Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Holy Land Experience

It is Thursday so it is time for another ‘vacation suggestion’. And this time I would like to suggest that you visit the Holy Land Experience Theme Park, located in Orlando, Florida.

I have been a couple of times (before it was recently purchased by TBN) but have not visited it since TBN acquired it from the group that originally developed it. So, I don’t know what, if any, changes have been made, but would assume it is much the same as before. And, if it is, then you will love it also. I personally found it to be fun, educational, interesting, and uplifting.

Of all the exhibits, I was most impressed by the 2/3 size replica of the Wilderness Tabernacle and the recreation of what went on in the tabernacle.

My next ‘most favorite thing’ was the Scriptorium. Also the model of the city of Jerusalem at the time of Christ was really interesting. And there are other exhibits, and outdoor performances that were impressive.

Bottom line, this is a place you really need to visit.

To go to the website to learn about the exhibits, hours of operation, ticket information, and etc. HERE’S THE LINK.