Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Defender’s Study Bible is Online

You may have heard of the Defender’s Study Bible

It is the King James Version of the Bible.  But, the thing that is so helpful and interesting about it is the ‘zillion’ footnotes by Henry Morris, PhD.

Well, not a zillion but a lot.

And not on every verse, of course, but again, a lot.

The late Dr. Morris, founder of ICR (Institute for Creation Research), was an expert on Creation related topics. So, his footnotes add additional scientific insights while explaining and expanding upon the Biblical information.

Hence the name ‘Defender’s’ Bible since his comments help the reader to understand what the Bible is teaching and then be better equipped to explain (Defend) the Scriptures when talking with others.

I have long admired the footnotes in this Bible.

And now, at last, and a big hooray, the Defender’s Bible with its footnotes is now online and can be accessed for FREE at the ICR website.  Thank you ICR.  HERE’S THE LINK.