Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Veggie Flutes and other Musical Instruments

Ok, we have had some pretty ‘heavy’ posts recently -- what with folks dying and the AIG State of the Union Address and the update about the Providence Training Center in Kenya.

So, today, this will be a ‘fun thing’.

I got another email (oh no, not another email) from a couple whom I have known for years and who are accomplished professional musicians. So, the fact that they clued me into this is even more amazing.

What is it this time? Well, they told me about a guy who makes instruments out of vegetables and plays them! No Kidding! There are several YouTube videos of him doing this. I have selected 3 for you to see. So, watch them in this order.

First, a 2 minute 30 second video about how he makes the ‘instruments’.

Then, he plays “London Bridge is Falling down” on a Carrot Ocarina. 1 Minute 31 seconds. HERE’S THE LINK.

Finally, the big finale and my friend’s favorite of all he does. Are you ready for this? It is “Angels we have heard on high” played on a broccoli. 1 Minute 47 seconds.