Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is Jesus God?

Yesterday we thought about several atheists who went through life not believing in God or that Jesus was God.  And, when they died they went to hell, as several even admitted in their dying words.

So the question is very very important --

Is Jesus really God?

From time to time you may have wondered about this personally, just as those atheists did.

And even after you settled it in your heart and you know that Jesus really IS God,

Still, when folks ask you why you believe that Jesus is God, you might not have the scripture verses you know are there that you can share with the questioners.

Well, good news !

In addition to a Bible study we have on our website which has many of these scriptures and will walk you through them,

there is also an excellent article on the web which compiles the information you need.

To do our Bible study on the Topic, The Lord Jesus Christ, Is He really God, HERE’S THE LINK

And to read the compilation of verses in the article on the web, HERE’S THE LINK.