Friday, June 25, 2010


 Coffee. Folks love it or hate it.

Through the years, as you have no doubt noticed, coffee has gone from being a ‘good thing’ to being a ‘bad thing’ and back and forth almost ad infinitum.

Sometimes, when thought to be ‘bad’ it is said to cause cancer and other horrible things.

Other times it is touted as being helpful and beneficial.

And so the debate went on and on.  But, as it went on, I just kept drinking coffee and ignored all the pros and cons.

Well, now, the pros are in vogue again.  Yay. 

I don’t know how this latest affirmation re the wonders of coffee will pan out over the long haul, but it sure sounds exciting to me. 

A niece, who knows I love coffee, emailed this article. It is very encouraging for us coffee drinkers. HERE’S THE LINK.