Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas, Vikings, and the Providence of God

That is the unusual title of a very interesting article in the Dec. Issue of an ICR Acts And Facts Magazine.

Fortunately it is also on the internet so even if you do not subscribe to this excellent magazine (and it is FREE so you should subscribe), we will link you to it so you will be able to read it.

Why do we suggest you read this article?  What is it about?

Well, you have heard of the famous Viking Battle of Oct 14, 1066, the Battle of Hastings.

But, did you know there was another earlier battle in 1066, on Sept 25, that also had very important consequences for all of us today?

NO?  Well, I didn't either till I read this article. 

The article begins with an examination of 4 (of 5) Witnesses that Testify for God…

These are important and you will be interested in what they teach.

But it is the 5th "Witness" to which the DIT of today is directed.

What is that 5th Witness? you ask.

Well, it tells about how God works in history and specifically, in this case, how God worked in the 2 battles in 1066 in such a way that George Washington, The USA,  the King James Bible, and Christmas were ultimately affected.

Wow.  Reallllllly interesting.

HERE'S THE LINK to Christmas vikings and providence of God