Sunday, July 12, 2009

Who made God if God made everything?

This is a question that has likely crossed your mind. And it certainly is one that I hear posed from time to time by skeptics and others.

Recently I came across an article that does a good job of addressing this question.

I heard the author, Jonathan Sarfati, speak at a conference a few years ago. In addition to being a good speaker and writer, he is really a ‘sharp cookie’ with a PhD. And, he is a Chess expert and Champion.

At that meeting, he sat blindfolded and played simultaneous Chess games with 15 people! He would call out his move and a person would make the move for him on his board. Then the others would do their moves and the person would call out their moves so Jonathan would know what they did. Guess who won all 15 games? You guessed it. Jonathan Sarfati. I was soooooo impressed that whenever I see a book or article that he has written, I read it.

So. with that said, by way of introduction, to read the article that was first published in Creation Ex Nihilo Technical Journal 12(1):20-22, 1998., HERE’S THE LINK.