Saturday, June 20, 2009

Birds from Dinosaurs?

Thinking again of the birds that were in the Scripture tree yesterday, reminds me of the folks who have been saying that birds evolved from Dinosaurs. Of course, that is ridiculous and laughable if you stop and think about it.

And, guess what-- a recent “paper in the Journal of Morphology presents the research of two Oregon State University scientists who don’t agree with the evolutionary dogma on bird origins.

Even though these two researchers are evolutionists and still believe that birds evolved instead of being directly created by God, at least this is one more presupposition (birds from dinosaurs) that is being challenged. And well it needs to be.

A.P. Galling of AiG–U.S. has written an interesting article summarizing the research of the OSU Scientists and explaining some of the ramifications of what this means. This is a really interesting article. Be sure to check it out. HERE’S THE LINK.