Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Vacation Suggestion

It is Thursday so it is time for this week’s vacation suggestion.

And this time, instead of getting in a car and going on a road trip to some distant location, how about considering a closer place. By this I mean, going to the movies.

Personally, I almost never go to the movies because most movies are immoral and ungodly or, if not that, then shallow and insipid. But, from time to time a good movie is produced. And perhaps some will be this summer.

So, how can one find out which movies are ‘ok’ and which should be avoided?

Well, recently I received an email from the K-House (Koinonia House) - their eNews for June 02, 2009. In it was an article which will help me, and hopefully you, in making these ‘what to see’ decisions. The email they sent covered other topics not pertinent to this. So, I have cut and pasted the part entitled: “TO SEE OR NOT TO SEE? THE MOVIE QUESTION - I found it most helpful and think you will, too. HERE’S THE LINK.“