Monday, November 22, 2010


Time for the jokes. 

Pi  R square. No Pie are round.

Or, my two favorite kinds of pie are ‘cold pie’ and ‘hot pie’.

Or again, my two favorite kinds of pie are ‘one crust’ and ‘two crust’.

Well, that is PIE.

But how about the mathematical Pi.

We all remember learning about pi in our math classes.  And you probably remember that the definition of Pi is a long number that begins with 3.1416....

And we all knew that there are a lot more numbers after 3.1416 but didn’t bother to memorize them.

How many numbers?

Well, there is a class of students who know a lot of the numbers and one kid in the class reallllllly knows an amazing number of numbers in pi.

Prepare to be amazed. (After the commercial-- sigh)   HERE’S THE LINK