Friday, March 26, 2010

March Madness time again

Yes, we are now in the midst (or is it the throes) of the March Madness Basketball games.

And, likely, like most folks, your brackets are already a shambles and we are only about half through this madness.

Perhaps some of your teams are still ‘in’. Mine still are, so it is still ‘fun.’

Well, fun might not be the operative word. It is ‘fun’ when the game is over IF your team has won. But the way things have been going this year, many of the games have been so close with more upsets and overtimes than usual that this is turning out to be quite stressful.

In fact, mother used to refer to this time of the year, when the Tournaments are being played, as “Torment Time.” I now see what she means as many of these games are true ‘torments.’ They also provide a free ‘stress test’ on the part of the watchers.

But, speaking of stress, I happened by accident upon the second half of the Ladies NAIA tournament the other night in which the Union University Ladies won the National Title for 2010.

That is perhaps not too surprising as they have won that title several times before.

What is very interesting about this team, however, is the ‘stress’ that they endured shortly before winning the NAIA title in 2008.

What was that stress? you ask. Well, it was a tornado. Yes, a very bad tornado. To read about it and what this team went through, HERE’S THE LINK.