Thursday, January 22, 2009

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

About the Author

Who is the Author of these Bible Studies ???

Many of you have inquired about the "author" of these Bible Studies. And, to tell you the truth, the REAL author is the Holy Spirit. But, He has graciously allowed me to participate in what He is doing by allowing and inspiring me to write these lessons.
Ok, great!, you say. The Holy Spirit, I know, but who are you??? Tell me something of your background.
Ok. ...Pull up a chair and let's get acquainted. First of all, you surely want to know when I was saved. So, let's begin there. I was born and raised in a Godly Christian family, so always knew that there was a God and that Jesus Loved me. But, it was not until I was 9 that I understood my personal sinfulness and need for a Savior. Then I confessed my sins, said "Yes Lord" to Jesus, accepted Jesus' gift of salvation, and was born again! This wonderful life-changing event occurred during a Sunday School Assembly time when a special emphasis on Salvation had been presented . (So, all you SS teachers and Dept. Directors, out there, take heart. Kids really are listening to what you say.)

After finishing High School, I attended a Christian Collge (Union University in Jackson TN.) and received my BS degree with a major in Biology. From there it was to Memphis State University (Now the University of Memphis), where I received the M.A. Degree, again with a major in Biology. With that background, I taught for 3 years on the College level: Specifically for 2 years at Hardin Simmons University in Abilene, TX. and then for 1 year at Belmont College in Nashville, TN. And, yes, teaching was wonderful and fun and I really really enjoyed it. But, my father had told me for years that Medicine was the field I should enter. At this point in life, I finally said "Yes" and heeded his wise advice. (Kids, you really do need to listen to your parents. They really do know what is best for you!) . So, returning to the role of a student, instead of being the teacher, I attended and received the M.D. from the University of Tennessee Medical Units (Memphis, TN). This was followed by Internship (1 year) and a 3 year Residency in Radiology.

Well, now being about a zillion years old, it was time to begin my "tent making" career. For Paul, it meant he was a tentmaker in order to provide the funds needed to do his real "work", that of being an evangelist, apostle, and church planter. For me (though I am in NO way like the Apostle Paul), my "tentmaking job" was that of being a Diagnostic Radiologist. But, my real "work" has been to teach Bible Studies, teach people how to Study the Bible, and, since 1995, to be involved with "Yes Lord" Ministries.

Actually, it is a lot like juggling.... to have a career as well as to have the opportunities and joys of leading Bible Studies and to write Bible Studies, along with all the other things that people do these days. I am not unusual in this respect, as I suspect that all of you who are reading this also have very busy and full lives.

Other "tidbits"
So, now you know a little about my "background." But, you are probably still wondering what else ...
Well, while in College, the Lord allowed me to serve as a Student Summer Missionary to Ohio. That was awesome. And, years later, I worked as a volunteer for 2 months in Bangalore, India in a Mission Hospital. Also, for several years, the Lord allowed me to lead Bible Study classes for an International Ministry and to travel, for that Ministry, throughout the US, training people in How to Study the Bible using the Inductive Method.. After I resigned from that Ministry, the Lord led me to begin "Yes Lord" Ministries, an Internet based ministry which provides Free Downloadable Interactive Bible Studies for use by individuals or groups.

The name,"Yes Lord" Ministries, (aka Bible Studies Net) was chosen because this is what the Lord Jesus Christ wants all of His followers to say to Him when He asks us to do something. I have not always been fast to say "Yes Lord", but sooner or later I do, and I have never regretted saying "Yes Lord" to the Lord Jesus Christ concerning anything which He has told me to do.

And now you know "the rest of the story"