Friday, July 10, 2009

David Barton -- Wall Builders

Most of you know about Charles Stanley, the Pastor of First Baptist Atlanta who has the weekly TV program “In Touch”.

But, are you familiar with David Barton and the Wall Builders Ministry?

Well, you should be because he is probably the most knowledgeable historian today regarding the history of the United States. He has many articles, books, videos and a daily radio program -- all of which are all excellent and informative.

So what does Charles Stanley have to do with David Barton?

Well, David Barton was the guest speaker on Stanley’s July 5, 2009 TV program. Barton presented an outstanding talk about America’s founding fathers. The title of the talk is “Is America a Christian Nation?” and it gives fascinating details about the founding of this Nation that you probably do not know but should.

This is the July 5, 2009 sermon on the “In Touch” website and you MUST watch it. It is about an hour in length but the time will literally fly by. You will be enthralled, amazed, and stunned at the historical information presented (with pictures, books, documents, etc. to support and illustrate what he is saying). This is a fast paced, lively, and most interesting presentation.

Be SURE to listen to this asap. HERE’S THE LINK.

Note: I assume that the sermons on the In Touch website are updated weekly. So, if another sermon has replaced the above link when you decide to watch, then go to the following link (to the video archives) and look for the July 5, 2009 sermon “Is America a Christian Nation?” HERE’S THE LINK TO THE ARCHIVES.

And, to go to David Barton’s Wall Builders website for even more articles, information, etc. HERE’S THE LINK