Monday, June 7, 2010

Answers Now

Some of you are aware that we have another site that has Bible Studies, interesting FAQs, and more.

And now there is even  more  more!

What now you ask?

Well, we have added a new link on that site.  It is titled “ANSWERS NOW” and will provide (usually) short and pithy (for us, though we are not reallllly pithy, or so folks say) answers to various questions or interesting ‘factoids’ that will (hopefully) be of interest to you.

Some of these will be entries from here.  Others will be entries from ‘there’ (wherever that might be). And some will be short ‘Answers’ to various Biblical and other questions you might have but you didn't have the time to look up or to do a serious Bible study to find the answer.

To see this wonderful new addition, go to our main Page and, on the left hand side of that page, click on the link ANSWERS NOW.   

How do you get to our Main page? you ask. Well, HERE’S THE LINK.