Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Was Noah’s Flood only a Local Flood?

Yesterday while you were reading the excellent article about Progressive Creation, you surely saw the wonderful and funny illustration from AIG of what a “Local Flood” would have looked like IF Noah’s Flood was not a worldwide flood as the Bible says it was.

That picture, the smaller version of which is the one you see today on the blog, is one of my all-time favorite pictures. 

I first saw this illustration several years ago at an AIG conference and marveled at it.  It is sooooooo ‘right on’ and is a wonderful answer to the skeptics of the Bible.

This picture comically illustrates what Noah’s flood could have looked like had it been a local flood.

But Noah’s worldwide flood was NOT and could not have been a local flood.

Why not? you ask.

Well, this brief article explains why not.  HERE’S THE LINK.