Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In the Early Earth, Were All the Months Exactly Thirty Days Long?

Today our calendar is based on a moon cycle of 30 - 31 days per month with an occasional leap year thrown in for ‘good measure’ Kinda complicated if you ask me. But is this how it has always been?

Were the months in the early earth (ie. the pre-flood earth) the same length as they are now OR were all the months exactly 30 days long?

Many folks have thought and taught that the months in the early earth were not the same length as they are now and that they were 30 days long.

Indeed, this is one of many questions that I have often pondered. And I am not alone. Likely you have also wondered about this. And many scholars and theologians have as well.

Recently I found a very short but succinct article that discusses this question, so, rather than ‘reinvent the wheel’, and because I know you will be interested, HERE’S THE LINK.