Saturday, April 3, 2021

Did the Resurrection really happen?


Tomorrow Christians all around the world will celebrate Resurrection Day as they rejoice in the fact that almost 2000 years ago Christ arose from death after having died to pay the debt for their sins.

And because of His resurrection, anyone who repents of his or her sins and accepts His free gift of salvation will be forgiven of their sins and will live with him forever in His heaven.

But, alas, there are some folks who doubt that Jesus even lived, much less that He died and rose again and is still and forever alive.

What can be said to those who do not believe that Jesus is Who He says He is (God and the Son of God) and who, therefore, will miss out on His free gift of salvation.

What can be said?

Well, Dr. Tommy Mitchell (a Medical Doctor) addresses these questions and others to them and to you, if you are one of the skeptics

HERE'S THE LINK TO Did the Resurrection really happen?