Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Evolution of the Coke Bottle design

As you know, we talk about evolution a lot on this site.

And, yes, changes can and often do occur in 'design' (of animals, trees, plants, insects, dogs, etc.)

But the changes do not produce something totally different.

The plant is still a plant (perhaps with a different colored flower or whatever). The tree is still a tree (perhaps smaller as in a Bonzai). The insect is still an insect (though it might have a different color) and does not turn into a frog or some other totally different thing. The dog is still a dog (though perhaps a poodle instead of a labrador retriever).

Well, you get the point.

These MINOR (MICRO) changes are often the ‘proofs' that the ‘Evolutionary world view glasses’ wearers present to say that MAJOR (MACRO) changes also occur (dinosaur to bird or visa versa, etc).

However, so far no proofs of MACRO changes have been found.

Today’s blog entry shows another example of ‘evolution’. This time it is the ‘evolution’ of the design of the Coke bottle.

I don’t know who made this picture but it is a good example of the fact that, yes, changes often occur in design.

But, at the end of the day, a tree is still a tree, an insect is still an insect, a dog is still a dog, and.....

A Coke Bottle is still a Coke Bottle. It is not an airplane, a car, or anything other than a bottle. HERE’S THE LINK