Friday, June 11, 2010

Fossilized Edmontosaurus Dinosaur found

Yes, you guessed it, another Dinosaur has been found.

Its name is Dakota and it was found in the Badlands of North Dakota, which I guess is why it was named ‘Dakota’.

It was found encased in rock (hmm, sounds like it died in Noah’s flood) and the paleontologists are now merrily chipping away at the rock to try to see the entire fossil.

Of course it is supposedly 65 million years ago.

Oh well.

The webpage with the article also has an interesting video about another dinosaur, NOT Dakota, but, if you can put up with the advertisement that precedes the video (I hate the way they do this advertising now), you will find it interesting.

And very interesting about the dino (Leonardo) in the video is the fact that it was / is encased in sand!  Imagine that.  Of course they have no idea why it died or is in sand or still has food in its stomach.  But, I suspect you have a good idea.  Think FLOOD.

Anyway, to read about ‘Dakota’ and to see the video of Leonardo, HERE’S THE LINK