Friday, July 24, 2009

The Toucan uses its big Beak/Bill to regulate heat ? !

Hmm. This is very interesting!

A recent article in ‘Science’ proposes that the purpose of the humongous beak on the Toucan bird is a mechanism for the bird to regulate its temperature and to cool off. Apparently some studies have been done using infrared cameras to detect heat radiation from bills of Toucans.

”The scientists found that as the surroundings got warmer, the toucan's bill would rapidly heat up, effectively acting as a radiator to draw heat away from the bird's body, allowing it to stay cool. Conversely, in cooler temperatures, little heat would radiate from the bill, letting the bird conserve its warmth.”

What a great idea ! Using the huge beak to regulate heat! Makes sense to me.

But, did this just happen by random chance? Again, I don’t think so. Rather, it looks like another example of design and a Creator.

Anyway, thought you would be interested in this. So, HERE’S THE LINK