Saturday, July 11, 2009

Archaeology and the Bible

You have probably heard folks say that the Bible, especially the Old Testament, is just a bunch of myths and stories and the people and places named didn’t ever exist and were just made up. Then, they usually add that because those places, peoples, kings, etc. never existed, they don't believe the Bible.

Well, guess what! Archaeological digs have repeatedly turned up (pun intended) evidence affirming the validity of the Bible.

Archaeological evidence now confirms that many, rulers, nations, Kings, cities, etc. that were previously thought to have be ‘made up’ were real and actually existed, just as the Bible said. And more and more such confirming evidence is being found as the digs continue.

The evidence is now extensive and many actual sites and artifacts are available for anyone to study and admire.

For example, the picture in the upper left corner of today’s blog entry is of an Assyrian Winged Bull which was unearthed in a dig at the Palace at Khorsabad, the palace of Sargon. Previously folks had contended that Sargon never existed, nor his palace. So they said the Bible can’t be true. But, the Palace has been found (in Iraq) and many artifacts such as this winged bull have been unearthed and placed in various museums around the world. This particular “Winged Bull” is in The Louvre in Paris.

But, don’t just take my word for it. There is a short but very interesting article that tells of other similar finds. The article is titled: “In what ways have the discoveries of Archaeology verified the reliability of the Bible?” I think you will find it most interesting and will aid you in further affirming your confidence in the validity of the Bible. HERE’S THE LINK.