Friday, December 4, 2009

Microscopic Animals and Plants

Lately, as you have noticed, we have been viewing some really amazing pictures of very unusual creatures, their defense mechanisms, and other astounding features.

Today, we’ll look at more pictures of amazing creatures. But, this time we will look at animals and plants that live in water, ponds, etc. and are so tiny that microscopes are needed to see them.

These are especially interesting to me because years and years ago, (when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was in school), I had the opportunity to see many of these same creatures using a light microscope to view the ‘invisible to the human eye - teensey weesney’ animals and plants in lake and pond water.

After carefully collecting bottles of pond and lake water, putting drops of said water on slides, and then observing under the microscope, I saw many of these same little animals swimming and the miniscule plants doing whatever plants do (which is not much).

Darwin and the other early evolutionists couldn’t see these things because they did not have the microscopes then that we have today. So, with the limited magnification devices they had, they saw little or nothing of the details that we can readily see today. Had they seen the intricate structures of these microscopic animals and plants, they could not have honestly said that single cells are ‘simple’ and thus early evolutionary building blocks.

As you look at these pictures, ask yourself -- Are these animals and plants consisting of one or a few cells really simple? Could these have just happened by chance? Or, does it look like they have been created?

Well, with that said, HERE’S THE LINK.