Monday, January 31, 2011

Why do we get punished for what Adam did?

You have surely asked or wondered about this many times. 

It is an important question and the implications are huge as you well know.

Why, oh why, you ask, is everyone, yes everyone, a sinner in need of redemption and salvation just because Adam and Eve sinned long long ago?

How and why does what they did effect you, me, and everyone regarding our relationship with God?

These questions have an answer.  HERE'S THE LINK.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

10 Biblical Hallmarks that Reveal a True Follower of Christ or an Imposter

Recently while attending a WorldView Weekend Conference, I purchased several DVDs of previous talks and speakers at other similar WV conferences.

One of those talks was entitled "True and False Converts."

That DVD was about an hour in length and can be ordered at the WorldView Weekend website (and you will likely want to order it).

But, good news ---

In the meantime, there is a Free and shorter version on the WorldView Weekend Website that is the same 'talk' in a 'nutshell'.

This 'shorter' version is titled:  "10 Biblical Hallmarks that Reveal a True Follower of Christ or an Imposter".

For those of you who are new to DIT (Daily Interesting Things), we don't usually post videos that are this long but this one is reallllllly important.

Bottom Line: you will definitely want to see this 21 minute video.  HERE'S THE LINK

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hymns Hymns and More Hymns

 Many of you love and miss the old Hymns which we used to sing in Church.

Personally I reallllllly miss them.

… don't get me started….

Anyway, there is a wonderful website that has a zillion of the old hymns.

On that site you will find the words, information about the author, a short midi version of the hymns, and more.

So, if you are 'a hungering' to return to the 'good old days' when music was music, HERE'S THE LINK

Friday, January 28, 2011

How thieves know your Social Security number

 There is a website called "Who Knew?" that has lots of interesting information.

One of the 'interesting things' has to do with Social Security numbers.

Pretty scary information which we all need to know.

The info about the numbers is preceded and followed by commercials and even  more 'who knew' things.  You might want to listen to them or just stop with the Social Security info.

But, regardless, this is something you realllllllly need to know.

So, to view the 1 minute 35 second video about "How thieves know your Social Security Number", HERE'S THE LINK

Thursday, January 27, 2011

God's Math Redux

Saturday Dec. 5, 2009, a friend who makes a living working with numbers (and preparing taxes among other things) sent us a very interesting DIT about the Beauty of Math

Today a friend on the other side of the world found and emailed a  3 minute video version of the same concept. 

Both are very interesting and both of these should help confirm that things do not just happen by chance as the 'old earthers' with their 'evolutionary glasses' repeatedly tell us.

Do you really believe that this happened by chance?

If so, we have some ocean front property in Tennessee to sell you.

To see the printed version of God's Math, HERE'S THE LINK.

And, to see the 3 minute video version of God's Math, HERE'S THE LINK.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Big problems with the Big Bang

According to the Big Bang theory, everything started from nothing as illustrated in this picture of 'nothing'.

I mention this because, yesterday, in the videos we viewed, Dr. Lisle mentioned that he had already gone into detail about the Big Bang and many of its problems.

You probably wondered what he had said.

Well, good news.

Today we will view that talk which, as was the case with his talk about Astronomy, is also part of the Answers In Genesis Answers Academy Series.

As before, there are two 15 minute videos by Jason Lisle, Ph.D. HERE'S THE LINK

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


 For those of you with an interest in Astronomy, you will love these 2 videos.

And even if you don't think you are interested, trust me, you will be when you view these 2 talks by Jason Lisle, Ph.D.

He has a double Doctorate degree, in both Physics and Astronomy, and hence is an 'AstroPhysicist', which, just between you and me, means he knows a lot about this topic.

And, indeed he does.

Fortunately for us, though he knows a lot, he presents it in a way that is clear, understandable, interesting, and entertaining.

So do not think this is 'over your head'.  It is not. You will love it and will learn a lot.

To view his presentation, consisting of Two 15 minute video segments.   HERE'S THE LINK

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Bates family

You have likely heard of the Duggars family with 19 kids.

Well, guess what.  There is another family that is gaining on them.

What family?

The Bates Family.  In Tennessee.  They have 18 kids!


ABC news recently produced a 9 minute video about them.

Alas, one of those maddening commercials precedes the report about the Bates family -- But, just endure it because the video about this family is really worth the wait. HERE'S THE LINK

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Unique Connection between 3 SEC Basketball Coaches

Speaking again of Basketball, as we were doing yesterday, here is another Basketball related topic.

Even those of you who follow the sport intensely may not know about this (I know it was new to me) so we want to share this with you today.

If you are at all familiar with College Basketball, you have likely heard of Florida Coach Billy Donovan, Arkansas Coach John Pelphrey, and Alabama's Anthony Grant.

It seems that beside being Basketball coaches, they have another very important thing in common.

Yes, they are all SEC Basketball coaches now at different Colleges.

But several years ago they were all three coaching at the University of Florida.

And, while at Florida they developed …"one of the strongest, most unique bonds in all of sports"…

What is that bond? you ask.

Here is a 'clue'. 

The article you are about to read is titled: "Billy Donovan's Secret Sorrow."

To read about what happened and why they have this sad and unusual bond, HERE'S THE LINK

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Oregon’s new Basketball Floor

Well, it is winter and everywhere teams are now excitedly playing Basketball.

But, not all are playing on such an unusual court as the one we are referencing today.

Several years ago I had the opportunity to see the famous Mac Court in Eugene Oregon, the most unusual Basketball arena for the University of Oregon. Wow, what an unusual place and surely loaded with tons of history and memories.

But, alas, that building was old and outdated. So it been replaced by a spiffy new building with this really unusual floor.

It is Orange!   I kid you not !

I could go on and on but since a picture is worth a thousand words, perhaps you just better see this for yourself.  HERE'S THE LINK.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Cells, Cuckoo birds, an Earth-Sized Exoplanet, and more

These topics were reported recently in various news reports.

You may have seen some of them and wondered, "What is the real story?"

Well, good news.

DId you know that every week the AIG website evaluates various scientific, archaeological, and other interesting and significant news items such as these.

And, they evaluate these reports from a Biblical perspective.

Wow. How great.

If you are not aware of these excellent weekly evaluations, you need to be.

And speaking of being aware, are you aware that all cuckoo clocks (such as those shown in today's picture) imitate the call of the common cuckoo bird?

Wow. Aren't you glad you come to the DIT for such Daily Interesting Things.  Har dee har har.

Anyway, though that fact (about the clocks) was not included in AIG's evaluation, (I  just threw it in for 'free'), you will want to visit the AIG site weekly (or preferably more often) to read the 'latest'.

As an example, to read the "News to Note" section for Jan 15, 2011, which talks about  cells, the cuckoo bird, the exoplanet, and more, HERE'S THE LINK

Thursday, January 20, 2011

No Fruit Fly Evolution after 600 Generations

Wow! Imagine that!

One would think IF evolution is the cause of everything that we see today, that after 600 generations there would have been fruit fly evolution of something if only a new tiny hair that persisted and had some wonderful 'function'!

But nothing.  Zero. Zilch. Nada.

And ditto re bacteria.

Observing the growth of bacteria for 150 Years has also failed to confirm any evolutionary processes happening.

Where did we find this interesting info? you ask.

Well, this particular information was in another Acts and Facts Magazine (the Free magazine from ICR which we mentioned yesterday). 

To read the short article, HERE'S THE LINK

And if you want to know more about fruit flies.  There is an article on a "pest-control"  site that describes them, tells about their lifespan, and etc.  It is not written with old or young earth glasses, but when you consider the details of the tiny fruit fly, you will appreciate The Creator God even more. HERE'S THE LINK

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Is "Junk DNA" really useless ?

Yesterday we referenced a Daily Devotional entry from ICR's Quarterly Days and Praise booklet.

And we suggested that you sign up to receive the Free Days and Praise Devotional Booklets.

Those of you who did that probably noticed that when you sign up you will also get a Free Monthly Acts and Facts Magazine.

In case you are wondering what kinds of things you will discover in the Acts and Facts Magazine, the article we are referencing today came from one of those Magazines.

This particular article briefly discusses several interesting facts about the complexity of Cells and their DNA. 

Oh oh, I can hear you say as you worry  that this will be toooooo technical.

Well, don't panic, there is no technical gobbledygook.  All their articles are written so we 'ordinary' folks can understand.

So you will learn interesting facts about Cells, DNA, and more.

This short article also provides very important information about the so called "Junk DNA."

Turns out that "Junk DNA" is not useless "junk" after all.


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Justified by Faith and Works

Doubtless you have either debated this topic with others or wondered about it personally.

It is certainly one which produces heated discussions.

Recently I found a very good and concise explanation of this controversial topic in a Days and Praise Devotional Booklet.

What is this booklet? you ask.

Well, it is a Free (I like that price) little Devotional booklet, produced quarterly by ICR, which comes to you by snail mail and will assist you in your Daily Devotional time.

If you don't already subscribe, I highly recommend you sign up. 

But, back to the topic at hand -- "Justified by Faith and Works"  -- to read what Henry Morris said in a Days and Praise entry on this subject, HERE'S THE LINK.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The beat goes on !

This is referring to the beat of the new heart that Baby Christopher received on Jan 16, 2010.

It is now one year later and ‘the beat goes on’.

For those of you who have been following the saga of Baby Christopher, the little boy who needed a new heart in order to live, ...

You will want to read the latest update which was recently posted by his father on the Caring Bridge website.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Was the Dispersion of Babel a real event?

This question is often asked by folks who wonder about the validity of the Bible.

Sometimes they ask the question ‘out loud’ and other times they just ‘think it’ and wonder.

It’s a good question.

And it is important to know the answer.


Because knowing whether this event really happened or is just a fable has a lot to do with what your ‘world view’ will be.

AIG (Answers in Genesis) has published several books which answer this and many other questions. 

The answer to this specific question is in Chapter 28 of The New Answers Book 2. HERE’S THE LINK

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things that will soon be obsolete

As you read this article, titled “Things Babies born in 2011 Will Never Know”, you will likely ask yourself:

Self, Does this make you feel old?  

It does me.


The times they are a’changing
Er... have changed !!!! 

Read this and either weep or rejoice, depending on your age.  HERE’S THE LINK

Friday, January 14, 2011

Heidi, the cross eyed opossum

There are possums and then there are possums.

I recall when a possum family took up residence near our house years and years ago.  They even had some cute little babies.

And a friend recently discovered a possum in her garage. It was staring at her in the dark with its bright shining eyes.  Kinda scarey.

But none of these critters looked like Heidi, the cross eyed possum.

You probably have already heard about or seen this cute little critter who has become an internet sensation.

She is in the Leipzig Zoo in Berlin Germany so it is not likely that many of us will be ale to see her in person.

So, for those of us who can’t visit Heidi in person and just want to see a few of her pictures, HERE’S THE LINK

Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions -- Dieting Part 2

Saturday we looked at things to eat and not eat when dieting or when just eating.

But, some folks are not ‘into’ dieting and just do the easy fast food thing daily or, if not daily, frequently.

With that in mind, let’s think about Dieting or not Dieting because there is more to the story.

There were some click throughs in that article.

Those click throughs talked about fast food fare.

What exactly are the fast food places providing?

Is their fare healthy?

Well, for those of you who did not click through Saturday to the link of the 10 worst Fast Food Meals, whether you are dieting or not, you really need to see this.  HERE’S THE LINK

And, if that is not enough to give you pause, also consider this ...

Oh no, what now? you ask.

Well, the question now is:

What have been drinking along with or in place of those fast food meals?

You will be surprised and very interested in these 20 Worst Drinks.  HERE’S THE LINK

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

World View Weekend Conferences Live

Recently we mentioned that there is going to be an ONLINE Worldview Weekend Rally.

See the post for Sunday Jan 9 for the details.

But, there are also going to be several LIVE rallies in several cities.

If you are in or near any of these locations, be sure to attend.

For the Dates and Locations of the Live rallies through May 1, of 2011, HERE’S THE LINK.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Snow Event in the ‘sunny’ South

You have doubtless heard that there has been another big and widespread snow event in the South.

All around the formerly ‘sunny’ south, most things are closed including schools.

Of course this does not mean that the kiddos are staying inside.

Rather, they are happily enjoying a fun day of playing in the snow.

Though this little kiddo is not yet a ‘scholar’ and isn’t missing school, he is definitely enjoying the snow.

This photo of him, taken by his mother, was sooooooo cute that we thought you would want to see it too.

Monday, January 10, 2011

The National Championship Game is Tonight !!!

 We are speaking, of course, of College Football,

And for those football fans out there (and you know who you are) you have been eagerly looking forward all year to the big game tonight.

For the rest of you, you need to know the time and the teams:

8:30 PM EST on ESPN

Auburn vs Oregon

Recently a very interesting article on Sports Illustrated reported about one of the coaches on the Auburn team.

Regardless of which team you are pulling for or even if you don’t care one bit about the game tonight, I think you will find it very interesting. HERE’S THE LINK

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mark your Calendar

 Why?  What’s up?

As you will recall, several times we have posted info about the WorldView Weekend Conferences.

But, perhaps none have been in your town. So you have been unable to attend in person.

Well, Good News.

There is going to be an ONLINE WorldView Weekend Conference.


On Sunday Feb 27, 2011.

So, mark your calenders and be sure to attend.

And since this is an online conference you don’t have to get dressed up or drive mega miles.  You can simply sit at your computer and watch.

These are really great and very informative.

To read the details HERE’S THE LINK

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Loose weight and Eat better in 2011

It is early in the New Year and most folks are still ‘into’ their New Year’s Resolutions.

And, likely, another of those resolutions is to loose weight.

If so, you have probably been pursuing diet foods and watching what you eat.

But even the things often considered ‘safe’ in a diet might not be all that healthy after all.

Indeed, this article might make you think twice about some of the things you have been considering as part of your ‘new diet’. It sure gave me pause.  HERE’S THE LINK

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Hypersocialized Generation

Sunday Dec 19, 2010 we listened to and or read a profound talk by Dr. Mohler answering the question: “Why does the universe look so old?”

If you viewed the video, you know that Dr. Mohler is an excellent and well informed speaker.

You may have also noticed that at the Ligonier Conference he also gave a short talk about the ‘Hypersocialized Generation.’

It seems that the youth of today and even many adults are, as you know, really ‘into’ ‘multitasking’ with their Ipods, texting, watching tv, working on the laptop, and more.

Is this ok?

Or is this a problem?

You will be interested in Dr. Mohler’s observations and comments. They are most enlightening and informative.

This is a ‘must hear’  35 minute video.  HERE’S THE  LINK

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Movie: Voyage of the Dawn Treader

This is one of the latest ‘hit’ movies that folks are viewing.

Released in December 2010, it is based on C.S. Lewis’ third book in the Chronicles of Narnia series.

What is its message?

An article written by Movie Guide Critic, Dr. Ted Baehr, will provide you with interesting, informative, and helpful information as it answers that question. HERE’S THE LINK.
. .

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Tim Tebow Bible verses

As you recall, former SEC (Florida) Quarterback Tim Tebow, who now plays for the Denver Broncos, put scripture verses under his eyes in eyeblack.

In a DIT (Daily Interesting Things) entry dated Jan 9, 2010 we posted a link to some of the scriptures he used.  If you did not see that or would like to see it again, HERE’S THE LINK.

But the NFL does not allow this.

So what does he do?

Well this article explains.  HERE’S THE LINK.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Skimming at ATM machines

Be careful, be very careful.

Recently while riding in a car with a couple of folks, the driver pulled up to an ATM machine and made a withdrawal.

As he did that, I was reminded of the many articles ‘out there’ on the net alerting folks to possible skimming.

Skimming?  What is that? you ask.

Well, it is another way that thieves do their ‘work’ of separating us from our money.

And it happens not only at ATM machines but also at Gas Station Pumps and almost anywhere where you insert your credit or debit card.

Bottom line -- be careful, be very careful when you use your debit or credit cards.

For those of you who frequent ATM machines, you really need to read this article. HERE’S THE LINK

Monday, January 3, 2011

The King James Bible is 400 years old in 2011

In 1611, the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible was first published.

Affectionately known as the KJV and also often called the Authorized Version and The Holy Bible, this is the very same Bible that many still read today!

Now, 400 years later,
 “it is estimated that 1 billion copies have been printed since the first volume rolled off the press in 1611”

To read more about this version and how and why it ‘came to be’, HERE’S A LINK.

And for even more information, Wikipedia, as usual, has a lot to say. HERE’S THE WIKIPEDIA LINK

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year’s Resolutions begin again.

It is another New Year.

Which means it is time to once again make and begin New Year’s Resolutions.

And likely one of your resolutions is ‘to read and study the Bible more this year’.

If so, then you will love this DIT (Daily Interesting Thing).


Because recently we received an email from Bible Study Tools dot Com telling of  great study tools they have available for free.

These include Bible Reading Plans, many on-line versions of the Bible, dictionaries, concordances, and more.

To read the email we received HERE’S THE LINK.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

1 / 1 / 11 The New Year Begins

 “Happy New Year”

These are likely the first words you heard this year, if you were awake, that is.

They were the first words I heard.

And it is the year of the ‘Ones”

1 / 1 / 11

Around the world people ‘ring in the year’ in many ways.

In New York there is the famous ball drop in Times Square.

In Atlanta they drop a humongous 800  pound Peach (Today’s photo.)

Many places have elaborate fireworks.

And, as we mentioned yesterday, many folks sleep through the occasion while others are working, partying, praying, or worshipping.

For those of you who did not see the big festivities and even if you did, if you’d like to see how the arrival of  1/ 1 / 11 occurred in various places, HERE’S THE LINK