Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Faith in the USA ?

There is a very interesting map 'out there' on the net.

A friend of DIT found it and sent us the link.

It is rather 'eye opening'.

What is it?

Well, it is a Map of the USA but with a very interesting feature -- it is an interactive map.

So, as you view the map, put your cursor over any state and CLICK and you will see the break down of the different religions in that state.

Verrrrry interesting -- especially since we are repeatedly being told that the USA is not and never was a Christian Nation and, therefore, the Christian God and the Christian influence needs to be removed from everything.

But is that true?  Is the USA a Christian nation or is it not?  Does the USA need to trash its history, culture, traditions, and God?

Or are the citizens of the USA being sold a 'bill of goods' and as a result, losing their culture, heritage, and foundations?

Check out this map. 

You will find it most interesting.  HERE'S THE LINK.