Thursday, March 25, 2010

More about the book: The Shack

For the past few days, we have been doing some mini book reviews and suggesting various books that are worth your time to read. 

Well, that is all fine and good, you say, but this book reading can end up costing lots of money if I read all that you recommend, though it was nice to learn of some free on-line books.

So, today, let’s save you some time and money by telling you about a book you should NOT read.

We have warned before you about this book, The Shack.  But, today, we want to warn you again.


Because after discussing this with several Christian folks, they still seem to think this is an ‘ok’ book with ‘wonderful insights’ and they either can not see or are willing to ‘gloss over’ the errors and bad theology in it.

My attempts at persuading them to not read, give, or recommend it to others has repeatedly been met with blank stares or suggestions that I "just don’t understand that some good mixed with bad theology is still ok."

What to do.  I give up.

But, Jan Markell of “Olive Tree Ministries” has written a brief but very good article which gives several reasons why.  So let’s let her try to explain. HERE’S THE LINK.