Sunday, May 31, 2009

What God Keeps

You are surely aware of this comforting passage in Scripture:

Numbers 6:24-26 (NKJV)

24. “The Lord bless you and keep you;
25. The Lord make His face shine upon you,
and be gracious to you;

26. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you,
and give you peace.”

Recently, I was reading the March 11, 2003 devotional thoughts in Days of Praise. It elaborated on the Numbers 6:24 verse (“The Lord bless you and keep you”) and I thought, Hmmmm.... a ‘security of the believer verse.’

Continuing to read the comments by the writer, I was reminded that there is even more to what God “KEEPS”.

Actually, there are at least 4 things enumerated in the devotional thoughts that tell us what the Lord KEEPS:

1. He keeps us from losing our salvation
2. He keeps us from stumbling
3. He keeps us as a treasure
4. He will keep us from the coming tribulation

Indeed, this entire short article had very good and encouraging insights into what it means when it says “The Lord bless you and keep you”

I found this article most encouraging and want to share it with you.

And, in case you are wondering why I used the book cover for “Is your God Too Small” to illustrate today's topic -- it is because this is likely another area where we really don’t give God credit for what He can and will do for us. If you haven’t yet read that book and would like to get a copy, Here’s the Link.

But back to the topic at hand and without further ado, re. the article I was reading HERE’S THE LINK

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Doubtless you have seen the many commercials with a Gecko pretending he is a ‘Geiko’ or whatever. But did you know that Geckos have amazing capabilities (other than selling insurance)?

Name one, you say.

Well, how about their eyes. According to a fascinating article I read recently “Gecko Eyes Make Great Night Vision Cameras”. (Their feet are pretty amazing, too, but that is another story for another time.)

So, to find out about their amazing eyes, HERE’S THE LINK

Friday, May 29, 2009

Beware of the book: Conversations with God

Yes, it is summer vacation time. And that means, for many of us, that, in addition to trips and vacations (as per yesterday’s post and future vacation suggestions to come) we have time to read more books. But there are some books that we should NOT read.

I recently received an email from a friend. In it was a warning to not read this book: Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch. I hadn’t read it and wasn’t planning to read it. But, after getting her ‘alert’, I checked to see what this book teaches which elicited the warning.

And, Wow ! This is one that we need to AVOID !!! BEWARE !!! and NOT READ !!!!

Why? Well, for many reasons. And, this ‘book review’ from Summit Ministries explains why we should NOT read or recommend this book (or its teen version: Conversations with God for Teens).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vacation Suggestion -- AIG Creation Museum

Well, it is that time of the year again. Schools are graduating their seniors and the rest of the students are out (or soon will be) for summer vacations. This means, of course, that it is time to contemplate( ta dah ) summer vacations !

So, off and on during the next few weeks, I will suggest a few places to go for the family vacation.

Knowing that finances are tight for most folks, I will NOT be suggesting a trip to Katmandu, Antarctica, a cruise around the world, or other expensive or exotic places. But, I do have a few affordable places in mind that you and your family or friends will love.

Today’s suggestion for a great travel vacation adventure is a visit to the Answers In Genesis Creation Museum !

As stated on the AIG website: “The Creation Museum, located seven miles west of the Cincinnati Airport, presents a “walk through history.” Designed by a former Universal Studios exhibit director, this state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life. A fully engaging, sensory experience for guests. Murals and realistic scenery, computer-generated visual effects, over fifty exotic animals, life-sized people and dinosaur animatronics, and a special-effects theater complete with misty sea breezes and rumbling seats. These are just some of the impressive exhibits that everyone in your family will enjoy.”

But, ‘nuff of that quoting from the site. I will soon give you the link so you can read all about it for yourself.

You need to allow a FULL day (preferably 2 days) to really do it justice. There is just so much to see and do that you don’t want to be rushed. It is fun, educational, and amazing! They have a state of the art Planetarium, life size Dinosaurs, several Theaters (Special Effects, Dragon, Last Adam, etc), a Petting zoo, Botanical Gardens, and more.

This is definitely a MUST SEE -- MUST DO Vacation Destination. And, It is not ‘just for kids’. It is for all ages. So, whether you are a ‘kid in a stroller’ or a ‘kid at heart with grey hair and a wheel chair’ or anything in between, you will LOVE this vacation destination!

Info re the hours, admission fees, etc. is on the website. So, without further ado, HERE’S THE LINK

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God

Jonathan Edwards preached the now famous sermon: Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. It is truly a Classic!

Jonathan Edwards (October 5, 1703 – March 22, 1758) was Born in S. Windsor, Connecticut, the fifth of 11 children in a strict Puritan home. He entered Yale College at 13. He died from a smallpox inoculation shortly after beginning the presidency at the College of New Jersey (later to be named Princeton University).

His most famous sermon "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God," preached in Enfield, Connecticut in 1741, is credited for starting the First Great Awakening. It vividly depicts the fate of unrepentant sinners in Hell.

Many years ago, (before the advent of the Internet) I heard about this sermon and spent months trying to find a copy of it in a book or journal. Finally I did find a printed copy. And WOW ! Now, thanks to the internet, you do not have to search for months or even for minutes because I have found it and posted it for you.

Absent from the Body -- Present with the Lord

But all was not ‘gloom and doom’ from Edwards. He also preached the joys of the redeemed in heaven. This is one such sermon which he preached on the occasion of the funeral of the Rev. Mr. David Brainerd, Missionary to the Indians. Brainerd died October 9, 1747, at 30 years of age, possibly of Tuberculosis.

To read the funeral sermon by Jonathan Edwards, HERE’S THE LINK

And to read more about David Brainerd HERE’S THE LINK

And that's how the fight started ...

And, in closing today, since the entries have been rather ‘heavy’, how about a little joke to lighten things up a bit. Someone emailed this to me and it is another of those emails that is too funny to just read and delete --

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mind The Gap !

When riding the subways in London, I saw oodles of “Mind The Gap” signs warning and reminding me to watch out for THE GAP between the platform and the train car. These were funny signs to those of us not used to seeing them. But they are a very important warning to be verrrrrry careful to not fall into the gap and get injured.

Similarly, there should be a warning to ‘Mind the Gap’ between verses 1 and 2 of the Bible. I am speaking specifically of Genesis 1:1-2.

Many folks insert a GAP of millions or billions of years between verses 1 and 2 of Genesis Chapter 1. They do this because they are trying to accommodate the long ages required with the theory of evolution and the millions and billions of years of time it requires.

So, instead of accepting the literal interpretation of the Bible of approximately 6000 or so years that the Bible teaches, they put a GAP of time -- a LONG gap of time between verses 1 and 2. Is this correct? Is there a gap here?

It is wise to Mind the Gap in the London Subway system, BUT,before you adopt the Biblical GAP theory, I suggest you read this very clear, brief, and concise article: HERE’S THE LINK.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Today is Memorial Day -- Is your Flag flying?

“Old Folks” understand the meaning and the why of Memorial Day but, alas, I fear that most “young folks” think it is just another 3 day holiday and a time of fun.

But is it? Should we look at it as just another occasion for fireworks, cookouts, the opening of swimming pools, the beginning of summer vacations, and goofing off?

I remember my Parents and Grandparents putting flowers and flags on graves (of military and family) and referring to this special day as “Decoration Day”, its original name. The name was changed to Memorial Day after World War I, but they still referred to it as Decoration Day.

So, what exactly IS Decoration Day / Memorial day and why do we observe it?

The opening paragraph in Wikipedia says:

“Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the last Monday of May (May 25 in 2009). Formerly known as Decoration Day, it commemorates U.S. men and women who died while in the military service. First enacted to honor Union soldiers of the American Civil War (it is celebrated near the day of reunification after the civil war), it was expanded after World War I to include American casualties of any war or military action.”

To learn more about this very significant Holiday and there is much more to know, CLICK HERE
To hear a short media file of taps CLICK HERE

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Have you seen this?

Have you read this article on the internet today?
A friend sent it to me.
It is stunning!


And, here is an update as of June 5, 2009. HERE'S THE LINK

Hot Potatoes?

And things just keep getting ‘weirder and weirder’.
For example, check out this article about the new money in Nicaragua.
Is this for real?


And speaking of Potatoes

I heard a joke the other evening that was just toooooo funny.
Want to know what it was?

If so, then HERE’S THE LINK

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Did Stonehenge have a King?

Recently we referenced a book about the Ice Age and events before, during, and after it. Well, the blog entry today appears to add even more light to early post flood events.

I am speaking of the discovery of “The Amesbury Archer”, whom some think may have been the King of Stonehenge.

He was apparently about 6 feet tall and his remains and artifacts were first discovered about 2 centuries ago but, in the Spring of 2002, extensive excavations were done and the findings are amazing. HERE’S THE LINK.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Providence Training Center -- Kenya

A good friend, who is helping establish a school in Kenya for training Pastors, sent an email recently with an update about this Training center. Here are some excerpts from that email:

“To All My Friends and Family...

I just want you to know that I'm off to Kenya again ...Friday (May 22 - June 4) ... this being my fifth visit. On this trip I will be accompanied by a team of 12 members from my church. Many of them will be researching business opportunities to help make our school for pastor-training self-sufficient. Several will be helping us look for affordable and appropriate land on which to house the school. Right now the greatest cost to us is facility rental (room/ board for the pastors and classroom), so having our own place will ease those costs in the long run.

Obviously I could go on and on about the school and how God has been working, but we now have a website for you to browse and see for yourself what has been going on. I hope you will visit. Be sure to watch our promo video on the site. ...

I remain grateful to all of you for your past support and your sincere prayers. I ask for your continued prayer support for this trip, especially for all the legal loose ends that need completion. ... We have established a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) called Care to Learn International through which the school will be funded. Our American 501c3 intermediary that will receive donations for Care to Learn International is National Christian Foundation (NCF). ...

Perpetual prayer support for the school is a priority, so keep us in mind. ...

Thank you for being co-laborers with me in this adventure where training one results in the transformation of many.”
With much gratefulness ...

Well, there you have it. What a great email. And, yes, this is a Ministry worthy of our prayers and contributions. Check out the website and put ‘Providence Training Center -- Kenya’ on your Prayer List. God is working in this place.

Also, Please join with me in praying for them during this trip beginning today, May 22 - June 4.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

Moody: What Must I Do to be Saved?

D.L. Moody - (Dwight Lyman Moody) was born February 5, 1837 in Northfield, Massachusetts, the sixth child (and fifth son) of Edwin and Betsy Holton Moody. He died December 22, 1899 at the age of 62.

He started a church in Chicago that was renamed Moody Church in his honor after his death. Yes, this is the same church that we referenced a few days ago and provided a link to a sermon by the current pastor, Erwin Lutzer. Moody also founded several schools including the Bible Institute that bears his name. HERE’S THE LINK to

D. L Moody adhered to a literal interpretation of the Bible. In 1870 he teamed up with the hymn writer Ira D. Sankey, and they did a series of highly popular revival tours in Britain and the U.S.

And there is so much more that you will want to know about this Servant of God. You can find the ‘more’ in the very interesting summary of his life on Wikipedia. CLICK HERE to read it.

Many sermons which Moody preached are still available in book form and on the Web. Here is one that I think you will find most interesting, encouraging, and convicting. It is titled “What Must I do to be Saved”. HERE’S THE LINK.

Tomorrow May be Too Late

While we are on the subject of sermons by D.L. Moody, I thought this one would be a good follow up to the first.

Many folks agree that they need to be saved but think they can wait till later. Well, this might not be such a wise thing to do.

If you are thinking that you will wait, you might want to read these additional insights by Moody on that subject. HERE'S THE LINK

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Another try at a ‘Missing Link’ ... sigh

Well, the evolutionists have done it again -- they claim to have found a ‘missing link’ -- or so they say. This time it is a 47 million year old lemur-monkey named Ida. Why Ida? Well, apparently that is the name of the daughter of one of the scientists who worked on the ‘discovery.’

Amazingly, this supposedly 47 million year old fossil still had “evidence of her fur shadow and remains of her last meal.” WOW, talk about preservation of food and remains for a lonnnnnng time. Maybe I can keep those ‘old’ things in the fridge and on the shelf awhile longer. Hmmm. Maybe not.

Anyway, I found a couple of articles telling about this ‘amazing find’ and an ‘explanatory’ article from AIG. Here are the links.

For a link to a long article about the find, CLICK HERE
For a link to a shorter article, CLICK HERE
And to read AIG’s ‘take’ on it, CLICK HERE

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

CT of Nefertiti reveals Hidden Face

This is not new news as it was reported toward the end of March of this year but I just ran across an article about it tonight while reading a journal, thought it interesting, and decided to share it with you.

It tells of how good 'ole' modern Medicine has ‘struck again’; a 64 slice CT scanner with 3D reformation (isn’t Radiology great !) has been used to show what is inside the statue of the head of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti.

Respect your elders?

While we are on the topic of ‘old things’ -- if any of you readers are ‘grey headed’ have you noticed that things seem to be very different now than when our parents were ‘old’.

For example, when going to a door of a store, have you noticed that when young folks, especially those under say 14 or so, are approaching or entering at the same time as an ‘old person’, that they rush ahead, enter, and let the door slam in that person’s face. No more holding the door for the elderly. And, it seems that the younger they are, the worse this is.

Another example - going down aisles in stores with a shopping cart, or even just walking in parking lot, on sidewalk, etc. guess who has to give way when the elderly person encounters young folk(s) and there is only room for one person to pass? Right ! The old person has to move to let the ‘youth’ scurry on.

Apparently most of today’s youth are not learning ‘manners’ or the Bible. Bible? Does the Bible have anything to say about this? Well, yes. Believe it or not, the Bible DOES have something to say on this general subject:

Leviticus 19:32 NKJV : ‘You shall rise before the gray headed and honor the presence of an old man, and fear your God: I am the Lord.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The White Stone: A Sonshine Valley Tale

The White Stone: A Sonshine Valley Tale by YaVonne Stobart

Here's The ‘plot’ on the cover describing the book:

"Constance totally lives up to her name, Constance Seeker. If her parents had realized how much, I’m sure they would have thought twice and named her something more like, Joy. The Seeker family lives in the magical land of Sonshine Valley, where all the children must journey to the dark world of the Outside once they become of age. Our girl is about to take that trip. She has been anxiously looking forward to it for some time now, even though the warnings of danger have been many. But, like most of us, her heart longs for adventure and a little romance wouldn’t hurt, either. Will she find her quest is all she hoped it would be? Or will she come home sadly disappointed? Come journey with her and witness all the twists and turns her life takes. Maybe you will see yourself and find what you are looking for, too.”

Why am I telling you about this book? Well, I first heard of it when my brother loaned me his copy that he had gotten from her. I don’t usually read many novels but, at his suggestion, read it and found it to be most delightful and very reminiscent of a modern Pilgrim’s Progress. Yes, that is high praise. But it is a very good novel and hopefully is the first of many from the ‘pen’ (or ? computer) of YaVonne Stobart.

She does not have a webpage. (How can that be in this day and age) but HERE IS THE LINK to the website of the company that published the book.

However, you can likely get it faster (and an autographed copy if you ask her) by emailing her directly and telling her how you heard about her book (i.e. on this blog). Here is her email address and I am writing it in this cryptic way as a form of spammer prevention:
yes (dot) 2009 (at) att (dot) net

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moody Church Sunday Morning Worship Services

I frequently listen to Dr Erwin Lutzer and the Moody Church Service on the radio including today, May 17, 2009.

Today's sermon was outstanding and is a ‘must hear’. It is titled: Oprah, Miracles and the New Earth Part 1 (Part 2 will be next week).

Wanting to share this with you, I found a link for the entire service including the anthem by the Choir, congregational singing of real hymns, Scripture reading, and, of course, the Sermon.

Note: this link is to the page that takes you to the most recent service and will change weekly, so if you go to it several weeks from now, you will likely find this sermon in the ‘Show Archive’ section.

Well, with that said, HERE’S THE LINK.

How Dating Methods Work

Building upon yesterday's article, ‘How old does the earth look’, those with the ‘billions of years’ view usually base their belief on Age Dating methods using radioactive isotopes.

So, the question we should ask them is, how do these dating methods work and are they as accurate as we are told that they are.

This article by Tas Walker, from the June 2008 issue of Creation Magazine, has asked that question and gives us a very brief but clear and concise explanation of ‘How Dating Methods work’.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

How Old Does the Earth Look?

Calculating the age of the earth based on the chronology recorded in the Bible gives an age of about 6000 years. But, other folks say the world is billions of years old. So, how old is it really? Well, bottom line, it really depends on your world view.

Dr. Andrew Snelling has written a brief but interesting article found on the Answers In Genesis website and titled ‘How Old Does the Earth Look?’ It gives some insight into this important question. HERE’S THE LINK.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved

There is a HUGE difference in the way a saved vs. an unsaved person dies and enters eternity!

Unfortunately, thanks ? to ‘modern medicine’, dying individuals today are usually so drugged with narcotics and other pain relievers that they are unconscious at the time of death. So we no longer hear the death bed stories which were observed in the past.

But, fortunately, there are collections of stories of folks who died before the advent of ‘modern medicine’. I recently discovered one such book on the web in the form of a free E-book and have been reading many of the stories. It is a classic. It was written by Solomon Benjamin Shaw in 1898 and is titled ‘Dying Testimonies of Saved and Unsaved.

This book includes hundreds of death bed testimonies including those of great saints such as John Wesley, John Bunyan, D.L. Moody, Frances Ridley Havergal and great sinners such as Thomas Paine, Voltaire, David Hume, Edward Gibbon and others.

I think you will find this most instructive and convicting. You will definitely want to put this into your bookmarks. HERE’S THE LINK

Wreck pictures

By the way -- for those of you who are interested, I just got 3 photos of the wreck mentioned in yesterday’s post about the ‘World’s smallest car.’ Fortunately this wreck did not occur in a small car.

If you would like to see them, HERE’S THE LINK

Thursday, May 14, 2009

World’s smallest car !

And I thought (and still do) that the Mini (that several folks I know and care about feel the need to drive in a BIG city and on the interstates) was / is not safe on our roads, highways, and superhighways.

Why is this pertinent? I guess I am thinking about this now because a nephew wrecked and totaled his BIG 'pick-em-up' last night. If he had been in this ‘smallest’ car, or even a mini, he would not be with us today.

To see the world’s smallest car, which I do NOT recommend that you drive, HERE’S THE LINK

‘Real’ Scientists don’t believe in God ?

You have often heard that ‘real’ scientists don’t believe in God. Well, how about this statement of Sir Isaac Newton, who discovered the current concepts of light, gravity, and time, among other things.

He wrote this in his book, Principia Mathematica: The true God is a living, intelligent, and powerful being. His duration reaches from eternity to eternity; His presence from infinity to infinity ... He governs all things and knows all things that are or can be done. He is not eternity and infinity, but eternal and infinite; He is not duration or space, but He endures and is present. He endures forever and is everywhere present; and, by existing always and everywhere, He constitutes duration and space. This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being ... He is omnipresent, not virtually only, but also substantially; for virtue cannot subsist without substance. In Him are all things contained and moved.”

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mayo Clinic Music Fun

This is a hoot. Be sure to watch this. It is an older couple playing the piano in the Mayo Clinic atrium. It is on You Tube but is posted on the Mayo Clinic web page. It is only 1 minute 15 seconds long and is GREAT !!! Apparently several folks had trouble finding the video. So, if you have trouble, then try the second link. Enjoy! HERE’S THE LINK
And if that link doesn't work, try this

An Old Dog

Speaking of 'old folks', here is a great story about an old dog. It is another of those funny emails that circulates around the web.

An older, tired-looking dog wandered into my yard. I could tell from his collar and well-fed belly that he had a home and was well taken care of. He calmly came over to me, I gave him a few pats on his head; he then followed me into my house, slowly walked down the hall, curled up in the corner and fell asleep.
An hour later, he went to the door, and I let him out..

The next day he was back, greeted me in my yard, walked inside and resumed his spot in the hall and again slept for about an hour.

This continued off and on for several weeks.

Curious I pinned a note to his collar: 'I would like to find out who the owner of this wonderful sweet dog is and ask if you are aware that almost every afternoon your dog comes to my house for a nap.'

The next day he arrived for his nap, with a different note pinned to his collar: 'He lives in a home with 6 children, 2 under the age of 3 - he's trying to catch up on his sleep. Can I come with him tomorrow?'

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

When the phone rings

Here is an awesome addition to Sunday’s Mother’s day observance......and WOW .... I wish I had seen this sooner because I would have included it with Sunday’s ‘click ons’ . But, better late than never, and perhaps as a ‘standalone’ is even better since it truly is a standout.

What am I talking about? Well, I saw this article on the website of the Register Guard Newspaper (Eugene, Oregon). It was written by one of their sports writers and is an excellent ‘Mom Tribute’ article.

Get out your box of kleenex and read it now. HERE’S THE LINK.

And if, for some reason, the link to the Newspaper goes away, then CLICK HERE

Monday, May 11, 2009

It all began with this? One tonne ‘Baby’ (computer) 60 years ago.

While surfing the net, I came across this article posted on Friday, June 20, 2008 on the BBC website about the “one tonne ‘Baby’ (computer).

According to the article: "Using just 128 bytes of memory, it successfully ran its first set of instructions - to determine the highest factor of a number - on 21 June 1948." ..."It was the earliest machine that was a computer, in the sense of what everyone today understands a computer to be," explained Chris Burton of the Computer Conservation Society."

My first computer was not ‘the Baby’ but it was close. It was a Radio Shack TRS 80 Color Computer and had only 16 K of memory !!! 16 K !!! But, amazingly, even with 16 K , I could do word processing, accounting type programs, and, of course, play simple games. I also used to write little programs in basic and saved them on a casette tape! And the monitor was a real TV set. Later, with the help of an ‘expert’ in electronics, we upgraded it to 32 K so I could play (gasp) Donkey Kong on it. And look at our computers now! WOW. We've come a long way !

But I digress, as 'old folks' do with their "I recollects..." So, back to the Baby Computer.

To read the BBC article CLICK HERE.
For more background and in depth info CLICK HERE

But was 'The Baby' the First computer?

Hmmm, 'The Baby' might not really be the FIRST analog computer after all. There is an OOPArts (Out Of Place Artifact) called the ‘Antikythera mechanism’ which might get that prize. I first read about this OOPA in a book: The Ancient Puzzle of Man by Donald Chittick. The cover shown on the left is of the book I read, but I think there is a later and updated edition now out, so if you decide to get it and you realllllly should, look for the updated edition.

Anyway, as noted in Chittick's book, it was “an analog computing device or ‘computer’ (that) was recovered from a ship which had sunk in the Aegean Sea in the first century B.C. ...”

To read more about this Antikythera mechanism, CLICK HERE
And to read even more and to see additonal pictures, CLICK HERE.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today, Sunday, is Mother's Day

In Honor and Memory of our Mothers:

Today is Mother’s day so we won’t be posting anything other than these roses and some links to various poems, thoughts, and insights about Mothers.

Those of you wearing Red Roses today are hopefully celebrating with your mother. The rest of us (the White Rose folks) are likely reflecting on past times.

So, with that in mind, here are your Mother’s day roses and links.
For those of you with Red Roses, CLICK HERE
For those of you with White Roses, CLICK HERE
For everyone (Red Rose and White Rose) CLICK HERE

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Stars of Heaven Confirm Biblical Creation

Yesterday we learned a lot about stars but, of course, there is still so much more to learn.

In the article yesterday, Jason Lisle, Ph.D was referenced. He is on staff at the Answers In Genesis Ministry and has developed the programs for the Planetarium at their Museum.

Among the many articles which he has written, I selected this one which provides additional information about stars, their formation, etc. It was published in an Answers Magazine and is also available on the AIG website.
Here's the LINK.

Friday, May 8, 2009

How can distant starlight reach us in just 6000 years?

As you look up into the sky at night and see the uncountable stars and planets and, if you have a telescope, other objects such as supernovas, you surely have wondered How can distant starlight reach us in just 6000 years?

According to the Bible everything (including the stars, etc.) was created about 6000 years ago, yet we hear of stars that are thousands of light years away. And the supernova seen on the left, named supernova 1987A, is reported to be 170,000 light years from us. How can this be if the world and all of creation is only about 6000 years old?

Well, Mark Harwood has written a very interesting and insightful article, published Jan 17, 2009 on, which I think you will find very helpful in understanding this 'problem'.

A Free online E-book

I was recently reading a blog where folks were discussing the hurts, pains, and abuses they had experienced during their recent church ‘take over’ event. One of the bloggers recommended a book (that is now online for free as an E-Book) that had helped her family as they tried to cope with the situation. The title of the book is: Recovering from Churches that Abuse by Ronald Enroth.

Surfing out to the website, I found that this book really is online and really is free. The Jacket of the book is also online and said by way of introduction:

“When Ronald Enroth wrote the best-selling book Churches That Abuse, he touched a nerve with many people who had experienced the pain inflicted by fringe churches and religious groups having authoritarian or other hurtful styles. In this book Enroth points the way toward spiritual and emotional healing for those who have come out of these groups.

This book will help the victims of spiritual abuse and their families cope with reentry into the Christian mainstream, and it will prove invaluable to counselors and pastors who are helping these people to find their way. Specific topics, presented through the narrative style of the book, include dispelling emotional confusion, restoring relationships, regaining independence and making other life adjustments, coping with disorientation, returning to reality, and renewing a wholesome personal relationship with God. “

If you want to read it or tell someone you know about it,

Obedience school winner

Hi again. Another very interesting email arrived the other day and, as is often the case, it is just too good to not pass on. So here's the 'scoop' (pun intended).

Seems there was a Dog Obedience school contest and after much deliberation, a winner was selected.

Here is a picture of the winner:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today is the National Day of Prayer !

Today, Thursday May 7, 2009 is the 58th Annual Observance of the National Day of Prayer.

Here are a couple of links to give you the details:
To go to The Official Website for National Day of Prayer CLICK HERE.
And to read Wikipedia's summary of this day, CLICK HERE.

If you are the ‘night owl type’ and are reading this toward the end of the day (May 7), or even on some other day, not to worry, it is not too late, pray anyway!

As a friend says in many of her emails, “Meet ‘ya at the Throne of Grace

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


A few months ago an email made its way around the net describing an amazing structure in the body that holds things together -- Laminin. This immediately made most of us think of Colossians 1:17, which states, “He [Christ] is before all things, and in him all things consist / hold together.”

Since then I have seen a video by Louie Giglio entitled "How great is our God!" In the closing minutes of the video he goes into detail about Laminin.

CLICK HERE to view a snippet on You Tube (about 8 min and 43 seconds) from that video where Louie Giglio talks about Lamin and shows pictures.

To know more than you ever thought you would want to know, Wikipedia has a short technical explanation re Laminin. Here's the LINK.

Bottom line: My take on this is that this is not something to base our faith on nor to use to try to ‘convince’ someone to believe in God or to be saved. But it is another one of those wonderful insights into the structure of God’s creation and an additional confirmation to us that the God we love and serve is truly awesome!!

Again, to read about Laminin on Wikipedia, CLICK HERE
To see the snippet on You Tube (8 min 43 sec), CLICK HERE

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby Mammoth found

According to the secular report as recorded in the London newspaper (the Telegraph), this mammoth is 33,000 years old! To read that article, here's the LINK.

And to read what is probably the real age and how and why it died, the Answers in Genesis website has a very good article. Here's the LINK.

Come What May

I haven’t seen this movie yet but it sounds like something worth seeing so here’s a head’s up for you movie watchers out there.

It is now being released on DVD and is in the same genre as ‘Fireproof’ and ‘Facing the Giants'.

To learn more about the movie and to watch the trailer CLICK HERE.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Beware of this scam

Here is another of those emails that I get from time to time. Thought you needed to know --


Police say that the gang usually is comprised of four members,
One adult and three younger ones.

While the three younger ones, all appearing sweet and innocent,
Divert their 'mark' (or intended target) With a show of friendliness ,
The fourth -- the eldest -- sneaks in from behind the person's back to expertly rifle through his or her pocket or purse for any valuables.

Here is a photo of a recent attack that was captured on film.

Creation Clock

There is an interesting article on the web about a 'Creation Clock'. It was made by Len Wallace and can be found in Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia.

Since you might not have a trip planned to that location in the near future, take a quick trip via the web to see this very unusual and interesting clock.

Ready to see it? Then HERE'S THE LINK

Cats are so Dramatic

Just too funny. Lots of folks have sent this to me in an email. You have probably also gotten the same email picture. But, just in case you haven't seen this, here it is! What a hoot !

Sunday, May 3, 2009

One of God's great ladies!

While out surfing the net tonight I came across this very touching article about 'One of God's great ladies! -- Kay Mason'. She is in heaven now but her story and witness continue thanks to the internet and to Pat Franklin who wrote the article. Kay Mason was a nurse who was married to a surgeon, Dr Stanley Mason. They worked as a medical team in the Congo, central Africa, for many years. I think you will this very interesting, encouraging, and inspiring.
Here's the LINK.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Psalm 91

In these 'interesting times' it might be a good idea to read Psalm 91 daily (or at least verrrrry frequently.) Here it is in the NKJV version.

1 He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High
Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
2 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress;
My God, in Him I will trust.”
3 Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler
And from the perilous pestilence.
4 He shall cover you with His feathers,
And under His wings you shall take refuge;
His truth shall be your shield and buckler.
5 You shall not be afraid of the terror by night,
Nor of the arrow that flies by day,
6 Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness,
Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday.
7 A thousand may fall at your side,
And ten thousand at your right hand;
But it shall not come near you.
8 Only with your eyes shall you look,
And see the reward of the wicked.
9 Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge,
Even the Most High, your dwelling place,
10 No evil shall befall you,
Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling;
11 For He shall give His angels charge over you,
To keep you in all your ways.
12 In their hands they shall bear you up,
Lest you dash your foot against a stone.
13 You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra,
The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot.
14 “Because he has set his love upon Me, therefore I will deliver him;
I will set him on high, because he has known My name.
15 He shall call upon Me, and I will answer him;
I will be with him in trouble;
I will deliver him and honor him.
16 With long life I will satisfy him,
And show him My salvation.”

Friday, May 1, 2009

Butterfly colors

It is that time of the year -- Spring ! And butterflies are beginning to emerge from their cocoons. I have seen several in the past few days. Hopefully you have also. And, while observing their beauty, have you wondered about their brilliant colors? Well, Jonathan Sarfati has written a very interesting article that explains about "Butterfly brilliance". He says it is due to "dual diffraction gratings which produce two colour signals." What??? (And, yes, I know, colour is not spelled like that in the US but Dr. Sarfati lives in Australia.) Anyway, to read his article and learn about 'dual diffraction gratings', which is obviously something that only God (and not evolution) would do, CLICK HERE.