Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Where are the Daily Interesting Things???

Glad you asked because it shows that you have been a frequent visitor.
But alas this picture will give you the clue and explanation.

Yes it is true.
The writer and poster of the DITs fell on Thursday Jan 8, 2015
and broke the wrist -- as you see here 
and is now in a temporary cast until the pain and swelling goes down enough for the next step in treatment.
In the meantime -- due to the pain and inability to type except for a slow one finger hunt and peck --
there is and will be a hiatus for the time being.
Who knows how long the hiatus will last, but as you know -- these things don't heal fast.
Not a fun way to begin the new year.   : (
Please know that we are sorry to not be able to post the DIT's but will resume as soon as we can even if they are really short.
Thanks for your understanding.