Sunday, March 28, 2021

Sunday Hymn: Dayenu - Passover song

The Hymn today is not a Hymn in the usual sense of the word.

Rather it is a Jewish song which is sung at some Passover Seder Suppers.

The version we will hear today is sung by Jews who are observing the annual Feast of Passover with a traditional Song.

Though they are singing of and picturing the various elements of the Passover, many are likely unaware of the significance of these elements --

The elements are types / pictures of Yeshua (Jesus- the Lamb of God) and what His sacrificial death provides for all who accept his substitute sacrifice for sin.

For example:  The Lamb that was slain -- is a picture of Jesus, the Lamb of God who was slain to let those who accept His substitute death escape the punishment for sins by His death paying the death price for us.

The blood on the doorposts of the house pictures the blood on the Cross on which Christ died.

Many more types / pictures could be listed here but that is a whole study in itself.

For a brief summary of some of the types /pictures of the Passover meal HERE'S A LINK

But back to today's topic -- the Sunday Hymn --

This was a new song to me -- and may also be new to you.

So with that by way of introduction HERE'S THE LINK to Dayenu - Passover Song