Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Puzzle of Ancient Man

Yesterday we mentioned an interesting OOPArt, a bronze bell found in coal from a coal mine that was reported to be 300 million years old.

We noted at the time that there are books, magazine and journal articles, and internet articles which tell about OOPArts. 

And we had a link to one of the Internet articles, which came from a magazine.

But, we did not tell you about any specific books on the subject.

Surely you have been wondering about these OOPArts and would like to read more about them.

So today, I would like to recommend a book on the subject that I think you will find most interesting.

It is the book shown in the blog picture for today.  Probably the words are too small in the picture so let me tell you the Title and the Author.

It is “The Puzzle of Ancient Man” written by Dr. Donald Chittick.

My copy is ‘dog-eared’, underlined, and marked up.  I think yours will be, too, once you get it.

Where can you find it?  Well, most book stores probably have it or can order it.  Or, you can get it at several websites on the net.  One that I have found very trustworthy is the AIG website. 

So to read more about this fascinating book and to consider if you would like to have it in your library (and I think you will),  HERE’S THE LINK.