’ remember phones the likes of which the youth of today only see in ‘historical films’.

My how time flies.

Just a few years ago cell phones, such as we have today, were stuff of the Dick Tracy cartoons.  Anyone remember those?

Anyway, it seems that today almost everyone has a cell phone.

But whenever a new flashier model comes out, it is ‘out with the old’ and in with the new.

As a result, there are many old cell phones no longer in use but which, believe it or not, still have a function!


Yes, it is a little known fact but you can still use an old, out of service, deactivated, cell phone to call 911.

Seems that a gov. law requires ALL cell phones to be able to call 911 whether they are under a service contract or not.

So, instead of throwing away your cell phone, or keeping it in a drawer, or giving it to charity (a good idea), or giving it to someone when you upgrade (which is how I got my current cell phone), --

You can keep the old, out of favor cell phone, under the seat in your car, or give it to an elderly relative, or to a child so that it can be used for an emergency 911 call.

And actually you can even do more than that.

To read about how to use a deactivated cell phone to call 911 and other things that can also be done, HERE’S A LINK 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Be careful, be very very careful !!

This word of warning about Credit and Debit cards came in an email.

You know, one of those emails that goes round and round the world telling of various viruses and hoaxes and etc.

The events related might not have happened to the person reporting them.

But they could have happened to the writer of this ‘warning’, whomever it was.

And they could very easily happen to, gasp, you, me, our friends, whomever.

And since it seems that these days everyone whips out their credit or debit card to purchase almost everything large and small, this is information we all need.

So, to read this important head’s up alert so that you will not be caught in any of these situations, HERE’S THE LINK.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And we thought NASCAR pit crews were fast !

Check this out.

Check out what? you ask.

Well, seems that some soldiers in the Canadian Army have an amazing skill.

This is a ‘drill team’ like nothing I have ever seen before.

They can dismantle and reassemble a Jeep in under 4 minutes.

And, yes, it 'works' when they are finished.

I kid you not. 

To see the 3 minute 55 second video, HERE’S THE LINK


Monday, September 13, 2010

Grandparents Day

Yesterday (Sunday Sept 12) was, believe it or not, Grandparents Day.

Not being one of those, and not having any of those any more, that day slipped by me.

And, as you alert folks also noticed, apparently the entire day of Sept 12 slipped by me since there was no DIT (Daily Interesting Thing) entry for Sunday.

Alas and Sigh. And it is a lonnnnnng story.

But, trying to make up for it now with belated  information about Grandparents day.

The flowers in the upper left of this entry are “Forget Me Nots” which are, according to Wikipedia, the ‘flower’ for this holiday. 

That is definitely an appropriate choice of flowers as I assume it is intended to prevent such ‘calamities’ as forgetting the day.

Oh, Well.

But anyway, those of you who have Grandparents need to send a card or make a phone call or do something to honor your Grandparents.

This holiday apparently only began in the US in 1978.  Perhaps that is why it is being ‘forgotten’.

But it is not forgotten now.  We finally remembered.

And observing it a day late is better than not at all, imho.

If you would like to read more about this ‘forget me not’ holiday, HERE’S THE LINK.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Britian’s Got Talent

All you pet lovers out there, this is especially for you.

You have heard of the British TV show, “Britian’s got talent”, and through the past years you have likely seen various folks on the show with various talents.

But the ‘star’ this time is most unusual.

Check out the talent of this dog, yes, I said ‘dog’

And, as an aside, this dog is obviously not a Baptist as Baptists do not dance.  Well, they didn’t dance in the ‘old days’ but things seem to have changed.  But, I digress, as usual, and that is another topic for another time.

Anyway, this dog dances. 

What a hoot.

So now, without further ado, meet Gin The dancing dog. HERE’S THE LINK

Friday, September 10, 2010

7 really good healthy drinks

Yes, plain old water is good for you.  And it is probably my favorite drink.

But, for variety, there are several more drinks that you could try from time to time which are also ‘good for you’.

And. no, these are not ‘drinks’ that are inebriating.

And they don’t have ‘bad’ things in them, such as that dreaded high fructose corn syrup about which we hear so much these days.

Instead, these are really healthy drinks but folks just get locked into thinking ‘water’ and often forget these other options.

And when you find out what they are, you will likely respond like that old commercial where the person thumps his head and says,  
“...I could have had a V8".

Alas, V8 is not one of the  7 ‘healthy drinks’ named in this ‘list’ though one of the  drinks listed comes very close to it and there is an advertisement on the page for V8 so it is not entirely ‘forgotten’ and could become a # 8 item.

So, what are these ‘so-wonderful’ and ‘so-healthy’ drinks? you ask.

Well, to find out, HERE’S THE LINK

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Movie: The Blind Side

Well, another holiday, Labor Day, has ended.

And to ‘observe’ this event, many folks traveled to various places to visit family and friends, had cookouts, went boating and / or camping, and did various other ‘last days of summer’ events.

Still others stayed ‘at home’ and spent the holiday time shopping, playing or watching sports, playing video games, and watching movies.

And speaking of movies -- part of our activities for this holiday included visiting friends and viewing the movie: The Blind Side.

Doubtless you have already seen it.

But if you haven’t, please do so asap. 

As you know, we don’t recommend many movies, but this one is based on the true story of pro football player Michael Oher, who plays for the Baltimore Ravens.

It is a wonderful, uplifting, heartwarming, and ... well, I could go on and on with the accolades.

But, Bottom Line:  even though it is, alas, not 100% ‘squeeky clean’, still, this really is a ‘must see’ movie.

To read a brief review about it, HERE’S THE LINK.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Glass House

 Doubtless you have heard the old joke about glass houses.

You know the one.  It goes something like this:

There was a King who built a glass house. He also liked to collect thrones. 

Seems that every few months he would find a throne that was fancier than the previous one.  So he would take the old throne, put it in the attic, and use the new throne for a few months.

But soon he would find another throne with a feature he just couldn’t live without. 

So he would buy it and put the old throne in the attic. 

This went on for several years until he had an attic with innumerable thrones.

One day after returning from a trip, he came back to his beautiful glass house and found that it was in a heap and shambles. 

Seems that the weight of the thrones in the attic had finally become too much and the house collapsed.

Moral of the story:  

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t stow thrones!

Har de har har.

Well, I always thought that a glass house was an impossible and stoooopid thing so never paid too much attention to that joke except for the catchy punny ending.

But guess what.  There really IS a glass house!

No thrones are stowed in it (yet) but a lot of fancy expensive cars are.

And the cost of the house is ‘fit for a king’ in that it is currently for sale at $35 million!  Wow.

Anyway, to see a real glass house though I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live in one, HERE’S THE LINK

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bible Maps

Now this is a realllllly interesting site.

It locates what you are reading in the Bible with a Map.

What is so unusual about this? you ask.  After all, most Bibles have maps in the back and some even in the text.

And if you are like most folks, you have frequently turned to the back of your Bible to see where something ‘happened’.  So what is so unusual about these maps?

Well, the soooooo unusual thing is that at this site you can select a Book and Chapter of the Bible and the text appears and ALSO (are you sitting down?) a map of the city, country, whatever that is in that particular text is shown. 

And this is not one of those usual colorful maps in the Bible or Atlases such as in the picture above from the Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd (New York: Henry Holt, 1923), seen online at the Historical Maps Collection at the University of Texas at Austin, though those are good and helpful maps.

No, it is a much more interesting and detailed map.

This is one of those google satellite maps where you can zoom in or out on the location about which you are reading.

A truly amazing site.

You will surely find it interesting and helpful.  Check it out.  HERE’S THE LINK

Monday, September 6, 2010

Food Expiration Dates and More

Recently a friend sent this link in an email.
Again, Thanks.

What is it this time?

Well, it is very helpful and interesting information about when to really throw out “expired” (according to the label) food.

Folks get all focused on the expiration date on the bottle, can, package, whatever.

Focused, that is, if you can actually find and read the expiration date. 

Sometimes they are really hard to find and then when you do, well, just between you, me, and the gatepost, the print is getting smaller and smaller and lighter and lighter.

So small and so light, that I have finally resorted to carrying a small pocket magnifying glass with me to stores so that I can get the farthest out date to start with.

Then, back home, I can use my big handy dandy magnifier.

But, again, I digress.

The point of this article is to give helpful information about Expiration dates on foods. 

And, just as you suspected, you usually do NOT have to heave the item on THE day. 

There is often a leeway and that is nice especially in these days of increasing prices so as to not waste food that is still good.

Also there are a lot of links on the page to other helpful things such as: how to wash vegetables,  can butter be left out or does it have to stay in the fridge, etc.

All and all this is a very interesting and important article with a lot of good side articles.  Check it out.  HERE’S THE LINK

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Your Pastor Needs to Attend !

My pastor needs to attend what? you ask.

Well, your pastor needs to attend the Answers In Genesis “Answers for Pastors”  Conference Sept 21-23, 2010.

It will be held in Northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati, in a location very close to the exciting AIG Creation Museum about which you have heard so much.

As the summer draws to a close, your Pastor needs a brief vacation before jumping into another busy year of teaching, preaching, ministering, etc. 

Big Hint and Suggestion: You might want to get together with others in your Church, Sunday School class, whatever and provide the funds for the trip. 

It will be a small cost when divided over several folks but will reap huge rewards in that your Pastor will come back refreshed, revitalized, and informed.

This conference and a visit to the Museum (included in the program and the price) will be unforgettable, informative, refreshing and -- well, I could go on and on with the accolades but there is a brief article on the AIG website which will give you more information about what, where, when, how, why, etc.  HERE’S THE LINK

And to go to the website with details for registering, lodging, etc.  HERE’S THE LINK.

And to send this article to others in your Sunday School Class, Church, Mission Group, whatever, click on one of the links below (email, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) Then call them, discuss this, and send your Pastor to this meeting.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

It’s Football time at last !!!!!

Yes, it is finally THAT long awaited, long anticipated, time of the year.

And for those of us in Tennessee, today, at our opening game we are ready to yell “It’s Football time in Tennessee” and “Go Big Orange”!

Even though TN now has its third coach in 3 years, has lost many players during the transition, and is way undermanned number wise, still the fans are hopeful and expectant and are ready to turn out in force for the first game as the ‘rebuilding’ of the program begins.

Doubtless you in other states and at other schools are laughing and snickering at the status of UT football. 

But, don’t snicker too long.  We will be back.  Maybe not this year.  But soon.

In the meantime, it is ‘that exciting time of the year’ for every football fan, player, coach, whatever and where-ever.

So enjoy your season and support your team. 

But, let’s hope your team does not do a stunt such as depicted in this 28 second video on You Tube. HERE’S THE LINK.

Friday, September 3, 2010

What?? A meteor did not kill the dinosaurs?

 Alas, another old earth theory is about to bite the dust.

This time it is the theory of what killed the dinosaurs?

Apparently there is new evidence that is discounting the ‘long held’ (well not that long as it only arose in the 20th century but that is still an oxymoron ‘long’’ to the evolutionists) concerning what happened to the dinosaurs.

As you know, for quite some years now, scientists have suggested that the dinosaurs died out because of a meteorite or ‘ites hitting earth and for some reason selectively killing dinosaurs but leaving everything else, animal wise, relatively intact.

If you find that hard to swallow, join the club.

Anyway, to read the article that is putting the ‘a meteor killed the dinosaurs’ idea into great doubt (and it is about time they figured out that this is not a good ‘idea’), HERE’S THE LINK

And, though we have posted this before, if you would like to read the Biblical theory of what happened to the Dinosaurs, (think ‘Noah’s flood’, the subsequent Ice Age, and the very different post flood world), HERE’S A LINK and HERE’S ANOTHER LINK. Read them both.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Brain Surgery 4000 years ago?

A recent article on the New Scientist website tells of this interesting discovery.

Seems Archaeologists have found two verrrrry sharp “cutting blades”  (scalpels) made of obsidian.

This type of scalpel, they believe, was used to make openings in the skull for brain surgery or other intracranial procedures.

Where were these found? you ask.

In Turkey near the Black sea. 

But this is not the only place that Obsidian cutting appliances have been found. 

There are archaeological reports of obsidian cutting appliances and scalpels in many many places around the world.

Anyway,  the location in Turkey where these were thought to be in use 4000 years ago suggests (to those wearing ‘young earth glasses’) that the folks or their ancestors could have previously departed from the Tower of Babel with this knowledge and maybe the scalpels also.

Remember, when folks wearing the “old earth evolutionary glasses’ use terms such as  ‘stone age’,  ‘bronze age’, etc., they are alluding to periods on their evolutionary time scale when they believe people were still evolving and were far from reaching  our IQs. 

Anyway, Bottom line, if you think of this particular discovery from a  Biblical time line, then this ‘surgical skill set’ could easily have been known at this date.

And, further, the people of those days, according to the Bible, were not dumb but were living in primitive (to us) conditions because they had to leave their cities and advancing culture and start new cultures and civilizations in the Post Flood and Post Babel world.

Think about these things and HERE’S THE LINK.

And to learn more about Obsidian, HERE’S A LINK.

Finally, to read about the Obsidian Scalpel, pictured above, which is currently available for purchase and use by 21st Century Surgeons and why it is often preferable to the ‘surgical steel’ scalpels commonly used today HERE’S THE LINK.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

7 Mysterious Archaeological Discoveries

The article about these finds was obviously written using ‘old earth view’ glasses.

You know, those glasses that see things as being verrrrrrry old and usually much older and / or totally out of synch with Biblical dates.

This is one of the ‘old earther’s’ ways of discrediting the Bible. 

But, don’t be duped.

Put on your ‘neutral’ or ‘young earth’ glasses and look at these interesting discoveries and see what they might tell you as you correlate them with a Biblical time line.

For example, ‘find # 1’, pictured above, and which for some reason is the last in the series, is of Gobkli Tepe, which is now reported by the ‘old earth’ view folks to date to the 10th Millennium BC.  Previously they said it was 8000 years old.  Oh well.

But, hmmmm.  Could it also be related to structures built by people who were dispersed as a result of the Tower of Babel event?

Just a thought. (And probably the more likely origin imho).

Anyway, as you read through these 7 interesting Archaeological ‘wonders’ (and they are interesting!), keep your thinking cap on and don’t swallow those ‘old earth’ dates hook, line, and sinker. 

Instead, consider each ‘wonder’ / ‘find’, where appropriate, using Biblical Glasses.

You will be surprised how these discoveries often provide additional insight and correlation into Biblical events if you wear your ‘young earth’ glasses.

And, by the way, pay attention to the layers of rock in the ‘find # 5’.  Those rock layers sure look like those seen in Grand Canyon and elsewhere.  Do you think they might have been laid down in the Great Flood?  Hmmm. Just a thought.

And now, with all those thoughts and caveats,  put on your ‘young earth’ glasses, rev up your inquiring mind, and HERE’S THE LINK