Wednesday, March 24, 2010

After the Flood

Hmmm. This seems to be ‘book review’ or ‘book suggestion’ week.

But then, things kinda go in cycles and I guess this is a cycle of reading.

Anyway.  We have been talking about OOPArts and things that are more likely to be related to time of The Flood (of Noah, of course). 

So, you might be wondering, well is there still more interesting information in the general topic of the early History of the world.

Well, yes, there is. 

Another book which I have read, marked, underlined, and found most interesting is the one pictured today.

It is:  “After the Flood” by Bill Cooper and tells of the early post-flood history of Europe with genealogical charts and information going back to the time of Noah.

As noted on the back cover of the book: “This book shows how European history can be traced right back to the flood and the descendants of Japheth, through contemporary accounts and a table of nations.”

Verrrrrrry interesting. And I think you will find it most fascinating. 

This book can be purchased, but, guess what, you can read it for FREE, online!  Wow, what a deal !   HERE’S THE LINK