Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another year ends!

2011 is almost gone and 2012 is almost here. Wow. Time flies.

In fact, as I have mentioned to several folks lately, time is flying so fast that the pages on my calendar are producing a breeze like a fan!

As 2011 ends and 2012 begins many will be celebrating in various ways. 

Some will be at wild and raucous parties doing things that they will likely regret the next day.

Others will quietly celebrate with family and or friends playing games, watching videos, reminiscing, etc. etc etc.

Many will be working at their jobs, traveling, sick and in hospitals, or at home  sleeping.

Some will be in churches worshipping - or at home praying and reading the Bible.

What will you be doing?  Will you be partying? Will you be reflecting?

If you do decide to ‘reflect’ you might want to consider the fact that In 2011, as in all years, many many many people died and passed into eternity. 

2011 was short but Eternity!  That is a long long time.

Where will you spend it?

Perhaps you should give this some thought as 2011 ends.

And, to assist you in this thinking, HERE’S A LINK.