Friday, December 30, 2011

Wonderful Music with Harmony !

Do you remember Harmony in hymns and other church music?

Harmony is different from the unison notes (pictured here) in the now ubiquitous 9/11 songs.

What are "9/11" songs? you ask.

Well, they are 9 words repeated 11 times in unison and usually with loud snare drums.

And, alas, 9/11 songs in unison with loud drums seems to be all you hear in most churches these days.

So if you are yearning for the 'old' songs with harmony, no drums, and a message that is often better than the sermon, you will want to visit the link today that goes to a site that I happened upon while surfing.

What is it?

Well, it is a site with FREE (don't you love that word 'free') music that you can download or listen to by streaming if you don't want to download.

The site says it is "Providing a Heritage of Decidedly Godly Christian Music."

And, after listening to one song (O Worship the King) by streaming, it seems their description is accurate.

It is definitely not a 9 / 11 song and has beautiful harmony.

So, if you like harmony and songs with a real message, check out this link. It is likely going to be a 'keeper' in your bookmarks.  HERE'S THE LINK