Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another year is ending

It is New Year’s Eve.

2013 is almost gone and 2014 is almost here. Wow. Time flies.

In fact, as I have mentioned to several folks lately, time is flying so fast that the pages on my calendar are producing a breeze like a fan!

As 2013 ends and 2014 begins many will be celebrating in various ways. 

Some will be at wild and raucous parties doing things that they will likely regret the next day.

Others will quietly celebrate with family and or friends playing games, watching videos, reminiscing, etc. etc etc.

Many will be working at their jobs, traveling, sick and in hospitals, or at home  sleeping.

Some will be in churches worshipping - or at home praying and reading the Bible.

What will you be doing?  

Will you be partying? Will you be reflecting? Or perhaps both?

If you do decide to ‘reflect’ you might want to consider the fact that in 2013, as in all years, many many many people died and passed into eternity. 

2013 was short but Eternity!  That is a long long time.

Where will you spend it?

Perhaps you should give this some thought as 2013 ends.

And, to assist you in this thinking, HERE'S THE LINK to what happens when you die.


Monday, December 30, 2013

Glass Harp



You will love this.

And you will recognize the song.  

It is the "Sugar Plum Fairy" by P. Tchaikovsky

HERE'S THE LINK to the glass Harp


Sunday, December 29, 2013

For unto us a Child is born


The time when the entire world celebrates the Birth of the Christ Child.

Handel's Messiah tells of this momentous and earth changing event.

"For unto us a child is born,
unto us a son is given,
and the government shall be upon His shoulder;
and His name shall be called,
the mighty God,
the Everlasting Father,
the Prince of Peace."

HERE'S THE LINK to Handel's Messiah For unto us a child is born.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

Snow Art

You have probably seen pictures of designs made in fields which are said to have been made by space aliens.

Well. Hmmm

But the designs you are going to see in today's DIT were made in the snow

And they were not made by space aliens.

They were made by Simon Beck, an artist.

The art work he does includes making very intricate designs in

SNOW !!!

Yes, snow.

He walks and walks and walks, sometimes for miles, making these amazing designs.

But, rather than rambling on talking about it, I am sure you would rather see these designs in person.

Sooooo HERE'S THE LINK to Simon Beck Snow Art


Friday, December 27, 2013

The Christmas Scale

Christmas season continues here at DIT

So with that in mind, today's DIT has to do with a piano.

Piano?  Yes.

A friend found this link and sent it to us.

It is another very short video that is sooooo good that we knew you would want to see it also.

In fact, after you see this, you will be able to play this tune on the piano.

No kidding.

Soooo, What is it? you ask.

Well, to find out, HERE'S THE LINK to the Christmas scale


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Celebrating Christ's Birth

This is being written as Christmas Day draws to a close.

Thinking back on Christmas day we are remembering a very happy day with gifts, fellowship with family and kiddos, holding babies, eating, playing games, and just generally having a good time.

Our celebration began on Christmas eve with a Candlelight service at a nearby Church.

Then on Christmas day we began by reading the Biblical account of the Christmas story in Luke --

and when it was time to eat we began the big meal by singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

Hence the picture today of Jesus' Birthday Cake.

So, since we are still thinking about this very special time of the year, we found another short article which helps sum up the reason for the season --

HERE'S THE LINK to Celebrating the Birth


Wednesday, December 25, 2013

The Greatest Christmas Gift

It is Christmas Day.

And all over the world people are giving and receiving Christmas gifts.

But do you know the Greatest Christmas gift of all?



Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Was Jesus born in a Stable?

For the past few days and weeks many plays, nativity scenes, church programs, and other activities have depicted the event of Jesus' birth.

Likely almost all of these depictions have pictured the birth happening in a manger setting.

But is this what really happened? 

Was Jesus Christ born in a stable? or a house?

And was He even born on Dec. 25?  but that is another topic for another time -- indeed we have a short Bible study about that.  It is titled “What really happened on Christmas Day”.   To access that study, HERE’S THE LINK to what really happened on Christmas Day

But, back to the topic at hand which is “Was Jesus born in a stable? Or in a House?

An excellent article about this was recently posted on the AIG website.  HERE’S THE LIINK to Was Jesus born in a house.

And if you want to know even more details, HERE’S THE LINK to the manger and the inn.


Monday, December 23, 2013

2 Merry Christmas Cards for you


All of you have all been wonderful friends to visit our DIT (Daily Interesting Things) site this year.

And we do thank you for visiting.

But since we are not sure where you live or what your email addresses are....

We are sending this very special Christmas Greeting in an unusual way.

Alas the proverbial ‘snail’ will not get to deliver the mail but cyberspace will do the task.

And, since we can use cyberspace, we are sending not one but two very special “Christmas Cards’.

We did not create the cards ourselves but a friend found them and sent them to us via email and we thought they were soooooo wonderful that we want to share them with you.

The first card is a ‘fun’ card.   To view it, HERE’S THE LINK.

And after you view the ‘fun’ card, here is a serious card with the real meaning of Christmas.  HERE’S THE LINK

Be sure to view both!

Merry Christmas !!!!!


Sunday, December 22, 2013

Stille Nacht (Silent Night)

Today's hymn is sung in German by the St. Thomas Boy's Choir.

But even though it is in German, you will definitely understand it

and will appreciate the beauty of these young voices.

And if you let the 'tape run' so to speak, when the German version ends, there will be a brief commercial (which you can skip) and another small group will sing.

And after that, still another group -- and another -- and another … ...

All are great!

So, if you have time, keep listening and let this be your Christmas concert.

And now, without further ado

HERE'S THE LINK to Stille Nacht (Silent Night)


Saturday, December 21, 2013

Today is the Winter Solstice

Yay and hooray!

At last it is here.

What is here? you ask.

The Winter Solstice.


So what is so wonderful about the Winter Solstice? you ask.

Well for one thing it means that at long last days will start getting longer and the nights will start getting shorter.

Now that is Good News.

Why does this happen?

Well, to find out everything you need to know about this wonderful event --
HERE'S THE LINK to everything you need to know december solstice


Friday, December 20, 2013

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

You are surely familiar with and have read the book or have seen the play, movie, or the TV version of A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.

The picture today is an illustration from the original book and depicts Marley's Ghost.

You may or may not have seen that picture before but you surely know about Marley's ghost.

And the phrase that you likely most remember from "A Christmas Carol" is, yes, you guessed it --  "Bah Humbug".

With those thoughts in mind, you might think that Charles Dickens didn't care much about or for Christmas.

Well, think again, because, an interesting article was sent to us by a friend of DIT and it sheds new light on the author's thoughts about Christmas --

and it is not 'Bah Humbug" at all.

I think you will find it verrrrrry interesting.

HERE'S THE LINK to More than a Christmas Carol


Thursday, December 19, 2013

"Merry X-Mas" What does this mean?

For years folks have tried to ‘shorten’ the Christmas greeting by substituting an X for the word Christ.

Sometimes they say that this is ‘ok’ because the “X” is a substitute for a greek letter that somehow is the same as the word, Christ.

Well, not being a greek scholar, that may or may not be true but I seriously doubt that it is true.

And, even if it is, how many of us non-Greek scholars would interpret the X to stand for Christ?

So, ever since this substitution began, it has seemed to me that writing “Merry X-mas” is just plain wrong and even blasphemy.

An email recently came from a friend of a friend who has a friend (are you confused yet) who is good with graphics. 

Apparently the friend of my friend’s friend thinks similarly and made a graphic depicting his views on X-mas.

HERE'S THE LINK to "Merry X-Mas"


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Blonde goes to work after many years

This is a hoot.

I am not a fan of blonde jokes but this one is pretty funny.

Hopefully you are old enough to understand it.

If not, ask your parents.

And now, without giving any more away and spoiing the joke,

HERE'S THE LINK to Blonde goes to work after many years.


Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chicago's Magical Piano

A friend of DIT found this funny episode.

What is it?

Well, it seems that a remote control Piano was placed in Chicago's Union Station. The real pianist is in a nearby location but the tourists and travelers do not know that.

Then the plot begins.

It is rather like the "You're on Candid Camera" days of old.

Kids, you might have to ask your parents about that.

Anyway, this is a hoot as you see the reactions of the travelers to the piano.

So, with that by way of introduction,
HERE'S THE LINK to Chicago's Magical Piano.


Monday, December 16, 2013

A Bad Cat Day

Someone sent us this link a year or two ago

and while 'organizing' the desk and computer this evening we 'happened' upon it again.

It was funny before and it is still funny now.

Those of you who are 'cat lovers' will likely relate to the happenings in this short 1 minute 35 second video.

The rest of you who don't have cats will be reminded once again why you don't and why you might prefer dogs.

Anyway, this is a hoot.

So enjoy.

HERE'S THE LINK to a bad cat day


Sunday, December 15, 2013

The USAF Flash Mob

You have probably already seen this recent Flash Mob event.

It happened at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

It has been seen on TV and, of course, on YouTube.

A friend of DIT found an interesting link that tells how this came about and the intrigue involved.

You will want to read this 'how they pulled it off' article

And, joy and happiness, in the article you will find a clickable link to view it either again or for the first time.

So, without further ado, 

HERE'S THE LINK to how the Air Force Band Staged the Flash Mob at the Smithsonian


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Geminids Meteor Shower Peaks this weekend

This year, 2013, this Meteor Shower will be best from Thursday through Monday


the best times to view will be from mid evening until dawn.

However, there is One little problem --

Oh, no, you say.  What is the problem.

Well, there will be a bright moon on Friday, the peak night, so you might have better viewing results on Saturday morning, the 14th,  beginning when the moon sets and continuing until dawn

These 'falling stars' seem to come from the area of the stars Castor and Pollux in the Gemini the Twins Constellation, hence their name, Geminids.

However, according to an article on Kake.com, they actually "come from a small asteroid named 3200 Phaethon, which passes quite close to the sun.  Its trail of dust and debris is what makes up the Geminids."

These are usually very bright and impressive so you still might want to check them out even with the moon making some of them hard or impossible to see.

For information about Meteor Showers, why they occur, and how to best view them HERE'S THE LINK


Friday, December 13, 2013

Chonda Pierce

You may or may not have heard Chonda Pierce.

Who is she?

She is a very funny comedian and you will get a hoot out of watching her either in person, on DVD, or on You Tube.

Yesterday we viewed a DIT about how music has changed in the Churches of today.

Today, our DIT will include some of those hymns that have been deleted as Chonda hilariously tells about her days as a College student driving a lemon of a car.

HERE'S THE LINK to Chonda Pierce - What a Friend We Have in Jesus


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Leaning on the Everlasting Arms

 A while back, a friend and I were discussing the changing Music styles in many  Churches and Denominations.

We have alluded to this on DIT in the past especially concerning how hymns are almost never sung any more in certain Denominations including the Baptist.

Instead there are new 'ways' of doing things.

The friend recalled our conversation and when she happened upon this You Tube video demonstrating what has occurred in Baptist Churches, she sent us this link.

Of course, the folks doing the video were not making a statement about these changes being 'bad'. They were just being 'funny'.

But, in a humorous way, they actually have portrayed what is happening in many Churches today.

So, with that by way of background, check out this video ---

HERE'S THE LINK to Leaning on the Everlasting Arms


Wednesday, December 11, 2013

You Shall Not Pass, Dog

A friend of DIT found and sent us this link.

You may have already seen this as there are almost 5 Million views noted on the You Tube link.


So what is it that is so popular? you ask.

Well, it is a 3 minute 14 second video showing how intimidated dogs are of cats.

If you have a dog or a cat, or even if you don't, you will get a hoot out of this.

So, without further ado --

HERE'S THE LINK to Dogs terrified of walking past cats


Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Yes, it is brrrrrr cold outside in many parts of the world. 

Seems it is winter and with that comes cold, rain, snow, ice, sleet, and all kinds of hazardous driving conditions.

But, with snow, for example, all is not 'bad'.

What do you mean? you ask.

Well, a friend of DIT found this interesting link about snowflakes.

You probably recall that snowflakes have beautiful and unusual patterns.

This link shows some of these amazing appearances.

So, without further ado, check out these awesome photographs of snowflakes.
HERE'S THE LINK to snowflakes


Monday, December 9, 2013

Aliens and Extraterrestrial Life

Unless you have been doing a Rip Van Winkle and sleeping for the past umpteen years you have heard about the theory of aliens and extraterrestrial life.

Movies, radio programs, TV programs, conversations, and more talk about Aliens and life on other planets.

But is there life on other planets?

And why do folks think / hope that there is?

This very brief video has some concepts for you to consider as you ponder these important questions.

HERE'S THE LINK to aliens and extraterrestrial life


Sunday, December 8, 2013

O Little Town of Bethleham

Yes, we are in the Christmas season

So, our Sunday Hymn today is a Christmas favorite -- O Little Town of Bethleham.

Interestingly there are no voices (except yours) as you sing along with the piano.

An old-timey bouncing ball will remind you of the words.

HERE'S THE LINK to O Little town of Bethleham


Saturday, December 7, 2013

It's Beginning to look and sound like Christmas

Have you heard of the Piano Guys?

Probably you have but this was new to me.

What is it? you ask.

Well a friend of DIT sent us this link to a favorite Christmas Carol played by the Piano Guys on the (you guessed it) Piano.

 Check this out.  It will definitely put you in the mood for Christmas.

HERE'S THE LINK to the piano guys


Friday, December 6, 2013

Billy Sunday

Who was Billy Sunday? you ask.

Well, he was an Evangelist in the early 1900s. 

But before that he was a Baseball Outfielder in the National League.

After becoming a Christian, he stopped playing Baseball and became an Evangelist.

Much more can be said about him, but that is not the point of this post.

Instead, we thought you would want to read a quote from him which was sent to us by a friend who had received it in an email.

We thought the quote was so profound that you would want to read it also.

So, without further ado, HERE'S THE LINK to Billy Sunday's view of the Bible


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Ice Age -- (DIT for Tues, Weds, Thursday)


 The Christmas Holiday season is upon us, the weather has turned cold, and once again folks are trying to stay warm as they are out and about shopping, working, and traveling.

But as cold as it may or may not be in your neck of the woods, it is nothing like the cold and its duration in the Ice Age.

You have probably been told in school that there were many Ice ages.

But, actually there was only one!


How can that be? you ask.

Well, you can purchase a video by Michael Oard that tells all about it from Answers in Genesis


you can watch it on your computer for FREE.

(I love Free).

It is 63 minutes in length and has been divided into 3 parts

We think you really should see this video and because of that, Today, Tomorrow, and the next day will be this one DIT.

You can watch all 3 parts in one day -- or watch one part each day until you have seen it all and have the big picture and the true story about the one and only Ice Age.

You will find this very interesting and informative. Be sure to watch it.

So with that said --

HERE'S THE LINK to The Ice Age: Only the Bible Explains it

And, by the way, the Book pictured here was written by Michael Oard.  You might want to get it as a gift for a child or grandchild for Christmas (but be sure to read it first as it is great for Adults also)


Monday, December 2, 2013

Eastern Box Turtles - Frozen Alive

Awhile back we posted a link to an article about Frozen Frogs.

Yes, frogs actually freeze, the heart stops beating and they stay that way throughout the winter. 

Then, when spring arrives, they thaw out and return to the normal active life of a frog !

If you haven't seen or read that, HERE'S THE LINK to Frozen Frogs. (When you click on this link, a short video may be at the top of the page. If it is, then, Scroll down a few inches and you will find the article.)

But, guess what.


It is not only frogs that freeze but also Box Turtles.

This short 1 minute explanation will tell how and why.

HERE'S THE LINK to Eastern Box Turtles -- Frozen Alive


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunday Hymns

 Wow. Where has this year gone?

It is already December.

So, our Hymn for today will be a collection of Christmas Hymns sung by the Trinity Choir.
You will notice mild static noise in the background.

This is because it was recorded in 1926 


Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Baby" Christopher Update

Today, Saturday, Nov 30, Baby Christopher is no longer a baby. 

This is his Birthday 

and he is now 4 years old !!! Wow.

Many of you have followed his 'health adventures' from the very beginning 4 years ago.

You know that he was born with serious Heart defects which required a Cardiac Transplant shortly after birth.

Then he spent over a year in the Hospital -- actually close to two years all together.

He not only had a Heart Transplant but later had to have a KidneyTransplant  because of Renal failure that occurred after the heart surgery.

It was a long and tedious time.

If you don't know his story, type "Baby Christopher" in the search box in the upper left corner of this page and you will find many articles, postings and links.

Bottom Line: thanks to your prayers and the abilities of the Docs, Nurses, and all other medical folks, he is now 4 years old and an amazing little kiddo.

His older brother and sister have made several videos about his adventures.

One we are posting today so you can see how he is doing.

It is titled "Christopher's Story - This summer coming to a city near you".

The reason for the title is that in the summer of 2013, he and his family moved from Oregon to Oklahoma -- a location that is much closer to his relatives.

So with that by way of introduction,

HERE'S THE LINK to Christopher's Story - This summer coming to a city near you


Friday, November 29, 2013

What to do with the Leftovers

Yesterday was a day of feast and plenty.  And, ooooh what a good time everyone had and yum yum were all the dishes.

Yes, the Thanksgiving meal was wonderful and bountiful.

But now there are lots and lots of leftovers.  

So what to do?  This is too tasty to throw out.

The famous turkey sandwich route is a staple left over ‘idea’.  

But what else?

Well, with this question in mind and needing some answers, here are a few sites with some really tasty and creative suggestions about what to do with those leftovers.

and if that isn’t enough HERE’S ONE MORE link to Turkey leftovers


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Today is Thanksgiving Day

Today is Thanksgiving -- perhaps my favorite holiday of the year.


Well, certainly because of the yummy food and fun fellowship with family and friends --

But also and especially because of how and why this special day originated.

You have heard many stories about the origin of this special day.

And you may have heard of Squanto and his role in the occasion.

Recently an article in an email from the Khouse.org eNews had a really good summary of the events that preceded and ultimately resulted in the origin of this very special and important Holiday.

And it tells of the role of Squanto.  

Even if you have heard about him before, I think you will find this brief article to be very important, interesting, and instructive. 

In fact, you might even want to print it out and read it aloud as you gather around the Thanksgiving table today.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Evolutionism -- Is there such a word?


This is the title of a very thought provoking article by Dr. Menton.

In fact, it is a 'must read' article.


Because there are some very profound insights concerning the word, Evolutionism (which apparently is NOT a word in most dictionaries) and Creationism, which is a word.


Put on your Thinking Cap and check this out.

HERE'S THE LINK to Evolutionism -- Is there such a word


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

What's a Moonpool?

Have you heard of a Moonpool?

Well, if you have read and thought much about Noah's Ark, you probably have heard of a moonpool and know its function.

But, whether you already know or if this is a first time acquaintance with this important concept, you will find this very brief article verrrrrry interesting.

HERE'S THE LINK to What's a moonpool


Monday, November 25, 2013

Cute puppy lends a paw

All you dog lovers out there will really appreciate this video.

A friend of DIT found it.

What is it? you ask.

Well, as suggested in the title, one dog is going to help another.

But rather than telling you 'how' the puppy helps, you can find out for yourself by watching this 43 second video.

HERE'S THE LINK to cute puppy lends a paw


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Anthem

 It is Sunday and time for our Special Music.

Today our Anthem is very short but beautiful.

It is what we used to call "High Church" music years ago when our Choir sang it.

But then almost all of the songs our Choir sang when we were much younger were "High Church" and everyone loved them.

So what is it this time you ask?

Well, it is Gloria in D Major by Vivaldi.

This particular version is by a Choir and Orchestra … all in latin and only  54 seconds long.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

It is Saturday and time to take a trip

Yes, Weekends are fun and many folks use them to travel.

But most of us can't get away for one reason or another.

So, as a substitute let's do some armchair travel.

Let's board our our virtual pretend airplane, shown here, and fly to some amazing places.

Specifically, let's go see "22 Unbelievable Places that are hard to believe  really exist."

These photos will dazzle your mind.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Why Did Jesus weep?


John 11:35 is known as the shortest verse in the Bible.

What does it say?

It says "Jesus wept."

But this is not the only place where the Bible records Jesus weeping, crying, or lamenting certain situations.

So the question is -- WHY did Jesus weep -- in the instance of the shortest verse in the Bible as well as on numerous other occasions.

For an answer to this question


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Porcupine Quill - A surgical staple

 Porcupine ?   You mean the animal Porcupine?

Yes, that is exactly what we mean.

The very same animal just like the spiny-quilly one pictured here (photographed by Mary Harrsch and posted on Wikipedia).

Today's DIT is another example of people copying something the Creator God did when He made things.

In this case, it has to do with the Porcupine.

And it seems that the quills have characteristics that man has adapted to use in Surgery.

Want to know more?

Thought you did.

So, HERE'S THE LINK to Porcupine Quill - Surgical Staple


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Neanderthals / Cavemen

Everyone has heard about Neanderthals.

They are also commonly called Cavemen.

When folks talk about Cavemen / Neanderthals they often conjure up images such as the one pictured here, or of the Flintstones, or the commercials that featured them.

But who were they really?

When did they really live?

What did they do?

An interesting and verrrrry short article will give you important insights about "your not so ancient relatives".

HERE'S THE LINK to Neanderthals Cavemen


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

"Mars, a Testament to Catastrophe"

Yesterday, the USA launched a Rocket to Mars.

It is expected to arrive in September of 2014.

On board will be a robotic scout named Maven.

Its mission is to try to determine why and when the Martian landscape changed.


Yes, it seems that the landscape shows evidence of some kind of humongous catastrophe in the past.

The Scientists who will be studying the Martian landscape will be wearing their old earth (evolutionary) glasses.

Other Scientists wearing young earth glasses have written an article which will be of great interest to you.

HERE'S THE LINK to Mars, a Testament to Catastrophe


Monday, November 18, 2013

Tornado Outbreak


Alas, It has happened again

This time in Mid November, a rather unusual time of the year for Tornados

But, yes, there was a severe outbreak of tornados Sunday in Middle America.

Some very telling and dramatic pictures were posted on the Yahoo News Website.

We are providing the link so you can check them them out. 

At the end of the pictures you will find brief 'must read' advice regarding Tornado Safety.


HERE'S THE LINK to Tornado Pictures and Tornado Safety advice


Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sunday Hymn - To God be the Glory

Yesterday we read about the Firefly, one of The Creator God's amazing creatures.

So it is only fitting that our Hymn today Thanks and Praises God for ALL His  creations, works, attributes --

and for the Free Gift of Salvation He offers and gives to all who will Believe, Trust Him for Salvation, and make Him their God, Savior, and King.

Sing along with the zillion singers and join them in Praising and thanking such an Awesome God!          

HERE'S THE LINK to "To God be the Glory"


Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Firefly -- Improved Light emitting diode

Well, summer is over and the cold of the fall and winter season is upon us.

So there will be no more catching of Fireflies for awhile.

But, did you ever think about how amazing the light from a Firefly is?

Old earthers (evolutionists) would say that this unique ability of this small creature just happened by chance.

Hmmmm.  Doesn't seem very logical.

We found a very brief article that tells about this amazing ability and how it has inspired research which has led to the ever popular Light Emitting Diodes that we see in radios, flashlights, Christmas lights and more.

The picture here is a schematic of a Green Light Emitting Diode.

And to think, the 'lowly' Firefly did this lonnnnng before Scientists figured out how to do it also.

HERE'S THE LINK to The Firefly Improved Light emitting diode.