Monday, June 29, 2009

Providence Training Center - Kenya Update

Friday May 22, we posted an article about the Providence Training Center in Kenya and requested prayers for the folks that were traveling there to assist in its ministry.

Well, that group is back and my friend has sent an email report of the trip and how your prayers were answered. Here are excerpts of that email.

“My Dear Friends & Family...

“It’s been a busy three weeks since we returned from Kenya as there has been a lot of “carry-over” business from the trip... plus life in general.

“First I want to thank you for your effective prayers. Because of them the trip was the most seamless one yet... no lost luggage, no sickness, no accidents, no delays, no vehicle problems, no mud, no relationship problems, etc. ... ...

“Next I want to apologize for the lengthy report I have attached. My daughter keeps telling me never to send more than one page because nobody will read it, and I’m sure she’s right. However, in order not to reinvent the wheel, I am sending you the report requested by my church ... with all its details. It has subtitles so feel free to read only what interests you, but don’t miss the last section on “Property Search” for the big news of the trip. The pastors’ comments in the “Celebrating with the Pastors” section also highlight the need for the school.

“Things continue to move along one step at a time. What a thrill it is watching God work! ... ... “Go ye into all the world” has taken on a personal meaning for me (Mark 15:16).

“Thanks for going along with me.”

Well, that was the ‘short version’ of the trip report. To read the more detailed report that was prepared for the Church, CLICK HERE.