Thursday, February 28, 2013

A touching video

Recently a video was posted on Facebook that is amazing and heart warming.

Describing it is difficult.

But, it is really worth watching.

So without further ado, 

to watch this 2 minute 48 second video, 


Wednesday, February 27, 2013

101 year old woman, 82 year old car

If you have been watching the news lately you have probably been surprised and amazed at the number of 'old' folks in their 100s.

For example, a 100+ year old man from India has finally retired from marathon racing.  

Well, I should hope so.

And a friend of DIT told us that the mother of one of his friends is over 100 years old.

And on and on these amazing accounts are told.

So, with that by way of background, today's DIT is about a 101 year old woman who is still driving her 82 year old car.


Don't believe it?

Then, watch this 2 min 49 sec video. HERE'S THE LINK


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Protect your laptop from airport scams

We have some friends who are soon taking an Airplane trip.

Not sure if they are taking a laptop or not.

But, just in case they, or you, are planning to travel with a carry on briefcase, laptop bag, or other item you don't want to lose,

You will want to see this 2 min 55 sec video.

What is it?

Well, it details how your briefcase or laptop or whatever can easily get stolen and you will not be aware until too late to complain or find it.


Monday, February 25, 2013

Is the Appendix really a useless structure?

You have probably been repeatedly told that the appendix is useless and has no function today.

With that said, Surgeons are happy and eager to remove it at a drop of a hat, so to speak.

But, guess what.


Well, recent studies are showing that the appendix is not useless.

Indeed it does has a purpose.

And it should not be removed willy nilly.

Of course, if it is infected and inflamed and about to burst, well, then, yes, removal should be done.

But, to just remove it as a 'preventative measure' when operating in the abdomen for other purposes -- well, maybe this should be a 'not so fast' idea.

Want to know more about this?

Thought you did.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Is there PROOF that Jesus rose from the dead?

This is perhaps one of, if not the, most important question asked today.

It is asked by both skeptics and earnest seekers alike.

So, what about it?

Is there proof?

This article will answer that question.  


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Flag raising on Iwo Jima

The iconic picture of the Flag raising is still copyrighted so we are not posting it here

but you will see it on the click through link.

The flag raising event pictured here, however, is of the small flag that was carried ashore by the 2nd Battalion of the 28the Marines 5th Division on Feb 23, 1945.

The iconic picture was of the later flag raising on the same date.

Why are we mentioning this and Iwo Jima?

Because today is the anniversary of that event which occurred 68 years ago.

To most folks today this is an event that is either unknown or fast becoming shrouded in the distant past.

So, we wanted to remind you of this event and the battle and the sacrifices which were involved.

To read more about this and to see additional pictures -- HERE'S THE LINK


Friday, February 22, 2013

Top 10 Reasons kids leave Church

We have discussed this previously with articles and book reviews from AIG and others.

Recently a friend of DIT found this link on a blog and told us about it.

It expands upon what we have previously mentioned.

Obviously the problem is not going away.

You will find this sad and thought provoking.

It is a true "Houston, we have a problem" situation

Note: if that link loads slowly, as was the case with our computer, then you can read  the article without all the beautiful pictures and backgrounds AT THIS LINK


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Window cleaning the world's tallest building

How are you with heights?

The link today will either amaze and thrill you OR

you will keep holding on to something as you view the scary window cleaning.

What is so unusual about cleaning windows? you ask.

Well, check out the windows on the world's tallest building.

The Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building, is located in Dubai, and was completed in 2010.

It is 2,722 feet tall, has 163 floors and 24,348 windows. 

It takes 36 window washers 3 months to wash it before starting over in a never ending process.

Get out your squegee, strap on your safety harness (and a parachute if you have one), and check out this 4 minutes 20 seconds video.   HERE'S THE LINK


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

11 ft 8 inches but they didn't believe it

You have doubtless seen measurement warnings on low bridges and overpasses.

And, when you are in a car, SUV, 'smart car' or other similar vehicle, you probably ignore them.

But taller vehicles such as mobile homes or trucks really should pay attention.


Because these signs really mean what they say.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the sign is ignored?

Well, watch folks in trucks and other tall vehicles try and fail in this  2 min 48 seconds video.

Bottom line: Heed the warnings or you will be sorry.  

Also be sure to take out insurance on your rental truck.


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Christian Yoga?

We are still early in the new year and that means that many folks are probably still doing their diets, exercising at the health club, and otherwise keeping their New Years Resolutions.

And, some have probably already abandoned such efforts.

Among the 'exercises' that many people, even Christians, have taken up either as a New Year's Resolution or just because they want to is Yoga.

I have had discussions with several Christians about Yoga and they all try to say that it is 'just another form of exercise.'

But is it?  

This article will help answer that question.


Monday, February 18, 2013

Today is President's day

This day originally was observed in celebration of the Birthday of George Washington, the first President of the United States and was called, obviously, Washington's Birthday.

As time passed and more and more Presidents were elected, this day was finally changed to "President's Day".

Under this new name of President's day, it is celebrated on the third Monday of February each year.

To read more about Washington’s Birthday and how it came to be, as chronicled by the National Archives, HERE’S THE LINK.

And if you would like to read Wikipedia’s ‘take’ on this day, HERE’S THE LINK

Sunday, February 17, 2013

How Long did it take to deposit the Geologic Strata?

That is the title of this very interesting article from ICR.

You have been told repeatedly by the new educational system, by tv shows, movies, news reports, and more

that the strata seen all over the earth took millions and millions of years to build up.

But is that correct?

Did the layers you see in road cuts, areas of erosion, in the Grand Canyon, etc. really take millions of years to form?

Or could they have formed more rapidily?

And, if more rapidly, then how fast?

This short article has a very interesting answer.   HERE'S THE LINK


Saturday, February 16, 2013

More about Malachy's prophecy of the Final Pope

Yes, it is true, the DIT of Tuesday Feb 12 was also on this topic.

And, no one knows whether Malachy's prophecy is 'true'.

Only prophecies in the Bible are always 100% correct.

Many people have made prophecies about various things for millennia. Sometimes they are correct and more often they are not.

So keep that thought in mind while evaluating Malachy's prophecy.

Now, with that said by way of a caveat  ---

--- a video link  found by a friend of DIT was sent to us that you will surely find interesting.

It is a fascinating 5 minute 30 second video, HERE'S THE LINK


Friday, February 15, 2013


 A friend of DIT found this link.

What is it?

Well, as noted in the title, it really is a moonrise.

Where?  In New Zealand.

It looks a lot like a big beautiful Harvest moon but seen better in this brief video because in our area trees are usually in the way.

Anyway, I think you will find this fascinating though the person who sent it said it is a lot like "watching paint dry".

But, it is much much better than that.  

See for yourself.  HERE'S THE LINK


Thursday, February 14, 2013

Today is Valentine's Day

Yes, today is Valentine’s day ! 

In America, many folks celebrate this day with Cards, Flowers (Roses, Bouquets, etc.), Chocolates, Jewelry, and even proposals of Marriage.

But, believe it or not, this is not just an American Holiday. 

In Finland, for example, it is known as “Friend’s Day” and in Guatemala it is known as “Day of Love and Friendship.”

The origin of Valentine’s Day is somewhat shrouded in mystery but there are several ‘theories’. 

To read Wikipedia's 'take' on it, HERE'S THE LINK


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The New Ten Commandments?

Recently a friend of DIT had the opportunity to visit a Middle School in East Tennessee.

While there he noticed that there were no 10 Commandments posted anywhere in the school as they used to be when we were 'growing up'.

But, instead, there was a large sign which might be the "New" 10 Commandments.

It was so interesting that he took this picture and emailed it to us.

We though you would also be interested in seeing the "New" 10 Commandments.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

St Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes

Doubtless you heard the news that the Pope is resigning !

This has only happened once before in history which is one amazing thing about this resignation.

But, another amazing thing (which may or may not be true) has to do with St. Malachy's "Prophecy of the Popes"?

If you have not heard of this prophecy, you need to be aware of it.

It seems that an Irish Catholic Priest named Malachy made a trip to Rome in about 1139 AD.

During that trip he had a vision in which he claims he was shown all the future Popes and Antipopes from the time of Pope Celestine II to the end.

He then, according to legend, recorded the vision in a list of 112 Latin phrases.

Interestingly and the reason for today's DIT is that, according to Malachi's vision, the next Pope, the one to be appointed because of the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, will be the final Pope in the Prophecy of the Popes.


According to Malachy, the prophecy concerning the final Pope, translated from Latin to English, says:

In extreme persecution, the seat of the Holy Roman Church will be occupied by Peter the Roman, who will feed the sheep through many tribulations; when they are over, the city of seven hills will be destroyed, and the terrible or fearsome Judge will judge his people. The End.[xiii]...

There is, of course, much debate about all of this with many, including the Catholic Church, debunking the whole concept.

But, if Malachy is correct, then this is a momentous time in history.

To read the Wikipedia summary of the "Prophecy of the Popes", HERE'S THE LINK

And to read about Saint Malachy, HERE'S THE LINK


Monday, February 11, 2013

What a Difference a Vowel Can make

Wycliffe Bible Translators is a ministry that translates the Bible into the native tongues of peoples and tribes that still do not have God's word in their own language.

According to the Wycliffe website, there are still approximately 350 million people in the world who do not have any Scripture in their language.

The Hdi tribe of Cameroon is one of those cultures without the Bible in their own language.

Translating the Bible into the "heart language" of the various tribes and peoples is not as easy as it might seem.


Well, because there are often cultural differences, traditions, practices, and other situations which interfere with adequately translating and transferring the meaning  the Bible intends.

A friend of DIT recently received correspondence from Wycliffe telling of one such instance where something as simple as a VOWEL made all the difference in enabling the Hdi people of Cameroon to understand God's love.

I think you will find this not only opened the windows of understanding to those people, but it will also give you a new dimension of understanding also.


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Are Atheists and Agnostics Correct?

 Correct?  In what way? you ask.

Well, in this instance, in how they raise their children … without God.

An interesting article considers this concept of how holders of Atheistic and Agnostic 'beliefs' teach and train their children.

The article to which we are linking today was written to answer an article written by a Atheist mother who who says telling her children anything about God is "lying" to and "brainwashing" them.

Is this correct?

How should children be raised?  And why?

You will find this article discusses several important and thought provoking ideas.