Friday, July 3, 2009

The Doctrine Debate

From time to time, as you have noticed, I have posted poll results and various articles pointing out the fact that there are serious problems in the Christian Church today. And this is not just a little minor problem. This is a major problem concerning Fundamental Foundational Doctrines.

Specifically, many Foundational Fundamental Doctrines are being ignored, dismantled, dismissed or rejected.

Thus, The Pure Gospel is no longer being preached in most churches.

And, as this has happened, the results are beginning to be visible in society.

What results? Well, such things as significant changes in the individual Christian’s Worldview, in the way a person lives and makes decisions, in the ways that ... well, I could go on and on.... but ... recently I read a great article by Sean McDowell that explains all this in detail.

For those of you in or leading Bible Study Classes and or Sunday School Classes, or who are Pastors or Youth Directors, please consider sharing this article with your group and addressing its concepts.

This is definitely a Must Read Article. HERE’S THE LINK.