Thursday, June 4, 2009

7 Wonders Museum -- Mount St. Helens Creation Information Center

Another Vacation Suggestion

is the ‘7 Wonders Museum --Mount St. Helens Creation Information Center’ in Silverlake, WA. It is Located 9.5 miles E of Interstate 5, is easy to find and is open most days from 9 am to 7 pm. But it would be best if you call ahead so you won’t be disappointed. The phone number is on their website.

Last summer I personally visited this small but comprehensive museum. It is not as big or as impressive as the AIG Museum referenced last week. But, it is really a very very good museum! And it is FREE. (And in this economy, free is realllly good.)

The Couple that runs the museum love the Lord and love people. So you will receive a warm and sincere welcome. Whether you are one person, a family, or a tour bus, everyone receives the same ‘royal treatment’ in attention and explanations. They gave our little group of 4 their entire and detailed lecture about Mt. St. Helens, the exact same lecture they would give for a tour bus or for a packed room!

But, I digress. Bottom line. A visit to Mt St Helens is a MUST for anyone visiting in that area of the country. So since you will be driving by this museum on the way to the mountain, you DO need to stop and get the facts and details from a Creationist perspective of the events.

As explained on their website: “...This center relates how geological formations, such as those created by the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, show that the earth may be only thousands of years old rather than billions. Many scientists now believe the best explanation for geological strata is that some catastrophe formed them. Creation scientists believe that the world-destroying Biblical Flood was the foremost catastrophe. Come and see the seven mountain wonders! “

Be sure to visit this museum if you are anywhere in the area. And whether you are able to visit in person or not, be sure to check out their website because they have tons of information on it which you will find invaluable. HERE’S THE LINK