Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Was Jesus born in a Stable?

For the past few days and weeks many plays, nativity scenes, church programs, and other activities have depicted the event of Jesus' birth.

Likely almost all of these depictions have pictured the birth happening in a manger setting.

But is this what really happened? 

Was Jesus Christ born in a stable? or a house?

And was He even born on Dec. 25?  but that is another topic for another time -- indeed we have a short Bible study about that.  It is titled “What really happened on Christmas Day”.   To access that study, HERE’S THE LINK to what really happened on Christmas Day

But, back to the topic at hand which is “Was Jesus born in a stable? Or in a House?

An excellent article about this was recently posted on the AIG website.  HERE’S THE LIINK to Was Jesus born in a house.

And if you want to know even more details, HERE’S THE LINK to the manger and the inn.