Monday, June 22, 2009

Already Gone

Why are 2 out of 3 young people leaving the church?

Why does attending Sunday School makes their exit even more likely?

“What does the age of the Earth have to do with the exodus of young people from churches?

These and other important questions are addressed in the new book, Already Gone, by Ken Ham.

“Ken Ham, ... says a major study he commissioned by a respected researcher unveils for the first time in a scientific fashion the startling reasons behind statistics that show two-thirds of young people in evangelical churches will leave when they move into their 20s. ... and finds church youth already are "lost" in their hearts and minds in elementary, middle and high school – not in college as many assume. “

I have not yet read this book -- it has just been released -- but I have read reviews about it and it is definitely on my ‘must read’ list and should be on yours also.

To read one of those reviews HERE’S THE LINK.