Monday, March 22, 2010

An amazing OOPArt

OOPArts are some of my favorite things.  There seem to be quite a few around but we don’t read about them very often (perhaps I should say ‘ever’) in the secular news.

However, there are books about them and articles in Magazines, Journals, and on the Internet.

Great, but what are OOPArts

Well, that is just a fancy cute acronym for “Out Of Place Artifacts.” 

In other words, from time to time man made things (artifacts) are found in ancient places or buried within geological strata that really should not be in that place or stratum IF the place or strata is as old or as primitive as reported to be.  

Indeed, many of the artifacts are too highly advanced for the location where they were found so they are considered to be Out Of Place for the time and place. Hence the term OOPArts (Out of Place Artifacts.)

For example, the article I want to lead you to today was in the Feb. 2010 issue of Acts & Facts (published by ICR). 

It is about a Bronze Bell which was reportedly found in Coal from a West Virginia coal mine.  The coal in the mine was dated, by the evolutionary point of view, to be about 300 million years old. 

So, what is a  Bronze bell, the one shown in the picture for today’s entry, doing in 300 million year old coal?  How did it get there? 

Man, according to evolutionists, had not evolved that long ago. So, there should be no such object embedded in 300 million year old coal.  

Hmmm. Perhaps the coal is NOT 300 million years old?

Want to read about it?  Then HERE’S THE LINK.