Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bible Maps

Technology today seems to be doing away with paper maps.

Everyone now just looks on their smart phones and away they go following the GPS provided map information.

In fact, a recent visitor here used maps on the iPhone exclusively to come and go from our site. There was no paper map in the car and there were no notes scribbled on paper.  Just the iPhone and an online map program.


But, as wonderful as those smart phones are, they are sorely lacking when it comes to Biblical Maps.

So, the link today will take you to an amazing and comprehensive Map Site.

No, these are not cartoon clip art maps as shown in our illustration today.

They are real maps with a lot of helpful information for Bible Students and Teachers.

Yes, these are still 'technology' maps in that they are not on paper but on your computer, though I guess you could print them out.

Anyway, this is a site that you will want to click into your favorites and use as you read and study your Bible.   HERE'S THE LINK