Thursday, February 28, 2019

A memory jogging poem

From time to time there are various little poems that help people remember things.

Our DIT today is a famous example.

Here it is:

        30 days hath September
        April June and November

        all the rest have 31

        except February alone which has 28

And since today is February 28, we thought this was an appropriate DIT.

No click through today -- just think about this little memory jogger.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Another thought about the Northernmost town in the world

Yesterday we viewed what is often called the Northernmost town in the world.

But there are some other candidates for the 'title'.

Today's short video will explain and add more details.

So, let's continue our vicarious travels around the world.

As a head's up, however, know that you can stop watching the video at about 5 minutes 11 seconds because the rest of the video is a commercial.  Up until then, you will see and hear some interesting facts.

So with that by way of introduction and 'warning' --

HERE'S THE LINK to Whats the Northernmost Town in the world?


Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Northernmost town on earth

There are several cities and towns that are realllllly far north. 

Among these is Ny-Ålesund and the town we will be visiting in today's DIT.

In fact, according to some --The four northernmost towns are all located in Norway, the farthest of which is Ny-Ålesund in Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago. ... which includes Longyearbyen and other small places.

Interestingly, some DITers have actually been to these places.

Hopefully they will check in to DIT today and have a trip down memory lane.

For the rest of the DIT visitors, you will find this place unusual and interesting.

HERE'S THE LINK TO The Northernmost town on earth


Monday, February 25, 2019

Watch Fame win the 2018 Master's Agility Championship

 Who or what is Fame and what exactly did he do?

Well, fame is an amazing dog -- a Border Collie --

and is obviously NOT the poodle pictured here -- though that dog was amazing also -- but in different ways.

Anyway -- back to the topic at hand --Fame won by --

well, you need to see this to believe it.

So without further ado

HERE'S Fame winning the 2018 Master's Agility Championship

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Match Chain Reaction Amazing Fire Domino Volcano Eruption

Today's click through is definitely a "do not try this at home" thing.

And also it is an example of someone who had too much time on their hands.

But, since they went to a lot of effort

the least we can do is see the results of their effort.

This is amazing.

HERE'S THE LINK TO Match Chain Reaction Amazing Fire Domino Volcano Eruption


Friday, February 22, 2019

How to Adjust your car mirrors to eliminate blind spots

Today's video has some very important information.

Apparently most folks are not adjusting their car mirrors correctly.

"Oh, I do !"  You say.

Well, not so fast --- check out this video.

You might change your mind and you might redo your mirror positions.

HERE'S THE LINK TO How to adjust your car mirrors to eliminate blind spots


Thursday, February 21, 2019

Young Eagle Learns how to fly

It is apparently that time of the year when baby eagles are starting to bravely leave their nest and learn to fly.

I have been watching the SW Florida Eagle Cam for several weeks and have seen the two babies grow from hatching to a point where they look like the eaglet in today's click through.

This video is produced by BBC (and is not of the SW Florida eagles) but the 'star' of the video looks like the two I have watching and will soon leave their nest

and this is likely very similar to what they will experience.

HERE'S THE LINK TO Young Eagle Learns how to fly


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Seventh Day

“For in six days the LORD made
heaven and earth, the sea, 

and all that in them is,
and rested the seventh day:
wherefore the LORD blessed the sabbath day, and hallowed it”

                                                       Exodus 20:11  kjv

Believe it or not there has been considerable controversy over this verse.


Well today's click through will explain.

HERE'S THE LINK TO The Seventh Day


Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Abbott and Costello -- Who's On First

Abbott and Costello were famous hilarious comedians many years ago.

And one of their most beloved 'acts' was the well known and popular discussion about Who's on First.

Young whippersnappers probably don't know about Abbott and Costello or this and their other well known acts but now is the time to be introduced to this pair of comedians.

Older folks will laugh once again when they see this video.

So with that by way of introduction

HERE'S THE LINK TO Who's on First


Monday, February 18, 2019

7 Ways to survive a Natural Disaster

Here's hoping this is just information to know

but never have to use.

But just in case --

Check out today's click through.

HERE'S THE LINK TO 7 Ways to survive a Natural Disaster


Saturday, February 16, 2019

10 Reasons NOT to do an Ancestry Test

Many folks are doing ancestry tests

And are doing research into their family backgrounds.

And many folks are learning many interesting things about where their ancestors came from and more.

For most folks, the information discovered is really interesting and meaningful.

But before you do that DNA test -- check out these 10 reasons why you might not want to do this.

HERE'S THE LINK TO 10 Reasons not to do an ancestry test


Friday, February 15, 2019

Most beautiful fishes from around the world

There are some videos on You Tube that show aquariums and undersea pictures of many fishes, turtles, sting rays, and more. 

I have enjoyed watching them

and recently found today's click through that is related.

What is it? you ask.

Well, look for yourself.  You will be amazed !!!

HERE'S THE LINK to the Most beautiful fishes from around the world


Thursday, February 14, 2019

Today is Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine’s day !

In America, many folks celebrate this day with Cards, Flowers (Roses, Bouquets, etc.), Chocolates, Jewelry, and even proposals of Marriage.

But, believe it or not, this is not just an American Holiday.

In Finland, for example, it is known as “Friend’s Day”

and in Guatemala it is known as “Day of Love and Friendship.”

And doubtless many other countries also celebrate this day.

But regardless of where you are -- Happy Valentines day.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

The First Sacrifice

For thousands of years various groups, religions, and peoples have offered sacrifices to their gods.

But when and why was the very first sacrifice of all?

Today's click through has the answer and it is very important.

HERE'S THE LINK TO The First Sacrifice


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How does the International Space Station work?

Yesterday we found out how the Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta works.

So while we are on a roll of discovering such things --

How about today we find out how the International Space Station works.

This is really interesting.

HERE'S THE LINK TO How does the Interational space station work


Monday, February 11, 2019

How does the Mercedes Benz Stadium work

Unless you have been on another planet or recently returned from Mars you are aware that the Super Bowl was played in The Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta.

And you were likely fascinated by and impressed with its apprearance.

And you probably wondered about it s architecture and "how it works"

Well, good news -- today's link has the answers.

HERE'S THE LINK to How Does the Mercedes Benz stadium work

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Because He (Jesus) Lives I can face tomorrow

Yes, it is true, there are clicks of drums in this song and many of you know how we feel about that

but the message is soooooo wonderful that we are posting it anyway.

The words are provided.

Sing or hum along.

HERE'S THE LINK TO Because He Lives I can face tomorrow


Saturday, February 9, 2019

Top 5 Deadliest Roller Coasters you won't believe exist

Today is Saturday (duh) so you might think this would be a good time to go out and have some fun.

But if you are into Roller Coasters and think that riding them is fun

Well -- for the 5 that you will see today

you might want to "think again".

So with that by way of introducdtion

HERE'S THE LINK TO Top 5 Deadliest Roller Coasters you won't believe exist


Friday, February 8, 2019

Places on earth you are not allowed to visit

Today's click through is realllllly interesting.

Many DITers are world travellers

but since these places are off limits, this can be a vicarious experience.

The "you can't visit" location in Chili, however, might need to be reconsidered, however, as I know some DIT'ers who have been there and returned alive.

And I am sad that we can no longer view the cave drawings in France.  That was on my bucket list.  Sigh.

Anyway -- check out these places.

HERE'S THE LINK to Places on earth you are not allowed to visit.


Thursday, February 7, 2019

We Don't sell Vanilla Milkshakes

Today's click through is a total hoot

but alas it is probably more true than not.

What is it?  you ask.

Well, it seems that Jeanne Robinson, a stand up comic tells of her experience of trying to order a plain old simple vanilla milkshake --

The exchange between her and the 'seller' is hilarious.

HERE'S THE LINK TO we don't sell vanilla milkshakes


Wednesday, February 6, 2019

How to know the truth

What is truth?  And how can I know the truth?

These are questions you doubtless have personally asked.

Today's click through has some important insights.

Check this out.

HERE'S THE LINK TO How to know the truth

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

World's Funniest Engineering Fails

We have seen something like this in a previous DIT

but it seems the same 'engineers' are still 'at it' !

Someone obviously needs more engineering training

But in the meantime -- we can laugh or cry at what they are doing

HERE'S THE LINK TO World's Funniest Engineering Fails


Monday, February 4, 2019

10 Signs your house is being watched by robbers

Today may be a time when you can correct some of the potential problems your house or apartment might have.



You might want to take some corrective an proactive changes after viewing today's click through.

HERE'S THE LINK TO 10 Signs your house is being watched by robbers


Sunday, February 3, 2019

Sunday Hymn: I love to tell the story

Another favorite.

Sing or Hum along. 

The words are provided.

The story is about The Lord God Jesus Christ, what He has done for us, and why we should tell others.

HERE'S THE LINK TO I Love to tell the story


Saturday, February 2, 2019

It's Groundhog Day

Oh, Wow -- it is that time of the year again

It is Groundhog day !!!

Yes, it is that long awaited time of the year !

Will we see 6 more weeks of winter (oh noooo) or will there be an early spring (yay).

Perhaps the most famous groundhog is Punxsutawney Phil. He was featured in the epic film 'Groundhog Day' and His prognostication is the one most folks look for. 

But there are many other groundhogs -- and they don't always agree with Phil. 

Two of these many others include:

Chattanooga Chuck and General Beauregard Lee of Georgia

So what will it be?  6 more weeks of Winter?  Or Early Spring?

If your favorite Groundhog sees its shadow -- alas he is scared and goes back into his hibernation place for 6 more weeks of winter.

But if the groundhog does not see it's shadow -- Joy and happiness -- expect an early spring.  Yay and Hooray.

No Click through today -- instead --- find out what Punxsutawney Phil or your other favorite groundhog has to say about your weather.

Let's hope it is good news.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Man visits prison with service dog -- then dog sprints toward inmate

Service dogs are special.

The dog you see here was not a service dog but she was special.

Anyway -- back to the service dogs --

They have intensive training and then provide amazing assistance to the person to whom they are assigned.

Today's click through is a touching and heart warming story about one service dog, the person to whom it was assigned, and the original trainer.

You will love this.

HERE'S THE LINK TO Man visits Prison with service dog -- then the dog sprints toward inmate.