Sunday, June 6, 2010

Answers, Answers, and more Answers

Yesterday the blog entry was, as you recall, about the long lives of the Pre-Flood folks.

And, for confirmation and explanation, the source you read was Chapter 16 of a book from AIG, titled “The New Answers Book 2

This obviously infers that there is a “The New Answers Book 1”  Well, duh.

But, joy and happiness, now there is “The New Answers Book 3

So, all that to say, there are a lot of “Answers” to difficult questions or to things about which you have been wondering. From time to time we will be linking to topics in those books. 

But, if you can’t wait and want to know more now, then you might want to consider purchasing one or all of them.  I have.  And to find out where I got mine, HERE’S THE LINK