Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Passage found, may have been used by Abraham

An article dated Sept 9, 09 tells of a very important archaeological find in Israel.

This time it is a double wall which is part of a passage thought to be about 3700 years old, (based on the clay pottery fragments found in the area.)

Why is this so amazing?

Well, some believe its age would be consistent with the time of Abraham.

Did Abraham see this wall?  Did he walk through the passage? Hmmmm. According to the article, it is possible.

But, whether Abraham actually walked through that passage or not, we don’t know for certain.

But it certainly once again confirms Biblical reports of structures in the City of David (aka Jerusalem) and, therefore, that the City of David really existed and is not ‘made up’ as some would want us to believe.

This is a very interesting article. HERE’S THE LINK