Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Days Do Matter

Henry Morris, Ph.D has written a very interesting review of the book, “A Matter of Days” by Hugh Ross, PhD.

You have probably seen and heard Dr. Ross articulate his views on various TV and radio programs and perhaps have visited his website.

Thus, you probably know that Dr. Ross does not believe in the literal 6 days of Creation as presented in the Bible. Instead, he is a proponent of the Day Age Theory.

Bottom line: this book by Dr. Ross is not one that I would recommend for you to read (unless you are doing research on various views, etc.). Life is too short to read it since there are so many other books that we like to recommend on this site that you do need to read and they will surely keep you busy. : )

But, you do need to know what Dr. Ross believes and teaches-- and this short, concise, to the point book review by Dr. Henry Morris adequately covers what is in the book and clearly explains why the views presented by Dr. Ross do not line up with what the Bible teaches.

So, rather than reading the whole book, I suggest you read this excellent book review.