Monday, March 15, 2010

Update on Baby Christopher

Saturday, we got an update on Baby Christopher. 

Since many of you have been and still are praying that his kidneys will begin to function, I know you will be thrilled to read this update.

So without further ado, here it is as reported to us by his Grandmother:

“Great news!!!!! Baby Christopher had 26ccs of Pee over night. Peritoneal dialysis has been started back slowly without any leakage at port site. PTL!!!!! The Lord is great and greatly to be praised. He hears the cries of His people. 8 weeks ago today Christopher had his heart transplant. We have been praying for his kidneys to start working.”

Wow! What a great update.  BUT he is not out of the woods yet.  That report was for Friday Night / Saturday morning.  I have not heard of any additional urine output since then and it is in the wee (pun intended)  hours of Monday morning as I post this.

So, please keep praying. Don’t stop now.

But, while you continue to pray for Christopher’s kidneys to continue to function, I knew you would want to thank God for what He did re the 26 cc.  It is humongous compared to the miniscule amounts up till now.

Bottom line: Your prayers are being answered. Please keep praying and do not stop. Thank You.