Monday, November 30, 2009

9 very unusual Animal Defense Mechanisms

Yesterday we mentioned that there are Mushrooms that glow in the dark! How amazing and odd.

But that is not all that is strange, unusual, amazing, (fill in the blank with your favorite superlative) in nature.

Today, let’s check out these very strange and bizarre animal defense mechanisms.

Of course, the ‘old earth world view glasses’ say these evolved.

But, as you read this article and look at the pictures, think about it. Does it seem likely that such mechanisms would happen by chance?

Or, is it more likely that there is a Creator Who designed these protective devices for the ‘critter’.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mushrooms that Glow in the dark!

As it says in the article “The freaky findings, reported today in the journal Mycologia, increases the number of aglow mushroom species from 64 to 71, shedding light on the evolution of luminescence in nature.”

Hmmmm --”... shedding light on the evolution of luminescence in nature.” Guess which world view glasses the writer of this article had on? Right! The ‘old earth evolutionary’ glasses.

Now, why would mushrooms just happen to accidentally develop luminescence. Doesn’t this seem like a design thing and not just a chance accident that happened 71 or so times?

To read the article written with evolutionary world view glasses, HERE’S THE LINK

And, by way of rebuttal, two of several articles, written by a Ph.D., tells about mushrooms in general. Indeed, these 2 articles probably will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about mushrooms and unless you are really ‘into’ the study of mushrooms, you will probably not read them in their entirety. But, that is OK. You just need to know that they are ‘out there’.

As my father used to say, “If you know where to find the information you need in a hurry, you don’t have to remember everything...” Good advice.

Anyway, these 2 rebuttal articles do not directly address this luminescence feature in mushrooms but do discuss problems with the evolutionary world view aspect of the article. And that, to me, is more important than the fact that there are mushrooms that amazingly glow in the dark.

So to read (or scan) the 2 articles from the Creationist perspective, HERE’S ONE LINK and HERE’S THE OTHER LINK.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Church Signs

Don’t you just love to read those short pithy statements on Church Signs as you ride down the street? I do.

So, in keeping with that line of thought, let me tell you about one of those Church signs that was posted on the internet (as well as outside the church).

Reportedly, this sign was placed outside a church in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. The sign says:

There are some questions that can’t be answered by Google

What a hoot ! And so true!

And, to see several more really pithy Church Signs with messages worth heeding, HERE’S A LINK

Friday, November 27, 2009

Mickey Mouse is 81 years old !

His ‘birthday’ was Nov 18, 1928 although one ‘comment’ on the page with the article telling about his birthday said it was really May 15, 1928.

However, the writer of the article says that Disney prefers to used the Nov. date.

Oh, well, whichever. But, regardless, it is still amazing.

I remember having a Mickey Mouse stuffed toy ages ago.... probably it is still around here somewhere though tattered and ragged for sure and not in any ‘shape’ to be a collector’s item but it was a ‘favorite toy’.

Ah, memories!

And speaking of memories, Mickey Mouse doesn’t hold a candle to a fine lady with whom we had Thanksgiving dinner yesterday. She is 90 years old! Wow! -- And still alert, energetic, and fun. It was a joy to chat and visit with her! Mickey will need to go some to catch up with her.

Anyway, to read the article about Mickey Mouse (sorry there is no article except this blog entry re my 90 year old friend), HERE’S THE LINK

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Today is my very favorite ‘Holiday’, Thanksgiving.

When I think of Thanksgiving my thoughts turn to turkey, dressing, the wonderful side dishes, pies, cakes, and fellowship with friends and family as we give thanks to God for all the many blessings He has given us in the past year and indeed in our lifetimes.

What a wonderful holiday.

Hopefully you are observing this event with family and friends. Or perhaps you are serving meals at a Church, Mission, etc. Or, you might even be working. But whatever you are doing, this is a very important time to Thank God for our blessings.

You probably know much of the history of this Holiday. But, ‘thanks’ to the Revisionist History that is so rampant these days, the true history of Thanksgiving may be becoming muddled in your mind.

So to ‘unmuddle’ (is there such a word? probably not) that history, I thought our explanatory link today would be best served by the information provided by David Barton on his excellent site,

If you are not aware of David Barton, you should be. He is a true expert on the history of our nation and all the events from before the founding to the present day. When I want to know the true history of our nation, this is the man and the site to which I turn first (and last). You would be wise to do the same. The history as he relates it is accurate and with no revisionism.

He has written many articles about Thanksgiving and posted them on his site. The one we will read today is dated 11/08. It clearly explains the history of this Holiday. HERE’S THE LINK.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

So, is there an answer to Darwin’s Book?

As you know, yesterday was the 150th Anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s book: ‘Origin of the Species’.

But this occasion has not gone unnoticed by many Creationists including Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron.

They are distributing copies of the book “Origin of the Species” to 100 Universities in America and 1,000 Copies at Oxford in England.

The book they are distributing has the complete current text of Darwin’s famous book but also contains important rebuttal information in the 50 page introduction.

As you can imagine, this is causing quite an uproar in the “Evolutionary WorldView Glasses” community.

For example, “Prominent creationism opponent Eugenie Scott, executive director of the National Center for Science Education, complained that Comfort's edition left out four chapters. But Comfort explained that she had a copy of a first printing, which was condensed for cost purposes and referred to a website where the four missing chapters could be read. The second printing, which is going out on campuses today, is the full version of the book, he said.”

To read more about the distribution and the uproar it is causing, HERE’S THE LINK

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

150 Years ago today his book was published

This is a realllllly big year for those wearing the “Evolution World View Glasses”. Why?

Because, Darwin’s birthday was February 12, 1809 (200 years ago) and 150 years ago, he published his book: On the Origin of Species (on November 24, 1859.)

Answers in Genesis produces a magazine, published quarterly, which everyone should read. I subscribe to it and find it excellent. The Winter 2008-2009 issue mainly focused on Darwin (since his 200th Birthday was in Feb. of 2009).

In that issue are many informative articles about Darwin, his background, beliefs, etc. Fortunately AIG has posted links to many of these article on their website. You will find them very interesting and eye-opening. You will also see why you should consider subscribing to this excellent magazine. So, with that said, HERE’S THE LINK TO THOSE LINKS.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hell's Best Kept Secret ... Part 4

Well, we have come to the final part of the 4 parts in this excellent series.

Again, as we have said previously, if you have not yet seen parts 1, 2, and 3, be sure to watch them before you watch this because these build on each other and are not ‘stand alone’ parts.

Also, as an aside, you probably noticed, when you are on the YouTube web page viewing this and the other parts of this series, that there are links to other videos that Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort have done.

So, after you finish viewing part 4, Feel free to click on their other videos as they are all really good.

For example, the one where Kirk Cameron talks with Gang Members is ‘something else’. Wow.

But, as usual, I digress. So, with that said, it is time to view the final part in this series, Part 4 (which is 8 minutes 39 seconds in length). HERE’S THE LINK

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hell's Best Kept Secret ... Part 3

Well, here we go again. And, as I mentioned yesterday,if you have not yet listened to the previous 2 parts, which were posted on Friday and Saturday, please go back and listen to them before you listen to this.

Ok, I assume you are ready to roll with today’s continuation of this video series. So, here is part 3 of the 4 parts. This part is is 9 minutes 43 seconds in length.

It is very eye opening and a must see. HERE’S THE LINK

And, by the way, we have a short but very good and important study on the 10 Commandments on our Website. To go to that study, print it out, and do it offline at your leisure, HERE’S THE LINK

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hell's Best Kept Secret .... Part 2

Ok. Let’s continue this 4 part series.

And, if you have not yet listened to (well, seen and listened to) Part 1 which we posted yesterday, please go back and listen to it.


Because these build on each other and are not ‘stand alone’ events. This was originally one video but apparently on YouTube you can only post up to about 10 minutes at a time. So, this series had to be broken up into 4 parts.

So, now it is time for Part 2 of the 4. This part is 9 minutes 54 seconds in length and among other things tells an interesting and pertinent story about parachutes. HERE’S THE LINK

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hell’s Best Kept Secret .... Part 1

Did you know that the Fall away rate of Christian Conversions (aka ‘backsliders’) is about 80 - 90%

Wow! That is horrible! Why is it happening?

Are you, or a family member, or a friend one of these who has fallen away?

Or, have some of those to whom you have witnessed and who seemingly had accepted the gospel message -- have they now ‘fallen away’ and are no longer following Christ?

Again, we ask ‘Why’?

Today and the next 3 days we are going to be looking at the reason for this ‘falling away’ and at Hell’s Best Kept Secret.

Why 4 days?

Because this is a series of videos on YouTube, each of which is approximately 9 minutes long. If you have time to listen to all of them at once, great. But, I am assuming you don’t have that much time.

So Today, we will be looking at Part 1 (of 4 parts) of this video series produced by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort. HERE’S THE LINK.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dr Damadian is a Creation Scientist and ....

Yesterday we addressed the concept that some folks claim that Creationists can not be ‘Real’ Scientists. And you read a wonderful article which told of a few of the countless Creationists who have have done ‘Real’ Science.

At an AIG Conference a few years ago, I had the privilege of meeting and shaking hands with Dr. Raymond Damadian. Who is he you ask?

Well, believe it or not Dr. Damadian is a Creationist and the inventor of the MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) machine.

Perhaps you have had the personal experience of having an MRI exam or know of a friend or family member who has.

Needless to say, this is a marvelous invention and has been instrumental in diagnosing many illnesses.

To read about Dr. Damadian and the invention of the MRI, HERE’S THE LINK

And, if you have ever wondered what images from an MRI exam of the brain looks like, HERE’S THE LINK.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can Creationists be “Real” Scientists’?

Yesterday we noted that we frequently mention Evolution on this site.

And, as you have also noticed, we frequently mention the 2 different Worldviews:

1. The Evolutionary Worldview that everything arose from nothing and there is no God ...

2. And the Creationist Worldview that holds to the Biblical account of Creation as recorded in the Bible.

Many folks, usually those wearing the “Evolutionary Worldview Glasses”, claim that Creationists can not be ‘Real’ Scientists.

But is this true? Are Creationists really stupid? Are they incapable of doing ‘Real’ Science?

Well, check out this article. It was written by Dr. Jason Lisle, a Creationist and a ‘Real’ Scientist. His PhD is in Astrophysics. I would call that ‘Real’ Science. HERE’S THE LINK

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Evolution of the Coke Bottle design

As you know, we talk about evolution a lot on this site.

And, yes, changes can and often do occur in 'design' (of animals, trees, plants, insects, dogs, etc.)

But the changes do not produce something totally different.

The plant is still a plant (perhaps with a different colored flower or whatever). The tree is still a tree (perhaps smaller as in a Bonzai). The insect is still an insect (though it might have a different color) and does not turn into a frog or some other totally different thing. The dog is still a dog (though perhaps a poodle instead of a labrador retriever).

Well, you get the point.

These MINOR (MICRO) changes are often the ‘proofs' that the ‘Evolutionary world view glasses’ wearers present to say that MAJOR (MACRO) changes also occur (dinosaur to bird or visa versa, etc).

However, so far no proofs of MACRO changes have been found.

Today’s blog entry shows another example of ‘evolution’. This time it is the ‘evolution’ of the design of the Coke bottle.

I don’t know who made this picture but it is a good example of the fact that, yes, changes often occur in design.

But, at the end of the day, a tree is still a tree, an insect is still an insect, a dog is still a dog, and.....

A Coke Bottle is still a Coke Bottle. It is not an airplane, a car, or anything other than a bottle. HERE’S THE LINK

Monday, November 16, 2009

Strong Leonid Meteor shower expected Nov 17

Ok, folks, a big heads up ! This should be worth watching so I am posting this today so you can make your plans for tomorrow.

Many times through the years I have watched the Leonid Meteor Showers but usually have been unable to truly appreciate its beauty because of interference by a bright moon and/or city lights.

And, of course, overcast skies, rain, or really brrrrrr cold can interfere with happy viewing.

But sometimes conditions have been ‘just right’ and the meteor shower has been spectacular. And, reportedly, an opportunity for some really good viewing will be Nov 17.

So, if you are away from bright city lights and have a good view of the sky (without clouds, rain, etc), then get a lawn chair and some blankets and prepare to watch this year’s meteor shower.

Alas for those of us in the USA the viewing reportedly will be better in Asia, but there still should be good viewing in North America so do not dismay.

So, regardless of where you are, this should be a great year to see the Leonid Meteor Shower. To read about the best times and locations for viewing, HERE’S THE LINK.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Water Drop @ 2000 Frames per second bounces!

All of us have seen rain and splashes of water from a watering hose, while watering plants, pouring coffee or other liquids, and even when spilling things.

But, a slow motion view of what happens when a water drop actually drops is truly amazing.

The water actually bounces and ... well, you just have to see this. Who would have thought?

This is just one more astounding feature that the Creator God has programmed into nature and even explains how insects can walk on water.


Saturday, November 14, 2009

Night owl gene

Those of you who are observant surely have noticed the time of postings for most of the blog entries. Yes, correct, in the wee hours of the night.

Well, that brings us to the topic of the day which is -- tah dah -- The Night Owl Gene!

Believe it or not, there really is such a gene. It is also often called the ‘After Hours Gene’ and, according to one of the articles I read, it is a mutation of a gene called “after-hours” (Afh), which is located in the gene Fbxl3, a gene until now not known to be linked to the circadian cycle. Apparently, the Fbxl3 binds and drives the degradation of a clock protein called Cryptochrome (CRY).

Not many folks have heard about this gene but it explains why the ‘night owl folks’ have the seemingly ‘odd’ preference to sleep late in the mornings but are alert and awake and doing things into the wee hours of the night.

The folks who do not have this gene are ‘morning people’ and usually consider those with the 'night owl gene' and, therefore, sleep late in the morning, to be sloths. They also think the ‘night people should change their ways, get up early, and be instantly awake like they are.

Well, for the night owl folks, this is much easier said than done since they are genetically programmed to be night people.

But, the night owls do ‘conform’ to the day folks for most of their lives in that they get up early, go to their day jobs, and stagger around bleary eyed in the mornings until finally the time of day when they would have awakened had they been allowed to be ‘normal’ happens. Then they are alert and happy and merrily working for the rest of the day and wayyyyy into the night. But, until then, life is not fun or very productive.

On the other hand, the ‘day folks’ wake up in the early hours or maybe even pre-dawn, are instantly alert, and ready to start doing things. But, they can not understand why the night owl types aren’t able to do the same thing.

Yes, yes, I have heard that old adage: “You can’t soar with the eagles if you are up with the owls”. ...

Anyway, the other day I was discussing this with some folks who are ‘day people’. When I tried to tell them about the ‘night owl gene’, they didn’t believe me.

So, I set out to once again find some of the articles I had read years ago which told of the discovery of the ‘Night Owl Gene’.

And as a result of that search I found several articles. I will include only a few of them for you to read but there are many more.

So, with that said, and to read more about this interesting gene, CLICK HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE .

By the way, guess which gene I have. Hint: Look once again at the time that most of these blog entries are posted.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Yes, Today is Friday the 13th. And some folks have a fear of that special day. Hence the word paraskevidekatriaphobia which means ‘The fear of Friday the 13th”.

According to the Stress Management Center and Phobia Institute in Asheville, North Carolina, an estimated 17 to 21 million people in the United States are affected by a fear of this day. Some people are so paralyzed by fear that they avoid their normal routines in doing business, taking flights or even getting out of bed. "It's been estimated that [US]$800 or $900 million is lost in business on this day". ...

So how did the Friday the 13th superstition develop and why do many folks fear that day and worry that bad things might happen to them?

According to Wikipedia, there are several theories. To read about those theories and even more information about this famous or infamous day, HERE’S THE LINK.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Arlington National Cemetery

Yesterday, Nov. 11, was Veteran’s Day and we learned some interesting information about its origins.

Today, let’s learn about one of the most famous places of repose for many of those Veterans.

I am referring, of course, to Arlington National Cemetery. Hopefully you have visited it in person and observed the awesome Changing of the Guard ceremony. If you haven’t, this is a ‘must see’ experience.

In the meantime, or by way of refreshing your memory, there is a very interesting article on the net telling about Arlington National Cemetery and how it came to be.

So , since I know that you also will also want to know this reallllly interesting and fascinating historical information about Arlington National Cemetery, HERE’S THE LINK.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nov 11 is Veterans Day -- Is your flag flying?

Veterans Day is an annual American holiday in which we honor military veterans, of which there are, according to Wikipedia, 24.9 million in the US.

Initially it was called Armistice Day or Remembrance Day because it was in remembrance of the signing of the Armistice that ended World War 1.

World War I formally ended at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.

Later, Congress amended the act re this holiday to include ALL veterans of ALL wars in which the US was involved.

But whatever the name, Veteran’s Day, Armistice Day, or Remembrance Day, or whatever the war, we are in awe of and thankful for the sacrifices of the veterans who have given their lives, were wounded, or were fortunate enough to survive and return to their homes and families.

Flying the Flag is one way of letting them know that we appreciate their sacrifices.

To read more about Veteran’s day, HERE’S THE LINK

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Joseph era coins found in Egypt !!

Hmmmm. This is interesting. Apparently some coins have been found that seem to relate to the Biblical time of Joseph when he was in Egypt.

You surely recall the Biblical recounting of the dream of the Egyptian Pharaoh -- the dream about the seven fat cows, the 7 lean cows, etc. And, Joseph interpreted the dream ...

Well, some of the coins have pictures of this very event. Amazing.

To read more about these coins, HERE’S THE LINK.

And for some additional information, HERE’S THE LINK

Monday, November 9, 2009

20 Awesome Photos !

Well, the last few days have been kinda ‘heavy’ in the concepts presented so today let’s take a lighter approach.

But, still, the topic of Creation is in the background.

How is that? you ask.

Well, today’s blog entry is photographic. We will be looking at 20 prize winning entries in the Landscape Photographer of the Year 2009 Collection.

As you look at these beautiful pictures, once again we are reminded that there is a Creator who caused our earth to have such beauty. These 20 pictures capture some of that created beauty.

So, with that said, sit back, click, and enjoy these beautiful photographs. HERE’S THE LINK.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Still pondering Evolution as being possible?

Hmmm. Possibly even after reading the short article yesterday, which addressed several fallacies of evolution, you are still thinking, “But, Couldn’t God have used evolution? ...”

Indeed, one of my good friends continues to make this statement to me even after literal hours of discussion.

So since you (or a friend) might still be thinking that God COULD have used evolution to create even though there is nothing in the Bible that says God created in that way, here is another article that will help you answer that question. HERE’S THE LINK.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Should a Christian believe in Evolution?

I have had many discussions with Christians on this topic. Perhaps you have also.

Amazingly even some ‘old’ old friends who are Christians think it is ‘ok’ to believe in evolution. They do not see any problem or contradictions in saying that the first chapters of Genesis are not valid history even though the Bible records the events as being true history.

But, is it really ok to say the first 6 or so Chapters of Genesis are not true history and that God did not create the world and everything in it the way the Bible teaches?

Obviously there some serious theological problems that need to be addressed if a Christian accepts the theory of evolution and millions, billions, or whatever time span is currently proposed (since it keeps changing).

This short article (yesterday we had a long article to read so I tried to find a shorter one for today), succinctly addresses several of the fallacies that must be resolved if a Christian believes in evolution.

Whether you believe in evolution or not, this is a very good, timely, and short ‘must read’ article. HERE’S THE LINK.

Friday, November 6, 2009

How do fossils form?

Doubtless you have heard repeatedly that it takes a lonnnnnng time for a fossil to form, perhaps millions of years.

But, is that correct? Can the ‘evolutionary world view glasses folks’ show us any experiments or tests to prove that it takes a lonnnnnng time? Well, actually they can’t. First of all, who lives long enough to complete the test.

But, folks wearing the ‘young earth glasses’ are beginning to do experiments and tests to try to determine how fossils form and how long it really takes.

This is the type of research that we need to be showing to our kids in their Biology and Chemistry classes and even, gasp, in Sunday Schools! If they were made aware of the current research such as in the article we will link to today, they will be much less likely to swallow the evolutionary concept hook, line, and sinker as they are currently doing.

This article is 'kinda' technical, but you are smart readers and can handle it. It is not THAT technical. I do wish it had more pictures, but, oh well, you can’t have everything I guess.

Anyway, a lot of reallllllly good information is presented and includes an experiment that can be done in a Chemistry class. So, you teachers and homeschoolers pay special attention. This might be something you will want to do.

But, whether you do the experiment at the end of the article or not, this is a very good explanation of how and why fossils form. You DO need to know this information. So, HERE’S THE LINK.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is there some truth to Dragon Myths?

In countries all around the world, one can readily find pictures, stories, and legends which depict dragons. China should immediately come to mind as an example. Who has not seen the colorful depictions of dragons in their various celebrations and especially in New Year festivities.

Were the dragons seen in China, many European countries, Australia and elsewhere all just ‘thought up’ by accident?

Or, is it possible that folks in the not so distant past had actually seen real dragons (known to us today as Dinosaurs)? Hmmm.

Did dragons (dinosaurs) live millions and millions of years ago in the dim remote past? Or, were dragons (dinosaurs) created by God during Creation week, and then after the 2 dragons on the ark left the ark, continued to populate the earth, though in lesser numbers than previously?

Well, to help you ponder those thoughts, I found a couple of articles that might add some insight as to WHEN dragons (dinosaurs) might have lived.

And for those of you wondering why I keep putting ‘dinosaurs’ in parentheses, it is because the name dinosaur was coined in 1841 by Sir Richard Owen. Before that time, they were known in history and legends as dragons.

Anyway, enough of ‘giving away the plot’ in the articles. So, to read the first article from ICR, HERE’S THE LINK

And to read an even more fascinating article about Dragons that John Calvin might have seen or known about (Yes, THE John Calvin !!) HERE’S THE LINK

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pretty Scary

What is scary, you ask? Is this a reference to Halloween? Or Something else?

Well, actually, it is to ‘something else’.

Specifically, I am referring to some of the many towers and glass observation decks that are springing up around the world.

Doubtless you have seen, heard of, or even ‘experienced’ some of these scary heights and their views.

There is even a glass observation balcony, called the ‘Skywalk’, over a part of the Grand Canyon! It is not included, for some strange reason, in this article but it should have been. Since it wasn’t, I found a picture of it on the net and used it for our ‘lead picture’ today. Wow!

Anyway, back to the topic at hand -- in addition to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, there are several other views that can make you gasp. To see some of them, HERE’S THE LINK.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

World's Largest Cruise Ship !!!

And it is bigger than the ships in this picture. So keep reading!

If you have ever taken a cruise, you have ‘opinions’ in that you either loved it or never want to cruise again.

Personally I think cruise ships are fun, especially because of alllllll the food that is available every few hours, even during the night.

Of course, if you eat all those meals, you are going to need some exercise.

Well, this new cruise ship, The Oasis of the Seas, will certainly give you a lot of exercise options.

Would you believe it has an ice rink, a small golf course, 4 swimming pools, volleyball and basketball courts, theme parks, a courtyard the size of a football field (though I don’t think any football games are scheduled), and more.

This is unbelievable ! It has 2,700 cabins, is about 20 stories high, and is much larger than the Queen Mary II shown in the above illustration. In fact it is said to be 5 times larger than the Titanic (hmmmm, now that might not be a good comparison). But, I think this 5 times number refers to volume and not necessarily the length.

Now some of you at this point are wondering how this compares to Noah’s Ark. Good question.

According to Genesis 6:15—“And this is how you shall make it: The length of the ark shall be three hundred cubits, its width fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits."

So, you now ask, how long is a cubit? Well, it depends on which cubit you are considering. There is a standard cubit (of about 20 inches) and a royal cubit (of about 25 inches). The cubit used in the drawing to illustrate today’s blog entry was 20.4 inches, and based on that, Noah’s Ark was about 510 feet long.

Compare that with this new cruise ship which is reported to be 1,181 feet long.

Anyway, to read more about this new cruise ship, and to view the slide show of 25 pictures, HERE’S THE LINK

And if you would like to read a very excellent article about Noah’s Ark, which did not have a golf course, ice rink, etc. but did have some very important and significant features, HERE’S A LINK

Monday, November 2, 2009

World View Conferences

From time to time we have featured articles, features, etc. from the Christian World View Network website and Ministry.

Hopefully you have investigated them further by clicking on some of the links that were on the pages we referenced. If so, you have noticed that they definitely have on a specific pair of “World View Glasses”.

And their “World View Glasses” are excellent ! They are clearly in focus and are ‘right on’.

Perhaps you are also aware that they have conferences and 'Code Blue Rallies' around the country. These are, believe it or not, FREE and really should be attended by everyone!

Recently I had the privilege of attending one of these conferences. And it was ‘beyond excellent’ !!! WOW! I wish you could have been there.

There are only a few Worldview Weekend conferences remaining in 2009. Here's the list:

Conference----------------------------- Date

Conway, Arkansas -------- Saturday night, November 7, 2009
Memphis Code Blue Rally--- Sunday Night, November 8, 2009
Pensacola, Florida-------- Saturday Night, November 14, 2009
Orlando, Florida, ---------Sunday Night, November 15, 2009
Peoria, IL ------------------Friday Night, November 20, 2009
Moline, IL -----------------Saturday Night, November 21, 2009
Rockford, IL --------------Sunday Night, November 22, 2009

If you are able to attend one of these, please do ! Change your schedule, go visit friends in the city where it is being held (if it's not in your town or nearby), etc., but do whatever you can to attend!

You do have to register to attend (so they will know how many to expect and will find a location of the proper size for the crowd.) But, as I said before, it is FREE.

To register for one of these conferences, HERE’S THE LINK

And to learn more about the WorldVIew Ministry, HERE’S THE LINK

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Daylight Savings Time ENDS today!

Yes, it has happened again. It is "Fall Back Time" (you know the old saying “Spring Forward and Fall Back"). So it’s time to do all that ‘clock changing’ routine again. And what a hassle that is.

Indeed, for days after these time change events, I keep finding more clocks and things that have to be adjusted.

And even worse, I have a digital wristwatch, given to me by two nephews. Only one tiny problem. It is so complicated that I don’t know how to change the time. And they live far far away. So how is it going to be changed?

I guess I will have to do as I did a few weeks ago while on a vacation in a time zone 6 hours different from where the watch is set and normally ‘lives’. Of course, that meant that every time I wanted to know what time it was, I had to subtract 6. Fortunately that lasted only a few weeks.

But, wow, now that the Daylight savings time is changing, this probably means I am going to have to ‘calculate’ what time it is every time I look at my watch for the next several months. (Or maybe I can take it to a store -- or find a kid on the street-- and see if they will change it for me.)

Anyway, that is not the ‘only’ objection that a lot of us ‘old folks’ have to DST. The biggest objection, at least to me, is that DARK happens tooooooo early in the winter.

Oh well, ‘nuff of this rambling. You probably know how to change your digital watches and maybe you don’t care when it gets dark or light.

But, if you would like to know the ‘history’ of Daylight Savings time and why we are doing all these changes, well, HERE’S THE LINK.